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  1. Hallo, leider nur deutsch, ich hab gelesen & hab den patch level 1.63 runtergeladen bei cmar war es ein wenig kompliziert, denoch alles bestens, habe 4 KW animationen dazugenommen, Spiel läuft gut, animationen solala, aber OK, animation Time springt immer wieder auf längste zeit, Romantik PM 22 uhr beginn, nächster Tag AM 12 immer noch an 

  2. https://www.loverslab.com/topic/82485-passion-requires-patch-level-163/?do=findComment&comment=1971844
  3. The dildo is used on Amra and Lady666 animations. There are 2 versions of them. One is AW and the other is KW. As animations they are the same. AW Lady666 and KW Lady666 are the same animations. The difference is that the AW XML system does not support holding items such as dildos and these animations will look like the "air dildo" that you mentioned. You should have only KW animations for these objects to play correct. If you want to change the default dildo with another one, you have to edit the animations XML and change the "Dildo" tag with any other passion dildo by write its name. P
  4. It must be something in your browser. They work for me. I suppose that you click on the word Reveal hidden and not anywhere else...
  5. What ever says that is REQUIRED is required. Maybe your game works fine with out them and maybe starts crashing after sometime. Don't blame me for that.
  6. What kinkywoohho package???? Where did you see that in passion????
  7. @LadySmoks, @Clydie Thanks any one here that tried at least to give an answer on this! Actor/Partner switch was made long ago for AW animations that had no Gender. Player 1 could be what ever gender as much as player 2. The XML structure of AW animations was "confusing" the mods that they used them. In the past the "male act" could be to any active sim even if this sim was a female one. Oniki Kay changed that in a new type of animations that support the gender of any sim that is an actor or a partner. These are the animations for Kinky World. If
  8. Yes! This mod use and executes exactly what is written in the animation's XML file located in the OKW file that you used. Go some posts back and read.
  9. Once again, KW package contains the animation clips OKW package contains the configuration that tells the mod how to use them. If you don't have both, they won't work. As for passion toys, install them and see your self. They work only with KW animations.
  10. Simple... If they download mods and have not any issue when it happens because of wrong script coding that mess their own game.... They just don't play the game. We modders are no Gods! We make mistakes as anyone else. If anyone downloads a mod and only gives just likes, it means that he/she never use the mod or maybe never plays the game that the mod works. Any game player has always questions and reports anything that he/she sees as bug. Final.. people who only download mods and only give likes are not game players!
  11. One thing that I resent noticed, is that the number of the topic followers -decreased- after the update. I had 191 topic followers from what I remember and now they are 150. I defiantly don't give a shit about the numbers but 40 missing accounts? Does any of them post anything here or they just hooked in topics for future things? Like troll posts or anything like that? Does it makes any sense for accounts that singed long, very long time ago to exist, when they have not a single post in LL? I believe that this should be a policy and disable or ban an
  12. Read this above https://www.loverslab.com/topic/82485-passion-requires-patch-level-163/?do=findComment&comment=3245007 Any KW animation has a gender set for male, that can also be females with strapOn or Shemales if the is no male actor or partner. If no penis found, by the mod is an invalid old AW animation and should be excluded. That's the logic of it. If you don't have AW animations and you use only KW, disable "The exclude invalid positions" If you don't want to see females "air fuck" Enable the Females use strapon setting. The mod re
  13. Is it possible to put the right part Replies 3.4k Created 3 yr Last Reply 1 dy in a spoiler or something so it can be hidden and/or expanded? Some people used to zoom to see a post contend before this update. I had it myself at 110% in firefox, and because of this, it needs more. Some of us have farsightedness!!🤓
  14. https://modthesims.info/d/423644/s3lc-language-changer.html Yes it is. No. Sims use them while in passion and yes men only use condoms. Females can give them to males as gift, if they have one. It can, depends the settings that you have and the furniture that you use. (Encounter floor as furniture too.) I can't answer that. If anyone has made any passion sequence, passion will add it in your game. The last part of the question, (Can i set it up, that the Sims stop having sex after the last position in the sequence fini
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