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This is just a reference page to present my ideas for mods that I think would be good in Soul Calibur 6. Feel free to post your own ideas as well. And if you are a modder with talent and you are looking for a patron maybe you should consider getting in contact with me and working on some of my ideas.





Also here are some places to get access to mods and mod authors; 










And lastly you might want to use this nifty mod manager:




If you want to take things a step further here's a link to the Vodkalibur tool:




Also the Vodkalibur Discord Link;


Violent Vodka’s Modding Emporium (discord.com)


And here is a nice description of what it does:



Finally here is a link to the Soul Calibur moding discord: https://discord.com/invite/jsJ7XpP

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Ninja Gaiden Battleground tracks at Soul Calibur VI Nexus - Mods and community (nexusmods.com)


"Ninja Gaiden Battleground mod for SC6"

[Image: hqdefault.jpg]

A battleground music mod for the 2 Japanese stages and Motien Pass in SC6. Just swap out the soundtracks for these 3 tracks here;

"Go the Distance" for Murakumo Shrine Grounds image.png.96dae31946fddf730eebd7f9c2d23604.png

"Vanished memories" for  Gairyu Isle  Gairyu_Isle.jpg.0a782516c3be52d17f2dc476ed84796c.jpg

Ninja Gaiden (Xbox) Music: Vanished Memories Extended HD - YouTube


"Ninja Gaiden theme" for Motien Pass RuinsMotien_Pass_Ruins.jpg.ca806c04a039a240949d9148edb18973.jpg



"Rachel's theme" for the Astral ChaosAstral_Chaos_-_Tide_of_the_Damned.jpg.0c2cdc52884233469b6476d83f7b5c5d.jpg

Ninja Gaiden Sigma - God Bless U - Rachel Theme EXTENDED - YouTube

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The Girls of Ninja Gaiden/Dead or Alive for SC6


I think the ladies of the Ninja Gaiden series would make a really great addition to the Soul Calibur 6 roster. And there has never been a better time to make it happen now that SC has reached the PC. Each of these girls uses interesting weapons, all of which can be adapted into existing weapon styles with no little effort besides some cosmetic considerations. I dont think this is a tall order either. Its something I have seen mod authors do time and again with model rippers. The only question is; "how, do they do it?' "And can I get someone to either do it, or teach me to do it." That remains to be seen


The basic idea for the mods are to bring "Rachel' the fiend hunter, "Momiji" the shrine maiden, "Ayane" the Kunoichi, and "Kasumi" the other kunoichi into the SC6 Create a Soul system to be used.


Now, what I am suggesting can be accomplished in 2 ways. First you can take a model ripper and create a unique looking individual character for CAS mode like in the examples here.


Rangiku mod: Rangiku.jpg.da5a8c154c9de9c1ae5111cfa32d12a6.jpghttps://gamebanana.com/skins/174296


Kratos mod:220-90_5e1e4797f010c.jpg.2dc0697b07b2a8a4a43be5e1718a54d4.jpghttps://gamebanana.com/skins/174435


The benefit of doing it this way would be that its the least amount of work and your model will look the most like the characters from the NG series with little to no distortion.


The second way would be to use the model ripper to create the individual assets needed to create the characters in CAS. The benefit to doing it this way would be that you can use the assets for more than just their original use in CAS to create other things. The clothing assets can also be made destroyable! And we all know how fun that is right? wink! wink!


So we would need Hair parts; head1.png.890b79706a4e317f843cf029840f4f3c.png   head3.png.7b1f99835c9eb847fbadf441904f6a91.png   head2.jpg.0169989000db253f9326947e64a5e62a.jpg   head4.jpg.8193945a94920c59bb1639c4331ec2ca.jpg

We would need weapon parts;

ICONS_Melee_HAMMER1c.jpg.b5533c787358ca0e041bd3c2515ac79c.jpg Rachel's warhammer for Zasalalmel


HeavenlyDragonNaginata.jpg.20b022f742bb14c2ddcea72d045ef481.jpg Momiji's Naginata for Seong Mi-na


