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  1. You will need to edit the ini file. The file with the red line is the first skin to be loaded. Replace this with your favorite skin file name.
  2. After I finish making V4 skins for Sayuri and Patty, I'm going to make M size nipples for the common body girls.
  3. Added V4 skins for Nagisa and Kanna. I decided to use a combination of keys that are not often used in other mods for the change. Nagisa's key is "J 3 pgUp" "J 3 pgDn" and Kanna's key is "J 4 pgUp" "J 4 pgDn". If you want to change the skin, you must press all three keys at the same time.
  4. V4 skins for Tamaki and Fiona have been added. These keys are for changing skins, but it seems that some of them are not available if you use three keys. Tamaki's keys are "1 i pgUp""1 i pgDn" and Fiona's keys are "1 5 pgUp""1 5 pgDn". I'm trying to figure out what to do with the other girls' change keys, because the number keys won't be enough.
  5. When you open the dds file, check the alpha channel. Save the file with this image setting. MipMaps can be set to your own preference. I set MipMaps when I make fine detail textures such as fishnet tights.
  6. V4 skins for Leifang and Luna have been added. Luna's keys are "10PgUp" and "10PgDn", but if you have Kasumi or Helena in the owner's room or elsewhere on the same screen, these skins will be changed as well. The workaround is to change Luna's skin first and then change Kasumi's or Helena's skin.
  7. Added V4 skins for Honoka and Mrie. Honoka's nipple rings have been slightly modified from the test version. Marie's nipples are marked as a size M, but from the looks of it, a size S might be more accurate.
  8. Added a V4 skin for Ayane. Kokoro's GOM effect had a problem, so it was fixed. I found a small issue with other girls' skins as well. This will be fixed later.
  9. V4 skins for Nyotengu and Kokoro have been added. M-size nipples will be added in the future. Darker pubic hair is still undecided, but I'm planning to make Luna and Patty.
  10. Thanks for the good mod. There is a seam in the lower abdomen. This was previously written by mono1214 with a workaround.
  11. Added an image of the GOM effect. Momiji and Hitomi's skins were added.
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