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On 4/12/2019 at 5:16 AM, HI-METAL said:



I tried to make a BP BOOBS skin for Kanna.


Step 1
Rewrite the "Marie.ini" in the root of the costume Customizer folder.
Step 2
Rewrite the "Marie.ini" in the number folder you installed BP BOOBS.
Step 3
Copy the "KAN_MAR.dds" to the skin texture folder in the number folder.


You should be able to use it.


Kanna_BPBOOBS_Skin.7z 2.73 MB · 497 downloads


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On 12/11/2019 at 1:21 AM, starash said:

Any project made BP Boobs supported by 2K skins?



As a stop-gap, i can make a quick CC Mod-Pack to provide options in order to force specific compatible skin textures to override the default ones in case your default skin textures don't match the color-tone of the vanilla textures.

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1 hour ago, qfung said:

hello, does this mod compatible with knight77's mod? thanks a lot!

The mod yeah, it's compatible, but if you mean the "BP skin" then no, it just gives white nipples (actually in BP skins there's the optional texture that works with knight77 costumes, but it looks nothing like the glorious beach paradise, it looks just like HI-METAL skin).


Anyway, i'd like to know if it's possible, with costume customizer, to set specific boobs for each girl, i mean: if i give ayane her own specific boobs, then when i switch to nyotengu (or any other girl) she will have ayane boobs aswell.

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On 9/23/2019 at 7:28 PM, HI-METAL said:






Monica_BP.7z 3.11 MB·731下载

Modify it again, close to perfection!

Just use photoshop and cost a lot of time,in a stupid way,I Finally fixed monica,her big tits  give me the motivation。

Instructions,replace this dds。





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hello guys and sorry for my poor english level.


So i have a problem with bp-boops mod and i think i certainly doing a mistake at the installation of the files.


Someone can explain me all of the process step by step. Or just give me a link where i can found it.


Please my boobs lovers brothers. help me !

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Yes! Recently I played around with the wet textures and noticed that the alpha channel controls the shine of the wet effect. Making the alpha channel black removes the water layer and leaves a glossiness similar to DOAX3 lotions. I just made a simple mod for this: Wet Effects

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Great mod, thanks for all the hard work! :)

I am using all the latest BP boobs packages and latest CC framework. I got Sayuri to work once I realized you have to turn off the BP butt (lower) part, but I have a problem with Monica. This problem happens with both the default and "nipple support" skin, any idea how to fix it?


Screenshot (428).jpg

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On 4/25/2020 at 12:08 PM, IceTree5 said:

Hey all! I did a lot of work on the common body models. I redid all the weights and ported the missing boobs from Beach Paradise and I'm very happy with the results! It will take more time to do the same for the Marie and Honoka models, so I thought I'd give you this beta release to play around with in the meantime.


One issue, which I also pointed out in the Basic Boobs mod post, is that the game uses some modifiers to give the girls unique breast sizes and as far as I know these modifiers cannot be edited using 3dmigoto. This effect is especially noticeable on Nagisa. We can kind of work around this issue by editing the weights, but it results in less breast jiggle. I've included 2 options for Marie body models so you can see the issue: option 3 has the original weights which deforms Nagisa's breasts and option 2 has edited weights with less deformation, but also less jiggle (especially less jiggle for Marie and Kanna).


Next, I'd like your opinion on how I should order the breast options. Should I order them alphabetically or should I use the order the game uses and stick the DOA5LR exclusive girls at the end?


  Reveal hidden contents

Ayane		or	Kasumi
Christie		Ayane
Helena			Hitomi
Hitomi			Kokoro
Honoka			Helena
Kasumi			Marie
Kokoro			Momiji
Leifang			Honoka
Lisa			Nyotengu
Mai			Leifang
Marie			Christie
Mila			Lisa
Momiji			Mai
Naotora			Mila
Nyotengu		Naotora
Pai			Pai
Rachel			Rachel
Sarah			Sarah
Tina			Tina



Finally, I added Monica and Sayuri textures and changed to a much simpler one texture per girl system which drastically reduces the size of the mod and makes it easier to keep up-to-date.

Thank you for your patience and let me know if you spot anything weird.

>>>> BP BOOBS 0_9beta.zip 123.24 MB · 122 downloads <<<<


Thanks for updating this mod! Here are my initial impressions after using it for a while and testing stuff.


Good stuff:

1. More boob options is always nice! (Though I usually stick with Lei Fang's. Like you mention, DOAXVV scales the size to each girl, and I find Lei Fangs baselines to a preference I prefer. I'll play with the other similar sizes (i.e. Mila) to see if I want to change up the nipple texture.


2. Fixed the weird indents in the boobs. This was by far the most important fix for me. On some girls, especially the bigger chested ones, the indents looked very bad.


Bad/Meh stuff:

1. I prefer the old weights physics. The boobs are more "airy" in a bad way. The way they move is more akin to an accordion, in that they stretch instead of move and they look strange given so much more looseness. This is based on my preference after many lotion gifting, so I notice the difference, especially when switching back and forth between the old and new version while in game. As a reference, I prefer a neutral bounce, and most of my girls are either 0 or +1 on bounce lotion - I am not a MAXX bounce lotion guy ^_^.


2. I notice the boobs are reluctant to touch each other now. In certain poses where the boobs would normally come in contact (i.e. bending forward warmup exercise) they are separated by some force. So it appears while there was a loosing of weights in some aspects, there was a tightening of some areas.

[edit] Playing further, it appears the base of the boobs have been tightened so they are less flexible. Looking at them while the girl transitioning to a lying pose (i.e. sit-ups) you can see that the boobs do not lie down and spread out like they use to. Granted DOAXVV never simulated the breasts accurately in this regard, but the new change is definitely skewed toward implant behavior. This probably explains the more pronounced accordion behavior I'm seeing in the bounce if the base has been tweaked to be less reluctant to move than the outer parts.


While adjusting lotions may help with the airyness, I'm not sure it will help with the second issue. For now, I've got mixed feelings on the changes. Like I've said, I really like that the indents were removed, but I'm not sure it's worth the negative impact of physics to change over just yet. Just my personal impressions so far.


Oh, and I like the order the games uses, and stick the exclusive girls at the end method. I think keeping continuity with the game is better aesthetics.



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@Sladesamm Thank you for your detailed feedback! I know exactly what's causing the effect you are seeing. For the old version of the mod I transfered weights from the DOAXVV clean body to the BP breast model which wasn't always a great match and resulted in the indents you described.

For this version I mixed the weights from the original (DOA5LR) BP models with the new breast models I made, which was a much better match and got rid of the indents. However, these weights also restrict the movement of the breasts somewhat:


On the one hand I wanted to stay true to the Beach Paradise mod, but on the other hand I understand that these games use different (soft)engines and what looks nice in one game might not look as nice in the other. I'll certainly play around with the weights some more and see if I can 'free them up' again.


I'm glad I did the beta release at this point so I don't have to do double work for the marie and honoka models.

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