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  1. A breakpoint was encountered. This error has to do with graphics card drivers. Are they updated? Hardware drivers use breakpoints for debug reasons. Also My computer -> properties -> advanced, virtual memory Windows DEP and Activate DEP for all programs except, click add and browse to add TS3W.exe Read this http://simmetrydesign.forumotion.com/t90-is-your-sims-3-crashing-check-this
  2. All those that you removed are animations and passion/passion required objects. For SManimations you have not installed the Spaceman_ Peener.package and maybe that was your crash reason. This is required also. See the ReadThis.pdf what is required. For what you have now the female penis accessory of Cmar is useless with passion. Passion use cmar_afBottomAltNude_penis.package, cmar_efBottomAltNude_penis.package, cmar_tfBottomAltNude_penis.package to setup a she-male. When you install a mod, any mod, delete your game cache files and start the game to recreate them. If you play a vanilla Sims 3 world, those files are CASPartCache.package, compositorCache.package, scriptCache.package, simCompositorCache.package, socialCache.package If you play a custom world, the cache files are in the folder WorldCaches with names (I say the name of the world custom) Custom_objects.package and Custom_sims.package If there is any conflict with passion and any other mod, I say it in the first or the second post of the topic. Also in the ReadThis.pdf inside any passion version. Since I never mentioned GXTC, it has no problem with passion.
  3. Post a screenshot of your mods folder, to see what mods are in there.
  4. The core mod of that version was a test. I made more fixes since then and as far I modded the cores of 2 different versions that I have not yet upload. One for 1.67.2 Origin and one for 1.69.43. If you get messages about a core mod which version you have? Is that a steam 1.67.2 or another? You can find the version if you start launcher. It's on the bottom left.
  5. Maybe that is the reason for crashes. Read the ReadThis.pdf. Some packages are required. The libido moodlets change sims mood and they have positive and negative numbers. If the moodlets are from negative to neutral and the sim is watching passion TV channels and the Passion channels mod is installed, then the sim starts solo passion or passion in case it's watching with another sim. This raise sims libido moodlets.
  6. Check if the strap on is in your mods folder (ONIKI__Passion_Strapon.package the name of the package) and the setting "Females use StrapOn" is Enabled. The strap on is used only if the xml file of the animation has tags for it (<UseStrapOn>True</UseStrapOn>) and the actor is female. Now if you want a male domination you can use "switch with" interaction but it works for current position, in this version. I have change that so the switch with to follow the whole sequence but in next version at the end of this week. Also, you should have the setting Exclude Invalid Positions Disabled.
  7. First of all, I want to make some things clear. 1) Never use Kinky World in the same Mods folder with passion and passion what ever else. On many parts, both mods have scripts with different actions and results to some same game objects (Sims are game objects also) and so the ending result will be a total corruption of your saved game. 2) Do NOT stack on a passion version that you think it suits you and not follow the updates of this mod. When a passion version gets outdated, I use to deleted it and NEVER get back to it! In any new version, I explain what is new, in the ReadThis.pdf. So, in version I made bug fixes to the main mod and I made an expansion with a NEW EXTERNAL MOD. That means, if the expansion makes issues, remove the expansion and NOT THE WHOLE VERSION. The bug fixed of passion will work, even if BarMaids removed. As far, as I know, there is no any cannabis mod smoking or any sims needle their arms with anything. A cigarette smoke is the only mod I know, at MTS. Cannabis smoke is a part of KW and it only happens if KW is installed. If anyone knows something more, please enlighten me! Passion, DO NOT USE KW AROUSAL. There is not any passion buff that is called Aroused. Is that a buff mix with KW?
  8. When we both were at HOT and I was SuperStorm there, MrsSanta mentioned to Alfiechan a weird look of a dog witness to passion. I took a look of this, as a player that time and I saw that a script came from Kickers AW, about enlarge teens by 0.6% so they can have the same hight with adults during woohoo was happening to teen pets also! When I got passion mod from Alfiechan, that was one of my first fixes in passion. Playing with it I saw that when 2 sims passion in a room and a pet was inside, the pet could random interact with objects of the room, like the object they use to passion. So I decide to make pets and below teenage humans (toddlers and babies ) to leave the room when a passion event starts. Unlike KW, Passion removes pets and children from being witness to any sex scene. Really, I don't know if you are man or woman, but in case you're a man, how many women you met having condoms in their purse on any of your sex meetings? I'm not Don Juan, but I never found one and if I had not any condom in my pockets they were asking me to go and buy otherwise they refused to go any further, unless they did not care about it. Even if I had many meetings with the same woman that she wanted only safe sex and she had in her mind to buy a condom for me, she used to give it to me before we got even naked. Now, do this "lets say experience" a C# script, if a female has condoms/condom packs in her inventory, should give it as a present to the male she wants a sex session before this session. Otherwise the male should have it, in his inventory. That's my logic on this.
  9. Steam versions don't work with CmarXCAS1.67/1.69 that come with the version. If you have these any of these UI cores in your game that explains the crashes. You need to download the SteamXCASFull from MTS. (Links at post 2 of this topic) I suppose that all EA worlds are fixed in Steam versions, so you don't need the fixes.
  10. I also faced something like this in the past playing Moonlight falls 1.67 Origin from CDs. The world had route errors and the game started crashes after some saves and restarts. There is a fix about vanilla worlds with route errors at MTS.
  11. I found comparability issues with Nraas Register and BarMaids passion expansion and Nraas Story Progression Money. The result was CTD with both these NR mods. I found that register modding only vanilla game services and use as homeless custom service sims even if they are in your lot. -Edit- Also, I don't know if you have Enabled Windows DEP for all other programs except Sims 3. This is another crash reason.
  12. Believe it or not both Jealousy and polygamous Jealousy are Vanilla procedures of Sims 3. They're both in Sims3GamePlaySystems core. The only thing that Alfiechan made in this is the settings options to disable or enable both of them. Jealousy applies to Sims socialization, using social components of Jealousy, like OnIWasCheatedOn, OnSomeoneICareAboutWasCheatedOn, PlayReactionAndUpdateRelationshipOnJealousy etc when Polygamous Jealousy applies only if both sims do not have anything romantic with other sims. If both sims have anything romantic with the same partner for example, no Jealousy component is applied and that's vanilla! When I was only playing Sims 3, I thought that everything in this game is about what I see as player and that is my household and my active sims. Everything was running around my household and any Townie or NPC was just participate. Modding it, I saw a total different thing. Everything that you "touch" in this game affects the whole world Town and anyone in it! At the time you are focus on an event somewhere in Town, some NPCs might woohooing on another part of Town, with out any notification to the player! Without you as player even know it. Everything happens random. Random woohoo, random chance of pregnancy random NPC babies, random story progression. All these to make a gameplay full of surprises! This is the big goal of Maxis. So there is no way to have something private individual in Sims 3, even if it's just a name. If something is for sim, it affects every sim or if something is for an object it affects any object of this kind in Town. When I first made condom packs, I thought that it would only be in my household sims inventories, since they're the only sims that can buy something from grocery stores, but I saw it in NPC inventories also and I'm not the only one seeing this!
  13. Try cmar_XCASfullSteam1.67 instead of basic. I don't see any other problem with your files. http://www.modthesims.info/d/434270/
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