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  1. This is a floor/rug animation from what I've seen. Try the Passion Reset option on the active female sim and the rug and if this doesn't stop try it with another active female sim. If this does not happen with another sim, probably your active female sim got some corruption. Please test and tell us.
  2. I don't know why you do this but it must be stopped. This thread is for passion and not gossips thread. If you do this for me, I don't want to know. If you do this for any other reason I'll report you to the admins of the forum and certainly you''l get BANNED from here.
  3. It works everywhere is a speaker/stereo near the pole or better a speaker/stereo in the same room that the poll is. Passion starts autonomous strip interactions and stops if the speaker sound is off. Satellite speakers are not speakers but a decoration object Passion has an external mod named PassionCustomTVChannels.package. This plays both passion and KW custom channels. If you don't need this you can remove the above package.
  4. Thanks for this info but since I was just a player of passion I never used the Cmar sliders. Passion was (and still) use a hook on cmar hard and soft classes, so when a sim pennis is hard, it uses the default values of the rig that the animation creator used. Exception is the SM animations that use a another and older rig. Base1980's / CrammyBoy's penis (That's the name) I don't know if WTW used the same and you mention these error.
  5. LoL! No! It is 28/3/2021 and the time here is 22.30 I'll keep your coffee for tomorrow morning!
  6. @RisingSunPhoenix I know @namaradus since I start modding Passion at Hall Of Torque (HOT)
  7. The switch player/partner was made for AW animations that they had no gender tags inside their xmls and that is why passion used to switch them random and there is nothing to fix here @Clydie my friend. Most of them are dead now and all have been replaced with KW animations that have more other things than AW animations had, such as held objects, furniture animations etc. The OKW goes to animations configuration and KW is their animation clip package. They are animations and can be played on both mods now. KW or Passion.
  8. The name of this object is "BalletBarre" and because of the second b that was not a capital one, I thought that it was a custom EA store object as "FixerCar" is. Such objects and I mean custom EA objects are responsible for game crashes if you add them in a mod. The reason is simple. I mod something that never existed in your game, so a game crash is unavoidable! BalletBarre (and that is the exact of its name to use in animations) is a store object of Sims3.Store core. So we have a new version, thanks to @Clydie for the animations and to @SimJMFan for mention that and
  9. Passion has it's own autonomy settings. Depends on what you want you have to make a setting of it. More romantic interactions increase the friendship level between the sims and the possibility to have passion. If for example their friendship level is 90% they have 15% to start passion on anything romantic. If they start passion their friendship level will increase but only with a 15% on anything romantic will passion again. In the new vampire interactions, a vampire needs >90% friendship and >25% passion autonomy to visit your sim lot and hypnotize your sim for s
  10. Looking at this mod, I think it won't conflict. It might only add one or two custom buffs that it has on vampire sims. (This is the only part that can affect any other mod(s)) Delphy's Dashboard will never tell you if two script mods conflict unless they are the same with different names. To see if they conflict you have to read their script, thing that I did.
  11. Perfect animations as always! I really love them. Thank you for your precious time to make them.
  12. I never used any paywall in my life and I never will. Everything I do is for free and addressed to people. If you love to contribute, then drink one more for me, whenever you're out. 🍺😜
  13. Before you start your game delete game cache files and see if this solves anything. (Tell me if you don't know them) If not, use another sim as your active one. If this is OK then your sim might have a corruption. Try this here to restore it. https://www.loverslab.com/topic/154868-erotic-option-no-longer-appears-passion-mod/?do=findComment&comment=3163439
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