FumaKodachi.jpg.0153ea691a2881aaeb93cdbc3c8d0b01.jpg Ayane's Kodachi's for Taki


1230284026_shroudedmoonwakizashi.gif.0bdb293c12b87489ab5181dc778d068f.gif Kasumi's Shrouded Moon wakizashi for Setsuka


And you would need the clothing parts;


220px-Rachel_(Ninja_Gaiden).png.c4a57b7e0630c4aa8a2458989494b8f2.png Momiji.png.caada708d4e4d4609cdd0e4e9c933ee6.png NG2_Render_Char_Ayane_01A1_a.jpg.94ad5cfeaa56c8ff16cb1ed032250a7e.jpg Kasumi-ninja-gaiden-3-costume-02.jpg.4339d19cea6243e7332680a61adf3638.jpg If your a mod author let me know if you're interested or if it can even be done the way I am saying. You can email me at Maleficer311@hotmail.com

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1796867097_Linkpose.png.72b4ed05f8afbc27fd05d36d1952a6b5.png"Link for SC6"


So I think we can all understand that this would be cool for Soul Calibur 6. After all it was cool the last time they brought link into the fold for SC 2 as a guest character. His fighting style was a little unrefined and too simplistic but he was still fun to play.  And its not that you cant create him in the game using create a soul but he doesn't come out quite right. As you can see here when I tried to create him in CAS.




I messed around with his body type but to me he still looks less like lean young adult that Link was in Twilight Princess and more like a hulking John Cena masquerading as link and fooling nobody about his identity. Lets make a quick comparison between my link and the one from Twilight Princess.


2045957183_link-tp-Copy.jpg.089493ef5ace6f91b2c398f19a1afdac.jpg 446658544_CasLink2.jpg.4c13d15b62cffe42d6e1767cb5969f7f.jpg


Its not that its terrible, its just not quite right. That would be including his equipment. The recolored arming sword and tear drop shield leave a lot to be desired. Sophitia has some equipment that makes a better imitation for Link's stuff but even those are nearly impossible to get looking right without the use of mods. Which is why I think some one should create a model ripped mod for Create a Soul so you can use Link the way he was meant to be seen! 


As for how to do it, I once again recommend using a model ripper like "Ninja Ripper" https://gamebanana.com/tools/5638 to tear assets from other games like Twilight Princess or Breath of the Wild to create a custom model and or assets to be used in  the create a soul system. And really its hard to make Link's hat so it would really help.



As for stand alone assets I think anything Link wears would be useful but obviously his iconic bastard sword and heater shield for Cassandra's fighting style would the most helpful. And Link's hat would probably be a good asset for a sand alone mod.



PS if you would like to use Link's Master sword in a two handed grip as a longsword for Mitsurugi's fighting style then here is a mod for you. 





Only problem with this mod is that it is really old and may not have been updated in time for all the new patches so if that is the case the mod may still work but it will cause all of the menu's text in the game to be unreadable, and it also may eventually crash as a result. If thats the case message the mod author and try to get his lazy ass to update it.

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zelda1.png.5d7d886e7d8fc3b1638aac12453c5ea9.pngPrincess Zelda for SC6


Hair and costume parts:image.png.b0eb096987a921994ec6fac105bfd935.png especially the crown and braids.


Zelda's weapon parts: image.png.998618c23f042d845faecd0161c38106.png


This is either a longsword or an estoc as it appears in twilight princess. That would be appropriate for Mitsurugi or Hoahmaru

However it has also been depicted as a side-sword/early rapier so in that case Raphael and Amy are natural options.




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This game is literally SC5 with some new paint slapped on. Same everything with a few wrinkles. They've got some nerve charging full price for this shit and then more for characters that should have been included anyway. Glad I got everything for half off, but still feel cheated.

It is Soul Calibur 5 but without being shackled to Patroklos during the story mode. That alone is worth the price of admission for many, of that, one can be sure. 

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This game is literally SC5 with some new paint slapped on. Same everything with a few wrinkles. They've got some nerve charging full price for this shit and then more for characters that should have been included anyway. Glad I got everything for half off, but still feel cheated.

not even ever at all.


