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  1. Uh, thanks I guess That place just had very nice lighting and I had to use it !
  2. Hi Scrab, how does this mod work with Eager NPCs? Any unexpected interactions? Is it better to turn off SLEN's follower functionality with this one?
  3. Not even nearly enough female orcs in this thread.
  4. Random vanilla stuff with orc waifu (loops)
  5. So by now somebody surely must have finished copying hundreds of animation files manually, right? Care to share the complete pack somewhere? Mega or whatever you prefer... so that you don't incur the modders' wrath.
  6. Tested the KaPoTun race mod a bit... Feels a bit too furry for me though...
  7. Orcs trap a man in a bathhouse but he uses Meridia's blessings to defeat them. Why yes, I am quite a degenerate, how did you know?
  8. Khajiit is apprehended for serving Dibella too hard
  9. Hehe. these guys look like a hipster couple at a cosplay event
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