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  1. @BlueKojiro - Probably missing the updates to the d3dx.ini for updated shader hashes. See the linked for more info:
  2. Made a bunch of progress on the next major feature enhancement. I've mentioned it before that I was looking into custom materials and being able to work out the differences between values in the ps-cb2 buffers that causes there some times needing to be 2 different version of Mod Packs between Steam and DMM. When this feature hits, that should enable modders to do just. So far, I've got the Shader modifications needed to do it, I've made an in-game editor/previewer for modders to play with the values to see how they look before they'll record them into the CCModPackGenerator tool. Right now, I
  3. @Geradness - The game seemingly has never actually relocated the bones on any of the suits and you'll notice even the ones they produce have slight deformation in the heels, however matching that result isn't too difficult. If it's borrowed from another suit in game, then I'd recommend using the original weights and just correcting the order as shoes only really have 2-3 vertex groups used so it's fairly quick to do that. Otherwise, your only other option is to do the weight paint yourself. It's not terribly too difficult. To ensure that weight paint matches between the legs and the shoes. Dup
  4. @sagraxxx - I'm pretty sure I seen others have a similar issue to this before but I'm not sure what they had to do to resolve it (if they even figured out how to resolve it). What's weird is the error code it mentions 0x80004002 which is a windows error code for "No Such Interface supported" on specifically the png file resources. As to why your system seemingly is failing to load png files, not really sure. Try seeing if you can open them in explorer from their respective folders. It may also go away with just a reboot if maybe a relevant driver or something was recently updated. I believe th
  5. @Geradness - It's not fully resolved, basically for some reason, on Intel Graphics, it seems like the caching of the ps-cb2 buffers doesn't work properly but I could possibly try a different approach to make a unified fix rather than disable ps-cb2 buffers in the stop-gap modified version. Especially with the new feature I'm working on that'll expand on how much you can change via ps-cb2 (and cs-t12 by extension, aka custom material parameters). I got a custom cs-t12 working yesterday and confirmed my theories from before. So, I now have a path forward to create an implementation to allow cust
  6. @hotNess16 - Double check you don't have a conflicting mod installed that also replaces the Takao suit like Knight77's RedHip mod. I think it's two body meshes that are slightly clipping between each other.
  7. This should be fixed if you update your d3dx.ini file. See the following post for more information:
  8. @SavageMoonBoy - Thanks for the edit, I'll include it in the next release and add credits. @HattoWW - That Honoka Chest mesh looks to be a custom one and not the common base that is typical, so it's an issue with that mod. That being said, they'll need to fuse the vertices to fix the hole and I think the one by the armpits is actually just improper handling of the seam (if its designed to work with other body meshes). If it is at the seam between the chest and the arms, then the directions to fix it are in the "Fixing seams on Body Meshes" section on the 3rd post.
  9. @jpl119 - Given that the body is missing and the original skirt is visible, you likely need to update your d3dx.ini file. See below: @HattoWW - Thx for the heads up, I suspect its likely just messed up the vertex normals causing the issue that need to be corrected.
  10. @85797506 - The older mod-packs need to be updated to work with v2.0+, be sure to run (re-run) "update.bat" after each mod install if installing manually to ensure the CC mod-packs are updated to match the CC Framework version. The Mod-Manager tool automatically runs the "update.bat" in the background, so there isn't a need to manually run update.bat if using the Mod-Manager tool.
  11. @shiN019, @potatomarshall, @viiugigii - On the set-ups that have the black clothes for everything, try out this modified version. I wouldn't consider this a fix, but it removes the feature that I believe is misbehaving to see it still works. That being said, I wouldn't recommend using this for anyone that doesn't have the problems they have described since you'll lose customized material effects and simple recolors. These should replace the main ini files in the CostumeCustomizer folder. Marie.ini Honoka.ini Common.ini
  12. @SHZYH - Update your d3dx.ini File. See the post here for more information: @shiN019 - There's been 2 others that have reported this issue. Only one of them have I gotten more detailed information. Are you using an integrated graphics card or atleast what is your hardware set-up (if you know). The other person who informed me of this mentioned that his exact mod-folder set-up is the same on his laptop and desktop and only his laptop w/ an integrated graphics had the problem while his desktop was fine. I suspect its a situation where the order of the shaders are different or how th
  13. @hotNess16 - If you want to update using ModManager w/ the vvmm_.zip file, just download the zip and place the entire zip file in the Mods/_zip folder. Then when you open ModManager, you'll have an entry in ".zip mod packs" which you should right click and select "Install" If it isn't showing the ".zip mod packs" entry make sure they are enabled in the "Options" Menu.
  14. @hotNess16 - Screenshots would help describe what you are seeing. Are you trying to use the online repository to update it, or did you download the vvmm_CostumeCustomizer_v2.0.6.zip and drop it in the "Mods/_zip" folder to update it? If the online repository, that's managed by Avenger, so I'm not sure how long till the new version is uploaded. @renchon - For the last 2 messages, you'll likely want to disable the mod folder at: Mods\Costumes\Recolors\doax3_swimsuits\Takao Just rename the Takao folder there to "DISABLED Takao" For the first error message, it doesn't
  15. Since no one mentioned any issues and HI-Metal already released a patch for BP Boobs, I'll assume the update for Lobelia went well. I packaged and released v2.0.6 for official Lobelia support. See the post above for skin texture mods if you still need them. https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/7305-costume-customizer-framework-mod-v206-12262020/
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