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  1. Your account was used to spam discord phishing links, resuling in a prompt ban. But, assuming you've properly regained access to your account, I've removed the ban and you should be able to rejoin now. Do try not to give away your password to hackers again.
  2. Skyrim SE Guides & Tutorials: Mod Organizer 2 & Other tools - From zero to "Hey Sexlab is working!" Skyrim SE for Beginners - V 3.2.0 (3BBB / HDT-SMP / HPH) (changelog) SE Compatibility Tracking X-Edit: Reassigning Equipment Slots in Skyrim LE/SE (Feat: NifSkope) (outdated) Animation Tutorial For Skyrim NEAT! (SE WIP) Should I switch from oldrim to SE Guide for converting small follower mods from esp format to esl format ------------ If you've written a guide for Skyrim SE and want it included in this index. PM me or another moderator to have it included in this post. Last updated: September 10, 2021
  3. I am unpinning and locking this thread. Use the Request & Find categories instead. Request & Find - Skyrim: Special Edition
  4. Removing it was accidental when I disabled the new stuff I mentioned. It's fixed now.
  5. As I've said previously, the moderators can't be everywhere and we heavily rely on content being reported. It's a big forum and it's not surprising some things may have slipped through the cracks as a result. I could add a word filter for shota to send posts mentioning it to moderator approval which would absolutely help us catch and prevent more of it. However, this practice is exactly what angered you previously about censorship when one of your posts got automatically hidden and flagged for moderator approval because it had some filtered words we use to help bring moderator attention to situations. So there's apparently no winning here. Either we're horrible censors because we employ our best tools for catching questionable content quickly, or we're lazy do nothing moderators because something is never brought to our attention in user reports. In any case, I think this argument and situation has run it's course and it's time to just lock this thread and cool down.
  6. Disabled the changes for now due to some problems.
  7. No. They made a patch that lets children through. They could have EASILY made a patch that just lets the teen dolls through by removing it from the banned list, all they would've had to do was remove the check for the word "teen" in the race id. What'd they do instead? Remove ALL the checks, including the one that searches for the the word "child. " This is a straight up sex mod mind you, and they saw fit to remove the check for the "child" keyword. And then they have the gall to make people pay for this patch. SexLab also doesn't check the height of races at all like you say, so basing anything on that is dumb. It checks the SCALE for just 2 custom races that specifically released with acceptable and non acceptable varieties, and it only checks it for those 2 races. You are 100% factually wrong here. But what do I know, I only made the whole mod to begin with. Clearly somebody who knows my own code better than me has informed you otherwise. Gee, I wonder what kind of content they have that it's drawn multiple people there asking after it in a single day... The first rule of fight club pedo club... You are being willfully ignorant of the facts. Ignore my issue with them if you want, but to also just shrug off their blatant thievery of blackbird's mod is pretty telling. But whatever, go be happy with the thieves and pedos if that's what you want.
  8. Quick heads up, I'm testing some new features in the downloads section. Currently this is only enabled in the Skryim LE and SE categories. And if it goes well and the feedback is good, I'll start enabling it on the other categories as well. Interested in whatever feedback people have on these additions. Changes: For files you manage, File Actions has been moved to the top of the page instead of the bottom. The Changelog has been moved from the bottom to a separate tab on the download page. New Additions: Questions Tab: Users can ask a question on a file by clicking the Questions tab. Other users can then respond and answer those questions. This generates a sort of FAQ for the download. If preferred, I can switch it so only the file owner can answer questions. This can be disabled by the file owner by going to File Actions > Edit Details > Disable Questions Support Tab: Users can submit bug reports / support requests from the Support tab. File owner can manage and flag the status of each. This can be disabled by the file owner by going to File Actions > Edit Details > Disable Support Tutorials Tab: From the files tab the file owner can create separate "pages" that are linked to for other users that can contain whatever information the author wishes to provide, such as tutorials, documentation, or whatever.
  9. The mod in question disables the checks sexlab performs for children. That is the ONLY purpose of those checks. They can talk around it in the description and claim it's not for that all they want. There is only one reason to remove those checks in sexlab, and that's to make sexlab work on child races. It's purpose is clear, even if you refuse to see it and they claim otherwise. People doing bad stuff don't put up a sign post that says "bad stuff here" We don't allow the version that includes nude meshes and textures. Report them and they'll be removed. Anybody hosting such animations here is breaking the rules. And if you're talking about who I think you are, we've made it clear to them they aren't allowed to post those animations here.
  10. I've PM'd it to you. I'm sorry if our moderation has failed you. We generally try to stay as neutral as we can, but mistakes do happen and some things get overlooked when they should not be. We can't be everywhere on the forum and very much rely on things getting reported by users. If there's a failing on our part, people are also always welcome to PM me directly about an issue.
  11. Because they provide mods that explicitly enable child sex.
  12. No. The suppress system has nothing to do with with FNIS and is just a json list of animations to skip registering. Being able to fully remove the default animations without editing the scripts and just removing the FNIS files is new to beta 9. Though I'm likely going to remove it for the final release since people are having problems with it due to the FNIS variable detection failing.
  13. Make sure you are in 3rd person when you install the framework or reset the animation registry. It has to be able to detect an FNIS variable, which sometimes fails if you load into the game without having gone into 3rd person yet.
  14. I don't control how the ignore system works, it's built into the forum software and has no customization options. I also just don't think an aggressive ignore system is helpful. Reporting abusive members so moderators can deal with them is. Ignoring/blocking doesn't solve a problem, it just hides it.
  15. PM me instead. I've just looked through my emails from Contact Us and I've already responded to all the recent lost email messages. So response is either lost somewhere or I'm missing the email. I've had a few responses to contact us bounce because the reply email used on the form ended up being invalid.
  16. No. I didn't respond because I didn't care about your complaint and CPU was right in what he said so I saw no reason escalate things. You called people and I quote, "Fucking losers" so a moderator rightly told you to watch the tone. You weren't punished in anyway, you were simply asked to cut back on the insults. That's the entire non-story.
  17. https://github.com/eeveelo/PapyrusUtil/ https://github.com/eeveelo/PapyrusUtil/blob/master/Data.cpp (pop function is at line 324)
  18. Yes. The version included is actually ahead of 3.9 and is an unreleased update with a few new functions. Whether or not the default animations are registered depends on some FNIS variables being detected, which can be spotty when it comes to detecting them properly. Aside from making sure FNIS has been run after installing the update, when in game scroll in and out of 1st person, and make sure when you run SexLab's tool to rebuild the registry that you are in 3rd person.
  19. Those all have SE updates at this point. It should be fine.
  20. Updated the main post with "beta 9" This will be the last "beta" build. The SE builds basically haven't been real beta's for over a year now and are pretty much ready for release. However, this is the first official beta release with the months of updates @OsmelMC has been making on the Github build. Assuming all goes well with with this release, I'll push out the final non-beta version soon enough.
  21. current SE build is built in a way that if you remove the default animation fnis behavior files and re-run fnis, the scripts should detect they aren't present when building the animation registry and skip them. However, it's largely unknown how much effects removing them has on other sexlab mods that might depend on them.
  22. Pretty much this. Not sure what change trigged chrome to start enabling it. Would disable it if I knew how, but pretty sure it's just something Chrome does automatically based on available metadata and is mainly for mobile devices. In any case, it's not malware, and it's easily ignored if you don't want to use it.
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