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5 minutes ago, TobiaszPL said:

Best Installation TuT ever xD


How to Install

1. Get the file

2. Install it(Recommend MO2)


In short:
How to Instal: Download -> Install ?



Rly nice Mod ?

But why Download on Mega?...


Gosh 600 MB xD

lol. Ah.. yeah. It looks stupid!

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39 minutes ago, cooldown1337 said:

Where is it hosted now? I don't see any updates on tumblr. 

I just heard it... Not sure about it. But making patch for it wouldn't be hard.


8 minutes ago, t.ara said:

I looked into the data-file:

The overall idea is very interesting...as a reference body is this one as awaited not working because of different reasons.

Very pity!

Not working? Why?

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2 hours ago, factoryclose said:



Not working? Why?

It´s everything fine with your work-perfect.


For me, it would be interesting to have an UUNP reference exchanger, which has the SMP-BBP skeleton-option, as a reference-body-this would be interesting for a comparison.

It´s little hard to edit the BBP-file to get more realistic behavior...but from time to time I take my time for that. Would be interesting, how the SMP-BBP is acting, if the character is laying or bending to front or backside. As far I raise the overall poly-amout, the behavior of BBP is becoming very much more realistic-it has also to do with the quality of the texture and how the mesh is stretch-able (weighted). I tested that by using a custom body.


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What im doing wrong? xD first i install it manualy but Vagina was invisible xD "Void hole"

Then i use Mod Organizer to Instal it - and again :c...


New Game works FINE... but if i start Saved Game i have big void hole xD


I'm LVL 1 with only around 30% to LvLup so idc about this save... at least about progress in this save...

but on this save i have finished Mod Config and already all my Fav. Outfits in my inv xD




T_T egh... it looks like i have to start New Game :c...

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Excited to give this a go, looks great! Is it possible to have physics for several different cup sizes running at once? With my current HDT PE setup, I simply have a different .xml defined in the body mesh for less busty characters. SMP is set up slightly differently, and I'm wondering how to achieve the same effect.

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Anyway, for those with locale issues you can solve them by replacing all dots with commas in configuration files.

Keep in mind however that you should not touch the header lines! You'll get warning spam in logs that means it's working.


Unfortunately there's no NIOPA support yet so I'll be waiting eagerly for that! And TAWOBA conversions, too.

And less jelly in bodies...




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