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  1. I really don't have a clue! This mod was made last month in its final form. I work with it since March. NR story progression is older and I don't know what it will do with it.
  2. The idea of barmaids was to make, Hue Hefner's PlayBoy Villa! I have 9 of them 6 fems and 3 lads and the owners of the lot are one rich man, six fem top models! And trust me, they do more than that!
  3. BANNED for wowing about her looks and not that very interesting book in her hands! LOL Fucking LOL!!!
  4. This comes from BarMaids. I never seen anything like this before. This is not any of my script, is just how Sims 3 manage this service. Has anyone seen this before?
  5. Use the motives mod and make it max again any time you want. It's in version zip.
  6. (Regarding Overwatch, normally it pops up a notice in the upper right when it has reset a "stuck" Sim, and in this case that didn't appear; ) There is a case that Overwatch resets a sim that returns a null to an interaction and ErrorTrap Overrides this message, so you'll never see, has reset a "stuck" Sim and instead you'll see ErrorTrap 14 or what ever number. But... OK you got something in passion now! A null animation (because sim(s) left animations positions) breaks Passion DoLoop procedure with a null. I managed to replicate it now, with this OverWatch setting disabled. I'm glad you caught it and report it so detailed, that I could replicate it! thank you 👍 Is is stopped now? Replace passion with this one and tell me. Animated_WooHoo_Passion_Ver2.7.4.2.package
  7. Did you use s3lc? This program change your local through windows registry. If passion is loaded and you don't see the Erotic option this might be the answer. Use s3lc again and choose your local.
  8. If you don't see Passion (where you can start its settings) then passion is not loaded. If you do see it, we have something else here.
  9. Only if you have a virus or anything malicious but it won't be only that. Usual the files there are for reading only. Any parameters of configurations are in \Electronic Arts\The Sims 3 where your saves are
  10. For the penis you need the Cmar_penis of the zip and one of the 2 Cmar core mods cmar_XCAS_corefull67.package or cmar_XCAS_corefull69.43.package, depends on your game version to make it appear. Any thing else such as preg controller nipples etc have nothing to do with passion. If you do have them and you can't load them when anything in your mods is correct, then your \Electronic Arts\The Sims 3 is corrupted somewhere.
  11. This game, except the mods folder has also Collections, DCBackup, DCCache and Library folders that are also important for the game play. Even if DCCache has nothing DCBackup must have a ccmerged.package. Collections folder can have also corrupted packages as much as Library. All those folders are inside your documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3 folder and no matter how many times you re-install this game any corruption in this folder brings the same result. So Rename this folder to documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3-OLD and launch the game. You will see a new created Sims 3 folder. Close the game and copy your mods folder from documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3-OLD to the new created one. Start a new game and report if this had any result or not.
  12. When I started include a combine Cmar mods in passion, just to help anyone that is newbie in mods and just want passion to start play, I even had accusations from some people, even for that which is not mine. Because any of these is mods are not mine, I should always delete it and prompt links, instead of any combined package. I choose now, to have only the penis meshes and maps in a penis combined package instead have anything more that leads to confusion. So in this package there is nothing more than any penis mesh, penis sliders and maps and the only thing for nipples is the nipples sliders of Cmar. Others, including me choose the nipple and butt-Vagina mesh of GECK.O and if any one adds it and has the Cmar nipples also, that leads to nipples conflicts with stereo buttons look like nipples. This package is the last combine one with what I say, I added in ReadThis.pdf and this will follow from now on any passion version.
  13. There must be a stereo in the same room that the pole is. Not satellite speakers, they are not stereos.
  14. Click on a male sim and go Edit in CAS with MC. Does it have penis? Pregnancy controller of Cmar was inside Cmar_penis and I removed it. The new Cmar_Penis has only the penis meshes an maps and nothing more. I wrote what it contains in the ReadThis.pdf. In case that you see the erotic interaction in sims pie menu and no other option if you click on it, then you might have deleted your animations?
  15. Banned for Traductor de google! LOL that's from another game!🧐
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