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  1. Passion [Requires patch level 1.63+]

    I've been having the same problems lately. It could be congestion on the networks or something with the Server. *Edit* Just remembered it could also be a bot attack of some kind; while not strong enough to shut the site down but strong enough to slow it down. One of the animators in the Sims 4 section pissed off a web site full of pirates a couple of weeks ago by making threats to one it's member's so I wouldn't be surprised if a few of them are just paying back the respects. And I mention this to @BruceWayne and @CPU Do we have attracts of any kind or it is something else?
  2. The bondage frame has its center at the back of it and that's the wall. That makes sims unroutable, for a moment, at least in passion but they get to it. The fix of it does nothing with passion. The dildo that is used here is the default ONIKI Dildo. Download the latest version of passion and that's Please, for passion issues, post to passion topic and not here.
  3. Passion [Requires patch level 1.63+]

    Good thought Bro! I never faced it but it makes cense. It's glad to have an old Nraas here! P/S By the way, LL works OK, there? Here it gets a longer time for login, saving or refreshing. I have 48Mbps connection, this should not happen.
  4. Passion [Requires patch level 1.63+]

    The lost of romantic interactions, I've seen only with teens as far. What's on your mind? What can hard bounce them?
  5. Passion [Requires patch level 1.63+]

    That's a good idea! What the video shows is autonomous. You suggest to have such event for the interaction or to remove it and add it in passion autonomy? I think that there is an interaction watch the concert or something. I need to make interactions to anything! Anything a sim does with or without player interference is an interaction. The code behind autonomous things that sims do, are "virtual" player interference interactions and they have a scale level, that you can stop them or not as player. Would it be the same if sims react somehow like when they watch passion? With or without comments of heckle or embraced etc?
  6. Passion [Requires patch level 1.63+]

    What sims are the sims you are talking about? All those lost interactions and I mean romance, woohoo etc reminds teens, that they're below the 50% of their lifespan. Are we talk about teens? If they are teens what happens is EA Sims 3 policy. The teens must be above 50% of their lifespans to have any of these interactions. If this is the case and you use any lifespan mod to stop teens from been YA/A and this was working yesterday and suddenly stopped today, you have to look at the sim lifespan and advance its days.
  7. Passion [Requires patch level 1.63+]

    I know what this is. Passion still has sex interactions like it's playing an animation. This happens if you reset sims with master controller when passion has already started. You need to reset the object, bed or what ever else it is, with Nraas Debugger Enabler. If you don't have debugger enabler but only master controller use the reset lot option. If you have nothing of them, go in build/buy mode, delete the bed and replace it with a new one.
  8. Passion [Requires patch level 1.63+]

    This interaction was made from Alfiechan. Yes passion had 2 interactions for the exotic pole since version 2.5. At the moment the interaction Watch Strip Dance orders the active sim to look at the dancer and nothing more. I would like to make something with it but I don't have any idea. I need suggestions here. I can make for example any sim in a lot to leave what they do and go to see the dancer. Or make them horny and start masturbate? I think the first one is a bit pointless and the second is a bit stupid. I also test a random procedure that will random choose dildos from the 1st topic post when the XML has the word dildo so the sims will use a different dildo anytime. This one and the pole one above, are the first things for a new update.
  9. Passion [Requires patch level 1.63+]

    Of course not! Passion does not change anything of default EA woohoo. It only informs the Woohoo system, that what just happened was a woohoo. Try for baby and woohoo are for specific objects and not all of them. The bed for example has those interactions. Are they lost in your game?
  10. Passion [Requires patch level 1.63+]

    Hey MrsSanta. Thank you for your kind words. Yes now all the old things for pole dance are in passion and some new. You don't need any mode the Animated_Poledance.package, though it does not conflict. You don't need the Dance_MMD_DOAX2_PoleDance.package and SeeMyu_TheExoticPole.package because they are in the version as MaryJanes pole animations are. A new interaction named Watch Strip Dance, needs suggestions about what sims will do when a player choose it. If any one has any ideas, let me know.
  11. Passion [Requires patch level 1.63+]

    A new update is now uploaded. If you have animations that use the SV-Whip, you have to do nothing. You will see it. If you have animations that use dildo, you will see the default ONIKI dildo while play. How to change this dildo with any of passion dildo toys is written in the begging of the topic. If you don't see any whip or dildo with this version, then you don't have such animations.
  12. Passion [Requires patch level 1.63+]

    OK, so there is still a lot of demerit in using okw as we both explained above! Lags, game crashes, long time saves, error 12 issues, sims and objects corruption and that's what people ever mentioned as far. OKW is on alpha stage in development and its suppose to change the Sims 3 game, total when it comes to final. So, I suggest to you the patreon versions of it, because the public versions are not often updated. Sure passion has not the merit of exhibition and beastiality but it keeps people to still play sims 3! I believe this and only this, is the biggest merit to OKW! Don't you? I mean that OKW has the opportunity to continue development and some time might achieve its final, as long as passion exists! There is nothing more in this kind of mods now...
  13. Passion [Requires patch level 1.63+]

    Woohoo is a system of the game it self with all its skills, traits, special walking etc. All other is a violation of the games engine cores. With what ever that means to the game. A huge game with many bugs, as sims 3 is can always be much worse.
  14. Passion [Requires patch level 1.63+]

    And that is the most important for a saved game health. Dereferencing in a feature of ErrorTrap that prevents your saved game from lags. When a sim is dead or it's out of the world leaves procedures connected to its interactions (references) unhandled. This one is the most important feature that you sacrifice.
  15. Mod for Supernatural

    If you never quote any word of anyone post, as you did now, it will be a matter of luck for anyone, to see a post of yours. I mean that if you never quote any word of someone post, he/she never get any notification about your questions or answers. I was so fast answer, by lack and only by lack. That's always leads to misunderstandings! If you mark a word or a line, you get a "quote this" Use it, please and put your answer or question underneath (as I did above), so others can get a notification of your post(s).