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  1. You know that you can download it on his nexus profile ? https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/users/3463396?tab=about+me
  2. You have to register to moddingham to download it and yeah it is free
  3. Think i will do the same to see if it changes anything
  4. It was another Doctor from another mod, Dr Concord but i think i killed her in a ghoul attack but no biggie a started a new game and she was here so all is right !
  5. Like thoses making life hard for my pc types of mod If i install mid-game, then the change would appears in the next respawn phase ?
  6. There is some templates that are conflicting, should i remove their perks and add yours in FO4 Edit ?
  7. Thought the npc didn't appears because of some conflict in the esp But testing differents load order didn't change anything Everythings good in diamond city Must mean that i killed my added mod concord doctor damn ! This mod is good
  8. Oh It's true, it is true ! I like a slow burn start
  9. Hey @spicydoritos Playing my new playthrought with your mods and having fun. I have a mode that triple the needed xp to jump a level. And i have activated your hardcore xp mode at 50% I like leveling slowly and this does it great, And if i get killed (csl+violate) man it hurts losing the xp that i slowly gained.... Quite a fun ride since i would already be like level 5 in concord Now i finished concord and i am one third level 2
  10. That for me didn't work out good with Baka I had crashes while trying to have AI and AAF My problems disappears when i uninstalled Baka and only have Buffout Now i play and no more crashes
  11. As a suggestion, for the future, a destroy clothes and armors settings for the stripping features. Thank you for considering
  12. Love it when the mods are customizable, because i just turn that option off and use what works most
  13. Allrighty then ! Wasn't sure with the different Armor and Clothing slot that different users seems also to do Will do a table for that soon Thanks
  14. "When being stripped, the player will also get "damaged/bruised" on that particular body part, which will prevent clothing/armor from being worn on that body slot. " I seem to be able to put armor on even if the !damaged appears in my inventory Or it stripped me in delay maybe because of script lag or something .... more test i should do Is anybody else the same ?
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