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  1. I made the area just below the hips a bit more high-res (or actually normal-res) for Honoka and common body. I might do Marie later, but I don't think she really needs it as much. New Groins.zip
  2. Tamaki Analysis I hope this has what you need. I have maximum shake & modify on Tamaki.
  3. If you have a pose applied to a girl, you can press R to reset the pose and then immediately dump (or spam W to freeze time first). A pose like might be useful because the girl barely moves except for breathing. It's not absolutely exact but I hope it's close enough to be useful. It's maybe also good to consider if the breast shake & modify settings have an effect on the breast enlargement. I don't think they should, but maybe they do.
  4. It's very sad Team Ninja releases outfits with such horrible glitches. Guess we'll have to fix them ourselves ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Sweet Berry Fix.zip A message from Kasumi: (If any modders want to use my fixed weights in their mod, go ahead)
  5. I've included the fix now [DMM]Wet Effects.zip If you've already edited the .ini with the fix described above, you don't need to update.
  6. Thank you! I've updated the mod. Wet Effects.zip
  7. Press ctrl+2 to go to the breast tab. I put an icon in the preset tab, but there are no presets. I'll adjust it if I update.
  8. Ah yes you're right. It's been a while since I've done this. You can add the green lines to your d3dx.ini which will dump txt files for each texture (######-ib=......txt): [CommandListHUD] if $dump_ui dump = deferred_ctx_accurate share_dupes ps-t0 mono dds analyse_options = deferred_ctx_accurate share_dupes dump_vb txt buf dump = deferred_ctx_accurate ps-t0 txt buf endif if !$hud_visible handling = skip endif These text files will tell you the first index number. This info gives a little bit more control but still not enough. They are also
  9. That's exactly the problem. If multiple textures share the same hash, you can't specify which one you want to replace. The english patch I made only replaces textures that have a unique hash.
  10. If you haven't already, make sure you have hunting enabled in your d3dx.ini (make sure it says ''hunting=2''): [Hunting] ; 0: Release mode is with shader hunting disabled, optimized for speed. ; 1: Hunting mode enabled ; 2: Hunting mode "soft disabled" - can be turned on via the toggle_hunting key hunting=2 Next you can start the game (or hit F10 to reload 3dmigoto) and press numpad0 to activate hunting mode (green text appears). Press ctrl+F8 until you see Frame Analysis Profile:UI in the lower left corner. Now you can hit F8 and all UI textures on the screen will be dumped
  11. Someone extracted all icons from the game files last october. Here are all the swimsuit icons from that batch: Swimsuit Icons.zip
  12. @Sladesamm Thank you for your detailed feedback! I know exactly what's causing the effect you are seeing. For the old version of the mod I transfered weights from the DOAXVV clean body to the BP breast model which wasn't always a great match and resulted in the indents you described. For this version I mixed the weights from the original (DOA5LR) BP models with the new breast models I made, which was a much better match and got rid of the indents. However, these weights also restrict the movement of the breasts somewhat: On the one hand I wanted to stay true to the Beach Paradis
  13. Hey all! I did a lot of work on the common body models. I redid all the weights and ported the missing boobs from Beach Paradise and I'm very happy with the results! It will take more time to do the same for the Marie and Honoka models, so I thought I'd give you this beta release to play around with in the meantime. One issue, which I also pointed out in the Basic Boobs mod post, is that the game uses some modifiers to give the girls unique breast sizes and as far as I know these modifiers cannot be edited using 3dmigoto. This effect is especially noticeable on Nagisa. We can kind
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