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  1. @SavageMoonBoy - So, I actually fixed the Scorpion release you pushed out previously and saw your release post about the custom body so I figured you were intentional with it not being compatible, so I didn't message you about it. Anyhow, here's how i fixed it: NOTE: Do this after you adjust the weight paint / vertex groups to be compatible. Import the body meshes involving the seams (legs and torso) from the mod. Import the base CC shared chest mesh (CostumeCustomizer/shared/Common_Chest.vb) Select the custom torso mesh Switch to Edit Mode Select all the vertices along the leg seam Add a new Vertex Group Assign the selected vertices to the new vertex group Ensure the Common_Chest is visible Switch to Object Mode Add a Shrinkwrap Modifier to the custom torso with the following settings Hit "Apply" for the modifier Add a DataTransfer Modifier to the custom torso with the following settings Hit "Apply" Add a DataTransfer Modifier to the custom torso with the following settings Hit "Generate Data Layers" Hit "Apply" Remove the "Group" Vertex Group that was added to the custom torso Switch to Weight Paint Mode Normalize All Repeat Steps 3-19 for the custom leg mesh (it's fine to import the data from the Common_Chest mesh for the legs because the position, vertex groups and normals are expected to match at the seams) Export the meshes. This should all be fine as long as they are "close enough" and have the same vertex count for the seams (pretty typical) since it should blend with the surrounding vertices for the legs/torso. The way this works is the new vertex group that was temporarily added acts as a boundary to only apply the modifiers on the vertices that are a part of the vertex group (the seams). The shrinkwrap modifier w/ Mode "Nearest Vertex" snaps the vertices to the same location as the vertices on the base mesh. The Data Transfer Modifier for Face Corner Data - Custom Normals matches the normals (which ends up affecting the shading applied) from the base mesh since the vertices match exactly. The Data Transfer Modifier for Vertex Data - Vertex Groups matches the weight paint for the matching vertex groups and "Generate Data Layers" ensures all of the vertex groups present in the source end up on the destination mesh. One last thing that may be more suitable that I haven't yet needed to try would be to also include "UVs" in addition to Custom Normals during the data transfer. I haven't been able to notice any seams in the UVs however its also possible that with the newer higher resolution skin textures modders are starting to create there may be a discernible difference so this may be needed as well. I'll update the "Seam Fix" tutorial in the 2nd post to use this more descriptive set rather than the older directions that only really matched the normals.
  2. @WhiteFlagge - The value of r4.w is basically a flat addition to the current tan level where it will raise the minimum tan level (and also the maximum tan level). The tan level is normally a value between 0-1 for a given point on the skin, with the r4.w set to 0.5, the tan level is now going to be between 0.5-1.5. The higher the number, the darker the tan. For the tan colors of the other girls; originally when I did this I didn't know as much so I believe I actually guessed them and did trial and error with forcing the output to a certain value if i didn't get it within a small enough region and repeated until i got 2 decimal points. Now, looking at it, it should be easy enough to just add exporting the ps-cb0 for the CommandListSkin and looking at buf[4].xyz d3dx.ini modification - Add the orange text [CommandListSkin] $shader_type = 2 if $dump_skin_clothes ; Dump body texture: dump = deferred_ctx_accurate share_dupes ps-t0 mono dds ; Dump tan texture: dump = deferred_ctx_accurate share_dupes ps-t3 mono dds ; Dump mesh: analyse_options = deferred_ctx_accurate share_dupes dump_vb txt buf ; Dump skinning matrices: dump = deferred_ctx_accurate vs-cb2 txt buf ; Dump Skin parameters dump = deferred_ctx_accurate ps-cb0 txt endif if $costume_mods && (!frame_analysis || $dump_modded_meshes) ; Enable body texture replacement by texture hash: checktextureoverride = ps-t0 ; Enable mesh replacement by either vertex or indexbuffer hash, must be done ; after texture replacements, because this will replace the draw call: checktextureoverride = vb0 checktextureoverride = ib endif I used NyoTengu at the time because it seemed most appropriate at the time. Some of the characters' Tan colors have too much Red or Blue in them and when exaggerated to 1.5x or 2x it no longer looks like any skin color.
