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  1. @hotNess16 CC and any other mod with persistent settings are kept by using F10 to reload which also saves those persistent settings.
  2. @krunkDunk - That's just going to happen regarding the numbers. 3DMigoto and shaders in general use floats which are impossible to keep clean and I'm using a borrowed function that was already present in 3DMigoto to not have to write my own print float function. I could look into altering the print float function to see if I could introduce a type of rounding at .01 but I'm not sure its worth the time until post release. I may look into a stop-gap that I'll round on update if the number falls between -0.005 or 0.005 to set to 0 explicitly. The number you have is just a number just barely off 0
  3. K, should be done with all of the Shader related work. Didn't realizer earlier, but the compute shader stuff (and in that regard the custom materials) don't affect the alpha-blended meshes at all since they don't use the compute shader to deal with materials and use the other parameters available in the ps-cb2 buffer directly. Many of the shaders that do use the compute shader just ignore the values in the ps-cb2 and insead use the material array values in cs-t12 (which is what custom materials addresses). Therefore, as a result, I made a compromise that for the Material Editor in-game modific
  4. @fai20080128 - Make sure your shadow settings (for 3DMigoto) are set to "Mod Shadows: On", use Shift+F2 to cycle between the settings.
  5. @tantrave - Ya, I should likely separate the caches between the different textures since you rarely ever use T0 textures for T2. That will cut it down a bit, I can look at adding a limit so it only tracks like the most recent X selections (like 10-20). I'll look into other optimizations and best practices as there may be performance gotchas using BindingList<T> and ComboBoxes like I'm doing in the code.
  6. @hotNess16 - In case you didn't make sure you disabled/removed the entire RedHip mod folder and not just one of the ini files, same goes for the second CostumeCustomizer folder. Just in case, you can search for conflicts on the common body with: "contents: 5ebf5088" and marie rose body with "contents: 24115333"
  7. @hotNess16 - You've got CostumeCustomizer installed twice, <GameFolder>/Mods/Costumes/CostumeCustomizer is the correct installation path. Any other location/copy should be disabled/removed.
  8. @hotNess16 - From that, its definitely another mod affecting the Takao body mesh. Navigate in explorer to your DOAXVV Game folder > Mods and search for "contents: 729a92f8". Ideally there should be only 2 files found both from CostumeCustomizer (Menu.ini and the main Honoka.ini), if you have any additional hits then that is your conflict. Let me know what you find.
  9. @hotNess16 - seeing your post in the other topic, I think your issue is conflicting mods. Make sure you dont have knight's Red Hip mod or Teddy's Takao mod if you want to use CostumeCustomizer (which is needed for BP Boobs). If that isnt the issue, a screenshot or too will help identify the issue.
  10. @hotNess16 - You can definitely have Takao on multiple girls at once. The bug, was that Nanami's skin texture was being affected by the last character that also used Takao which isn't supposed to happen. The "issue" isn't as much of an issue as "BP Boobs" uses custom UV-mapping and as a result requires custom skins textures specific to BP Boobs, so everytime a new character comes out, someone would need to create a compatible texture file to use BP Boobs with that new character. A few have noticed here that Nanami's skin texture is fairly close to Hitomi's where if you can live with the seam o
  11. That is actually a bug because I haven't added support for nanami until just now in CC v2.1. However now a custom skin can be assigned to Nanami or in the short-term the mod-pack can be altered to re-use Hitomi's custom skin for Nanami without relying on the "bug".
  12. Version 2.1 is released. It has official support for Nanami and now supports 240 mod-packs. For the time being, you will need to manually install mod-packs into 97-240 folders as the ModManager doesn't yet expect the new mod-pack folders. Update file for CCModPackGenerator tool for assigning custom skins for all available characters up to Nanami. Just replace the file in the same folder as your copy of CCModPackGenerator.exe. CCModPackGenerator.exe.config
  13. Since a new girl got released in DMM (Nanami), I'll try and release a quick patch w/ support for her in a couple of days and possibly the 240 mod-pack slot update if I can get it done in time. The material stuff still isn't ready but I'm sure I'll get a bunch of bug reports if I let it go on too long w/o support for a given girl.
  14. @w4865686 - While that would likely work on a custom mod, it would be far more involved to modify CC that way. It's actually more simple than that with CC anyways. Just make sure you use Alpha meshes in the CC Mod Pack Generator for what you want transparent. This will use the texture for how transparent though so you'll have to add/modify the alpha channel.
  15. @SenpaiOfSpades - Not really, modding in the game is heavily tied to the suit being replaced. It just happens Takao/Dewa are the same mesh with different textures to determine the difference between the two. If they release a 3rd texture variant of it (and don't mesh with the mesh) then I could add a 3rd slot. @571244460 - I've been on a work trip for the past week and still a week to go and it's too cumbersome to try and work on it remotely. I've been upating the last post I made about it regarding what I have left. Once I get the toggles working for previewing, I'll release the i
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