You either never played soul calibur before or you are biblically bad at recognizing fundamental gameplay changes.


Also completely different engine.

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7 hours ago, 27X said:

not even ever at all.


You either never played soul calibur before or you are biblically bad at recognizing fundamental gameplay changes.


Also completely different engine.

I'm seeing it now. Been a long time since I played SC5. They didn't do anything with character customization though- more options would have been nice.

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On 12/23/2020 at 11:16 AM, KoolHndLuke said:

I'm seeing it now. Been a long time since I played SC5. They didn't do anything with character customization though- more options would have been nice.

They had completely open customization for about a month, and when people started using it to literally hide character attacks and weapons through objects, that shit went straight out the window; and I wouldn't expect it back except in the SP story mode + category, where you can build whatever cheesy bullshit you want to your heart's content.

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Some good news about Link! Someone has made a mod for him! It wasn't on my behave or to my specifications but it is something.


Link Creation Set at Soul Calibur VI Nexus - Mods and community


The mod uses Hwang and Geralt's fighting styles. That's a bit off putting to me but whatever's. He's just going to have an awkward looking Asian fighting style that will look a bit misplaced with his bastard sword and heater shield. If you use Geralt its going to be like "why are you holding the shield if you're not going to use it to cover your hands?"  Also He looks a bit frumpy. His hat is like mega long for some reason. I think the author knows this though so maybe there will be a version 2.0 in the future.

Anyway I will stop complaining and just let yo enjoy the mod for what it is.


Be warned though; you most use Vodkalibur to install the mod.


Oh and heres somthing extra from GameBanana.com just to get you excited about this. A soundtrack mod for the Shrine of Euridice!


SC2 Link Theme (Shrine of Eurydice) [Soulcalibur VI] [Sound Mods] (gamebanana.com)



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Guess what bitches! I approached a modder about one of my ideas and he did the mod! The guy was Flesson I happened to reach him on the nexus-which is not the best place to meet him-but anyway, I asked him to create Link's sword and shield for Cassandra's fighting style! It looks bitchen guys! Have a look.




I was really excited to try it out in battle so here are some pics of me and cassandra fighting on the hardest difficulty. Haven't played in months so she handed my ass to me for 3 rounds before I picked things back up. LOL!


















And I finally put her in her place!


You can get the mod at the Nexus right here;


Master Sword and Hylian Shield for Cassandra at Soul Calibur VI Nexus - Mods and community


Here some optional mods that would compliment your experience with Link in SC6


Link Creation Set at Soul Calibur VI Nexus - Mods and community


Master Sword (Mitsurugi Style) [Soulcalibur VI] [Skin Mods] (gamebanana.com)


SC2 Link Theme (Shrine of Eurydice) [Soulcalibur VI] [Sound Mods] (gamebanana.com)


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Wow! Now that I have finally started using the Vokalibur tool Link is starting to look really good!




He is definitely unmistakably Link now!




I just wish that the Hat from "Link's Create Set" Looked more like mine so I could equip Link's Scabbard. I cant because the hat I created takes up all the misc equipment slots. Too bad! I guess I cant have it all. But I am hardly complaining when things look THIS good! Really its quite spectacular to behold now.



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Tomoe Gozen for Soul Calibur 6


Tomoe | Queen's Blade Wiki | Fandom


Fighting style for: Haohmaru, or Mitsurugi or maybe even Hwang





Now I've tried to make Tomoe in the Soul Calibur CAS and I have had a reasonable amount of success. But as is fairly inevitable, the game was not designed to acomidate my creativity perfectly. And some of the details of her costuming cannot be fleshed out without creating custom items for her appearance. 




You might think I am crazy to want to pay someone to do custom modding on a character I have already created in this much depth just to fix a couple details, But the problem is



And so I still want to create a few fairly achievable cosmetic items for this character that portray her unmistakably correct. For instance I think Tomoe could use a Custom hairstyle, a custom bandana with long tails, a custom kimono that has red liner, and a custom weapon that portrays Tomoe's Taichi and saya-sword and sheath. All mods concepts that have been done before. In some cases its just a bit of custom coloring to be done to existing assets that SC6 already has, like the kimono.  All of these items hopefully can be added to the vodakalibur tool or available as stand alone mods but I would prefer not to use up available in game slots so Vodakalibur is the preferred method of equipping these items.


