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    I like play different mmorpg:s and enjoy skyrim. Bowl and read also watch anime and light erotica. Girls with good sense of humor and beautiful smile :)
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    30 Years old social type guy, who likes fantasy and adventure movies. Works as substitute or fill in mostly.

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  1. Wow karissa i really liked 2 b video. I am sure that here are many mod makers that would love to have you in their mods.
  2. It is nice to meet you Strawbs you are really talented voice actor and i like your voice very much. Welcome to lovers lab community, being decently new myself it is nice to meet new people that joins here.
  3. Hi i have writed a story chapters about adventures of my character in skyrim and submitted them to erotic writing / Fiction. I was requested that if it would be possible to link my older chapters, for those who joined recently. Unfortunatelly my best efforts i havent figure out hot to do it. I tried to link older chapters that i had submitted to newer chapter 14. 1. i chosed edit post 2. i clikked link option 3. copied this to it and some reason i didnt see it end of my chapter 14 story. i tried copy to it field and well... it opened to forum section, i probably miss some steps or do it wrong way so i tought to ask if anyone could give me instructions how to link them. Update: okay i kinda managed to figure it out, i just hope that those with hidden tags shows properly can this post be leaved here open just in case ? thank you
  4. I got Witcher 3 last November in sale 70 % off for ps 4 Red dead redemption 2 70 % off sale i have played both during june and may. They both have really beautifull enviroments and landscapes and needs lot of time to play. Skyrim of course i pick it up now and then during these past 6 years i think i have 4000 hours in this game in steam i love testing out new mods . far cry primal and Assassins creed odyssey sparta kickin and playing mercenary cool as possible + taming many predators as you can and then riding a sabre cat middle of enemy camp XD hehe.
  5. Wow they look really gorgeous good work with them milky
  6. First pc game*think* mm it was Age of Empires and Heros of might and magic 3 maybe. Far cry and Oblivion being next i think.. i had commodore and sega before i got my first pc so yeah it has been 15 years.
  7. Thank you your mod sounds interesting especially consensual content, with cynthia i definatelly give it a spinn. There arent many companion mods like these and its what makes them unique. Romantic aspect with other mods definatelly gives everyone something to look forward so thank you for your work with cynthia and twins
  8. so umm what is difference between twinscc 1.0 and twins 1.1 which i should download if i want 2 cute ladies to time to time give love ?
  9. First thank you for effort to put guide up sadly aff simply dont seem to open its interface . i readed guide very carefully and since i dont have fn in my keyboard i changed home key to B. interface didnt open.. so i am not sure what i have missed. Leito animations and savage cabbage i have latest versions of them as well latest patch. Rxl tb70 animations sex em up these are animation packages that i have installed. Now since last october i have tried to get aff work and i simply havent had any succes. so sad it is i am finally ready go give up to have any eye candy or romantic interaction with female npc:s at game. So i might play it once or twice normally with out armor replacers or any spice adding mods. enough of my rant here thank you for guide and i hope it helps others.
  10. i am also wondering what is difference between gold platinum and normal packs ? trying to figure out is there difference at animations and which i should download
  11. I am experiencing this too... accept sex always is ticked and every npc still refuses sex with my pc. i use version 145 f because i dont have latest two expansion. Now i am getting frustrated since everything that had suggested here didnt work.. resetting wicked whims no luck. Any ideas how to fix this ?
  12. Hmm lets see first i studied for carpenter, i have slight 3 dimensional perception disorder so working long time wasnt really option for me in that profession. After army i pondered 2 years before considered doing jobs as substitute instructor, it taked 3 years and i was hmm 26 when graduating. I havent regret a day in that work, every day basicly was fresh adventure and working with pre schoolers is profession i am natural it seems. I do sometime Daycare home substitute jobs as well and i can say working wit 0-4 years old is challengin but rewarding at sametime
  13. I tried to instal aff with guide and still it just didnt work no sex dialogues or animations started or even conversation lines that would initiate sex. I am not sure what i do wrong, maybe i instal files wrong place excample. im not clear where to instal animation files excample unfortunatelly, there is mod folder do i instal something there or data folder ?. i have uninstalled game twice already and reinstalled every mod i want to use and unofficial patch- now i am ready to give up using sexmods altogether since i dont get them work so i am asking if someone could advice me or give some hints what i can do it is quite probable that i just simply dont understand all instructions at guides and miss instal something accidentally, and i am not sure what i miss.
  14. thank you for guides unfortunatelly i do have f4se and mcm. some reason aff isnt showing the mcm menu i did go instruction page to see how to activate it but well the home key dont work so aff itself wont work i guess. i chekked even if i had installed it right location but it was there. ill try figure out how to get aff sexframe to work but i might need to give up adult mods if it dont. aff 58 b is version i use this moment i might try going back previous 35 and see if that changes anything
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