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  1. They are already included in the mod. you have to activate it in the mcm
  2. Hell Yeah ! @Scrab Like Todd says It just works ! Thank you ! It's working great now ! You magically fixed it YAMATE 3.1 LE Yamate! V3.1 LE.7z
  3. Ok did more testing with the default settings and i included images to clarify Part 2 : After the assault Part Three : Using the MCM to force close the combat quest But after i get assaulted again, the quest get stuck again and the all become friendly again until i force close the quest again. Hope it clarifies
  4. My issue is that after a assault every ennemy stays friendly, i must force close the quest in mcm to make them hostile again. (maybe do a hotkey to force close the quest haha) Everything works awesome except for this Ok i shall try with default setting to see what happens, i will give news thanks for helping me
  5. You install Yamate like every other mods in Mod Organizer, i didnt quite catch your question
  6. May it be because the combat active doesn't terminate ? That is why i force close it everything goes back to normal enb 2021_04_04 17_58_30_07.bmp enb 2021_04_04 17_57_48_93.bmp
  7. Sorry for my english I get stripped until i have no more armor (i love that mechanic) Then there is a assault with sexlab Then i just stand up and move freely ( i use the Basic Scenario) i am not in bleedout And then ennemies just stay non hostile and i can hit them My follower fight until they are down but i am not hostile to them Until i force close the combat quest, now everything is back to normal until i get stripped again and it goes on. The combat quest stay active even after a fight if i don't force it
  8. I don't have this mod installed
  9. Yeah i don't think i go to bleedout after.... i think you may be right what could be the fix ?
  10. @Scrab Hi, everytime i have sex after being stripped, i find myself being friends with enemy. Fight with Bandit, Bandit strip me and then proceed to have sex and after that he wont attack me anymore and i can talk to them. Same thing with Vampire so it's not only bandits. Thanks for checking that out. Using only the player can be a victim and using the Basic Bleedout, they will attack my followers but not me Oh ! When i shutdown the combat quest in the mcm everything goes back to normal.
  11. @Scrab Here is Yamete! V.3 for Skyrim LE Can't wait to try it Yamate! V3 LE.7z
  12. Mods can be converted to be played on SE or LE for Skyrim. You need sometimes to convert it with Cathedral Some mods that have only scripts or a esp can be played on both without needing a conversion. What is needed to convert is Meshes, Animations and with Cathedral (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/23316 ) You can do all of that. Try it to see if it works i tried converting it Naked Defeat 1.0 SE.7z
  13. Hi Nymra, Didn't have much time to test but does the civilian rape when naked supposed to work ? I can't adjust the 2 options % in the mcm menu, both stays at zero The Guard whipping when naked works fine but no civilian rape. Thanks
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