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Are you good or evil? (rpg question)

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After playing Assassin's Creed Odyssey and Fallout 4, i noticed i can't role-play an evil character. Thinking back about Fallout 3 and New Vegas, even there i couldn't be evil even when i had the option to. Even when trying my hardest, at worst i am just role-playing some anti-hero who is kind of a dick, but never a straight up villain. I always default to playing a good guy. I guess i can never stand causing harm or suffering to anyone. In my mind the only people who should suffer are the ones who are evil themselves and cause pain to others, which again brings me back to being good. I even had some mods installed in my Skyrim to make my character more evil, but instead of raping and pillaging villages, my character raped and killed bandits, thieves and assassins. In Fallout New Vegas i supported Caesar's Legion but even that wasn't out of malice but more because i like the Roman Empire, i still helped everyone who was in trouble and killed only the bad factions. I guess ultimately i really am just a weird person with a good heart. What do you guys think? are you good or evil? how do you role play in your games with your characters? 

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The Dragon-Born is no different than Parthurnaax in the sense that they can endeavor to overcome their inherently evil nature as Dovah. How evil they choose to be is up to the player (and the main plot, in part).


In other RPGs besides Skyrim, it all depends on how logical it is for the setting to play it clean or to delve into the depths of corruption or for that matter, how idyllic or dystopian the setting is.

It is more interesting to introduce a bit of chaos to Paradise than it is to bring more chaos to a Hellscape. The Wasteland doesn't need yet another warlord, Thedas needs to unite together to survive the threat of the Dark Spawn and Albion could use all of the help it can get to whether the danger that the Crawler poses to the land.

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I never play as a pure good or pure evil character  (Lawful Good / Chaotic Evil as in the good old Neverwinter); i always make my choises based on what i think is right to do in that particular situation, even tho sometimes i do  something extremely evil and cruel just for the taste  of sweet revenge.

In the end my alignment tend to be mostly evil than good.

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Probably caused by childhood and youth I almost inevitably end up (not just) in game as the 'Renegade Evil', the demon that calls out the own kind. The reward I get at the end of a Bethesda game is thus always the same - the people you have fought for so viciously are happy when you make a final, 'messianic' self-sacrifice or at least have the courtesy to hit the road again together with the fuckin' dog... if you get my meaning.


So no, I fit into no dualistic category. I'm a moron, as Commander Shepard eloquently puts it.


Have a good one! ?

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I can play both, but it get's boring very quick.

That's why I prefer RPG characters that are oriented towards perfect ethics (whatever they see in them) but are constantly drawn and tempted to the opposite.

Constantly on the edge, failures included, that ways it keep it interesting. At least in an RPG. :classic_cool:


But never ever would any of my characters say they would be on the "evil" side. They are always on the "good" side. "Their" good side.

It's just that their views of good and evil is not necessarily shared by 99-100% of the people in RL, including myself. :classic_tongue:



“Evil is Evil. Lesser, greater, middling… Makes no difference. The degree is arbitary. The definition’s blurred. If I’m to choose between one evil and another… I’d rather not choose at all.”
― Andrzej Sapkowski, The Last Wish


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I tend to play lawful neutral most of the time, though sometimes I drift into neutral good or lawful evil.


I've never got on trying to play chaotic characters of any alignment as it's not something I enjoy at all and I find lawful good too prescriptive for my taste

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2 hours ago, theposhmudcrab said:

Even when trying my hardest, at worst i am just role-playing some anti-hero who is kind of a dick, but never a straight up villain.

The dickish anti-hero is my go to build anyway so I never even noticed that you were kept from being down right evil.

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Recently i was looking for ideas, to role play as Evil char build, 


* You only use magic scrolls, most of them you craft yourself ( no weapons, no  ordinary spell casting )


* + mods like landlord & mercanaries that you can hire, so that you could blend into society as someone rich / high status


* having a huge library in soul cairn ( or locations like dark end mod ) , for every single book in skyrim to add into your collection ( optional - reading them as well, learning ES lore ), to craft new scroll, experiment etc.


* no lvling up, always lvl 1 + mods that unscale enemies + monster mods, that would make some tough encounters



All this being said, you could also choose to play as a ,, good " person, and bribe others, to join your ,,experiments".


I also find soul cairn, as something that could have way more potential, especially with commision based mods , like payn moders, to expend it x 3 - 5 times , ( or even more ! ). 




Thats a real, financial/art/scenario writtin, goal for my future.



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