  3. @HattoWW - It isn't really CC specific or anything, it was a quick edit I did to enable darker tans. It's not the most robust and may not look all that great for all characters (especially at max tan level), but its easy enough to play around with to try and find a tan color you like. To use it, just drop it in your ShaderFixes folder and press F10 (or restart the game). If you want to adjust the color values, edit the following lines and then reload: // SkinSuntanColor override (currently NyoTengu's color for all girls) r4.xyz = float3(0.32, 0.38, 0.4); // Flat Tan Darkening r4.w = 0.5;
  4. @B.M.C - Here's an updated one for the newer Skin Shader that changed back last month, I made the exact same changes as before so it should function the same. d4490acbf65bd5e3-ps_replace.txt @Maasim - At a minimum its definitely the weights. If you transferred the weights based on nearest vertex for the emblem, it likely borrowed the weights of the vertices in the breasts which will deform along with how the breasts move. It likely should be more heavily weights on the weight paint for the chest vertex group shown below, however if the emblem is too big, it might clip into the breasts if there is no influence on the emblem for the breast vertex groups.
  5. @etsorhtt - The skin shader and the tanning shader both use the the tan mask textures, but for different channels. The body/skin shaders only look at the Green and Blue channels of the texture file while the tanning shader looks at the Red Channel. This means both shaders use the same texture file (and hash), however the skin/body shader puts the texture in the ps-t3 slot while the tanning shader put the texture in the ps-t1 slot. If a TextureOverride is used to match the this tan mask texture file, it would have to know when to properly replace ps-t1 or ps-t3 depending on which shader is currently drawing. Initially that was all that was known and available so the tan mods always replaced I think ps-t1 everytime (I don't exactly remember because I've long since fixed my copies), combine this assumption with the fact that the game only reloads a texture if thinks it needs to and you can easily get replaced resources spilling into other render calls. The moral of the story is if you want to match and replace texture files individually, use the "this" keyword as it'll correlate to whichever resource slot matched the hash. If ps-t1 had the match, "this" will correspond to ps-t1. If ps-t3 had the match, "this" will correspond to ps-t3. If you are matching a ib/vb0 hash, you must use ps-t# which is fine in those cases (NOTE: "this" might correspond to the ib or vb0 in this case. I'm not sure, but generally isn't as helpful compared to when matching texture hashes) ; Bad Practice [TextureOverrideBadTextureReplacement] ; Hash of Original Texture DDS hash=12345678 ps-t1 = ResourceCustomTexture ; Recommended [TextureOverrideRecommendedReplacement] ; Hash of Original Texture DDS hash=12345678 this = ResourceCustomTexture
  6. @Gugligo - That's likely an older custom Tan mod which were known to cause problems if they replaced "ps-t1" or "ps-t3" directly instead of the newer keyword "this" when matching texture hashes. The pink texture is definitely a "tan" mask texture file so check what's in Mods/Tan and try disabling them.
  7. @daisen - Press the same hotkey for the category you want to changes pages. backtick ( ` ) - To switch to presets and cycle through the preset pages CTRL + (1-9, 0) - To switch to individual categories and cycle through their respective pages.
  8. Pushed out a minor revision 1.9.6 that should correct the issues managing CostumeCustomizer in Mod Manager for the default Steam install path or other directories that included spaces and/or parentheses.
  9. @Youdon't There is some special handling for CostumeCustomizer updates in MM, but I'm not aware of specifically how avenger implemented it and maybe there was a miss on supporting first time installation of it using the manager. @yayaman78 Anyhow, manual install from scratch is pretty painless, download the "CostumeCustomizer_v1.9.5.zip" and extract it at the root of your DOAXVV Game directory (<Drive>:Steam\steamapps\common\DOAX-VenusVacation" from the look of your screenshot). You can relaunch Mod Manager afterwards to grab mod-packs and things afterwards.
  10. Updated Costume Customizer to version 1.9.5 1.9.6. Functionality updates include native support for Patty and Mod Manager integration. -- Thanks etsorhtt for the new logo graphic for Costume Customizer. Use the vvmm_CostumeCustomizer_v1.9.6.zip if you use Mod Manager. Ideally it should be updated in the online db, It's been uploaded to the online db, but you can also install it via the local _zip folder. Drop the vvmm_CostumeCustomizer_v1.9.6.zip into your Mods/_zip folder. Launch Mod Manager. Enable from the menu: Zip > Show .zip mod packs Expand ".zip mod packs" Right-Click CostumeCustomizer_v1.9.6.zip and select "Install" Also, for the time being drop this into the same folder as the CCModPackGenerator to enable custom Patty skin support if you need it. CCModPackGenerator.exe.config FYI, looks like a bit more attention needs to be made into the new update script I included in CostumeCustomizer to support a wider variation of paths the game is installed in, if you have problems updating using the ModManager compatibile zip, please use the manual patches like before for the time being. Updated to v1.9.6 to fix the issues with using the default steam path and should cover other paths with spaces and parentheses for Mod-Manager and running the included update.bat in general.