Unfortunately queens blade characters have never been rendered in a video game before so no ninja ripper action can be taken here I don't think. OH WELLS.


Here is what she wears underneath. But no need to do any work on that as both Namco and the nexus have created a suitable fundoshi for her to wear.


Fundoshi at Soul Calibur VI Nexus - Mods and community



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Apparently Queens Blade started out as some kind of wonderfully perverted book/game where you fight these ladies. And if you win, guess what happens! The same thing that happens in soul calibur! The clothes start coming off!


31.jpg.05ffcd2ac0e408729c52033869831fb0.jpg 53.jpg.4c122d554981507b07f4014747317b24.jpg 35.jpg.ddeb4d030f030454aad18f4da794bbd4.jpg Tomoe_2.jpg.3a23ed425f3de7f5b113f9c8069f602f.jpg Tomoe_1.jpg.758cea45661740aaf44433ad2e7a7071.jpg Tomoe_3.jpg.197fe055ff5badb5950d4ec20bc8ea10.jpg


Thats why I think the ladies of queen;s blade should make an appearance in SC6. They just belong here yall. Not only would Tomoe be fun to play as but the even losing as her is undeniably appealing! Just look at this!



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Annelotte Kreutz

for Soul Calibur 6


Annelotte | Queen's Blade Wiki | Fandom


Fighting style:  Haohmaru, Mitsurugi, Sophitia, Cassandra, or perhaps even Hilde



Just as with Tomoe, I have tried creating Annelotte with the Create a Soule system. But once again, I was ultimately unsatisfied with the results. I think I am a bit OCD when I feel I am not finished with something. Its not that it looks terrible, its just not quite there, as far as I am concerned.




So just as with Tomoe I would commission a custom hairstyle. Custom armor, because her metal corset is quire unique, if impractical. A custom crown. A custom dress to go under the armor-notice the plungy blue dress. And custom weapons. Namely the longsword and possibly the heater shield she is sometimes depicted with. She also has this cape like thing she wears behind her hips but that's not a big deal to me. I certainly will pay for it to be a part of the package though.


As far as underwear goes you could create some for her but I find the Bridal shorts fairly adequate for her with the right textures and coloring. So no big deal there. Although she doe snot wear a bra so it might be necessary to have a bare chested mod. But I already have that thanks to Segadordelinks' SC6 Mods.




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Update time! Now that I have joined the appropriate discord channels things have taken a turn for the better! I found at lease 2 people to work on my Girls of Ninja Gaiden/Dead or Alive project. And when I scoured DeviantArt.com for models I was able to find everything I needed! This will be DOPE! I cant believe it is actually happening! And you know what else? I found a digital model for Tomoe from Queens blade! Never thought I would find that! Here is a list of the assets I found.


These are just the weapon models I found




Rachel's WarhammerICONS_Melee_HAMMER1c.jpg.be21e27a68f563e1a5c88311ac82db31.jpgDOA5 LR Rachel Ninja costume by zareef on DeviantArt


Ayane's Kodachi's     FumaKodachi.jpg.bcfc49d0ffedb22b5be8c995faa92ee1.jpgNG3RE Ayane NG2 Costume by SSPD077 by SSPD077 on DeviantArt


Momiji's Naginata    HeavenlyDragonNaginata.jpg.756969eb5a959880731b45c3e9000a59.jpgDOA5 LR Momiji Ninja costume by zareef on DeviantArt


Kasumi's wakizashi   856616507_shroudedmoonwakizashi.gif.49167d489c18dfd52edbf778a39aacbb.gifNG3RE Kasumi Katana (Customize) by bstylez on DeviantArt


Ryu's Katana            1374323151_dragonsword.png.1226742ef15b50f4ec678afdca043a41.pnghttps://www.deviantart.com/zareef/art/DOA5U-Ryu-Hayabusa-Costume-1-511766834

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