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  1. The mod yeah, it's compatible, but if you mean the "BP skin" then no, it just gives white nipples (actually in BP skins there's the optional texture that works with knight77 costumes, but it looks nothing like the glorious beach paradise, it looks just like HI-METAL skin). Anyway, i'd like to know if it's possible, with costume customizer, to set specific boobs for each girl, i mean: if i give ayane her own specific boobs, then when i switch to nyotengu (or any other girl) she will have ayane boobs aswell.
  2. As long as the console doesn't have the free-tiddies mods, the PC version is still the best nonetheless.
  3. Get 1.09BH through "unoffical" sources; steam have this policy that you can't stop the game from updating (it wasn't always like this, i remember that some years ago i could just choose not to update the game). it kinda sucks to be honest, i had to stop playing Attila Total war because the updates broke the mods everytime...
  4. hm... any1 can share 1.09bh .exe? or provide hash, to check what exes i got I just sent you a PM
  5. I asked for the same thing but they just ignore me Just select the "nude 1/10" detail for the nude skin, it's the one without tan lines: just go into character selection in arcade battles, select the nude skin, the 1/10 detail and then press ctrl+0.
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