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On 10/30/2020 at 12:54 AM, KuroKaze78 said:

@azndragon2222 - Not completely sure if this is your problem, but because all the BP versions are legacy, if you install a different one manually, be sure to re-run the update.bat in the CostumeCustomizer folder to regenerate the INI files to be compatible with CCv2.0+.

Running the update.bat file fixed it! thx!

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On 11/24/2020 at 8:29 AM, HI-METAL said:

Sayuri's hash has been changed in the November 24 maintenance.
Please rewrite the description of Menu.ini in the Costume Customizer.


hash = 12fe13aa
match_priority = 9
$slot_active = $configSayuriSlot
$\Mods\Costumes\CostumeCustomizer\Honoka.ini\characterActive = 3
$\Mods\Costumes\CostumeCustomizer\Honoka.ini\currentSlot = $configSayuriSlot



I'm not sure what I did wrong here. I replaced Sayuri's entry in Menu.ini in the CostumeCustomizer folder and this is my result.

DOAX_VV 2020-11-26 04-49-12.png

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Thank you!! The swimsuit skirt and chest are gone. However, Honoka doesn't have any change in breast size like the photo, and there is a problem with the skin texture. Other characters do well. When I run the game, I see several red texts saying honoka.ini error. Please help one more time. Thanks again!!



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After update to CostumeCustomizer_v2.0.6, some how the 0.8 version BP on Monica stop working, will there be a 0.8 version BP for Patty? As the common body in 0.8 is much more beautiful than 0.9 beta 


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Is here any one who can solve my problem? My bpboob cannot work on common body. Meanwhile, my tsukushi has joint on the leg and shoulder. I have used the update.bat or CCModPackUpdater20210120013658.png.85ee608667a31a1b0930ee6e871ffffd.png20210120013417.png.d1bb85355dd3f2a091df1c1df3f04918.png

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