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  1. After you store your clothes you should go to the bed where he is. If you can't move, open the MCM menu and choose the debug option to regain control
  2. Just look for the post from February 26th. You have to install the new version in a clean save, one preferably that never had Thief installed, so you don't end up with old scripts running. If you have any save before you installed thief or a new save game, that would do it. And yes, you can skip to Solitude
  3. It was pretty easy for me. But don't know if something changed, since there were some updates after the version I tried that scene.
  4. You have to choose the option in which you didn't make a deal with the rapists, or if you tried to fight them and lost.
  5. Download the 1.00.6.txt file and open it, you should see this link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/19W8ZtZK_nD9G7bfvOXzW5gNpE-wnxfiN
  6. Yes. Check the links on the firs page, it should direct you to an SE version.
  7. The pregnancy quest is the upcoming update
  8. Yeah, something is wrong, it shouldn't be like that. Try Customizable Camera and see if you can change the camera distance from player with the MCM menu
  9. It's a camera trick to prepare the transition to the threesome scene, as the mod doesn't want to show the characters misaligned like moments before a sexlab scene. You should be able to see the missionary sex scene with the archer bandit, then the camera switches to the big guy searching your stuff, then he starts masturbating and then enters the tent, after a bit of dialogue without you seeing what is happening inside, the camera should change to the threesome with the big guy trying to penetrate the character's ass, then he asks her to lick his cock and then he finally enters the
  10. Well, I wasn't having this problem. Latest version I installed just for the gape condition to see the new patreon content, so don't know if I'd get the same problem if I chose to not have sex with the troll. But it could be a bug caused by older version scripts from what are you saying.
  11. the current exclusive content will be released when the next major update comes, which is expected for the 2nd semester
  12. There are two times you are asked about sex with the troll during the skip function. The one where you have to select either the option of answering his riddles or killing him, and the other when the prompt asks if you had sex with the druid before visiting the old man in Whiterun. Perhaps you selected it by mistake and the game thought you had it. Anyway, I believe there is a console command to trigger on/off the gape condition. Might be on the FAQ.
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