  11. @mylori, @funtcase, @Tinapay27 - There are likely too many variations possible for these kind of issues and you're going to have to isolate which mod is causing the problems yourselves. The easiest way is to pull out half of your mods (or disable them) and reload and see if the issue is still present. If the issue goes away put half of what you took out back, if the issue was still present you probably can put what you took out back and take out half of what you had left from before. You'll have to repeat this until you've narrowed it down to where someone or myself can attempt to investigate why that mod is misbehaving.
  12. Sorry for the mini updates, but a few more shader's were added that were never in the base d3dx.ini. This last update was to add the Fingernail shader identified in the directions for using Swimsuit Swapper. It's Steam and latest DMM shader hashes have now been added. For those of you getting warnings, it's because many of the additional identified shaders over the last 12-18 months have been added in various ways. If they were embedded in INI files they are likely now duplicated in the base d3dx.ini so that multiple mods don't have to worry if you already have support for that shader or not. The easiest way to resolve the warning is to either remove the older [ShaderOverride...] section from the mods displayed in the warnings or add the following orange text to the offending ShaderOverride in the mod: [ShaderOverride...] hash = ... allow_duplicate_hash=overrule ... @LLLOVERS - That generally happens if you have non standard characters in one of your INI files. If you directly copied and pasted from these forums, you may have an embedded non-printable character copied along with it, so generally its best to retype what's listed to be safe. If you remember what you copy/pasted, you can open it in a text editor and slowly move the text cursor through character by character (like pressing the Right arrow key) and if it takes 2 arrow keys to move 1 character, then you found your non-printable character and delete the extra non-printable character. The only other option is using a more sophisticated text-editor that can print out the non-printable characters. Another possibility is that the file is encoded in a different character set, which you may be able to resolve by just opening in Notepad and save as with specifying the encoding to either UTF-8 or ANSI.
  13. @ichiki111 @avenger54 - It looks like its isolated to that one specific expression for Marie, it shows that way in Steam as well, so it's not something that's been caused by all the shader updates in DMM.
  14. @HurtJuice - Its a bit tricky to do that but achievable as I do that in CostumeCustomizer. It involves matching the skin texture hash to identify that Marie's skin is the one being loaded but not replacing anything and then match the specific suit's body hash afterwards to delay replacing the skin texture. If you are working on a INI mod, you can PM me and I can help you work it out.
  15. @bobrealize - If you want to stop the error messages add the follow highlighted lines to Mods\Costumes\knight_77_SSR_Event_SecretBathTime (AllGirls)\nDISABLED SSR_Event_SecretBathTime_Change.ini (FYI, its at the bottom) ;Soap [ShaderOverrideSoap01_PS] ; SecretBathTime Soap hash = 9dc65b3b28b6f02d allow_duplicate_hash=overrule handling = skip [ShaderOverrideSoap02_PS] ; SecretBathTime Soap hash = f235ea841e8674d8 allow_duplicate_hash=overrule handling = skip Note: these are the old hashes, so only those are clashing, and the new shaders aren't flagged to always skip like before. I'd be hestitant to do it because it can have affect more than just the event suit it was designed for but your choice. You can also add the following afterwards to add the new shaders and have the new ones be skipped entirely as well. [ShaderOverrideSoap01_PS-20200610] hash = 532bf5f5b6377205 allow_duplicate_hash=overrule handling = skip [ShaderOverrideSoap02_PS-20200610] hash = 1455a221f955fa05 allow_duplicate_hash=overrule handling = skip @starash - Forgot that the original base d3dx.ini didn't check ib/vb0 hashes because at the time there weren't really any hair mesh mods, so I'll add that in to the base to support mesh updates. @sesefi40 - It looks like you 2 variations of a mod active at the same time. If the Mod folder included multiple ini files for different versions, you are probably only intended to have one active at a time. Alternatively, you have 2 mods for the same suit active at the same time. One of them looks like Knight77's SSR_Event_Peace (Ayane_Helena) and I recognize the other but I don't know the name for the exaggerated nipple bumps. Updated base d3dx.ini for hair mesh replacements rather than just texture replacements.
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