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Fallout 76 announcement? (Bethesda Live Stream)

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Bethesda just started up a live stream... people are saying 'New Vegas 2', 'Remake of Fo3' and other wild speculation is going on.


Dutch news sites are saying Bethesda *will* announce a new 'Fallout', sorry, could only find a dutch source so far..



Live stream is here, I'm waiting for the announcement to start... let's hope it's not a dud!:


(edit: Fallout 76 is a thing.)



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I'm actually hoping for a Fallout 5, just get on with it. :)

What I'd really like is a Fallout in South America.. going through the abandoned favella's....


Looks like we're coming up on another 'whole hour' in 7 minutes, so I hope the stream starts by then. Viewers climbed from 50k to 75k while I was watching.

If this is a creation club announcement I will be very disappointed after all that fuss..


(edit) 88k viewers now, still nothing but the waiting screen.


Still nothing.. stream went out for a bit, now it's back...

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Well time for 'it just works' guy to come back and tell us about something Fallout related thats being streamed on Twitch.



Going to assume its FO4 Switch Edition, FO3 Remastered, or another mobile game. Highly doubt after only 3 years we'd get a new main Fallout game. Especially since their old engine proved it was time to put it down. Must have been working hard to create a new one if its another major Fallout game in under 3 years.

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I don't know where, but I remember seeing a confirmed post about fallout 3 getting a Switch port.
I think it was a stream from Nintendo that confirmed it.

Just checked, all things related to that stream is either deleted or hidden atm

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zero expectations zero disappointments. plus they keep dicking around didn't even post a time anywhere. i fully expect to be very annoyed after this.


fallout ar for ios, turn your bedroom into a vault. 

a fallout card game

fallout 3 vr


if its fo3 remastered wonder what the chances are that the geck will be an actual modern ck.


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8 minutes ago, Ernest Lemmingway said:

I don't know whether or laugh or cry at those numbers. Dollars to donuts says this "stream" is as bogus as a Pres. Chump's tan.

3+ hours in, I'm getting the same feeling. People are reporting the stream, because technically, this goes against Twitch EULA. But Bethesda being who they are... they'd get away with just shutting down the stream and having a good laugh.


I'm hoping that won't be it though, and something awesome will be announced.

They're ate 145k viewers now, b.t.w.

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10 minutes ago, winny257 said:

strange, I see on this video nothing at all. ?
Command back, I see the fallout man he holds his thumb up and that was it!
is it possible that this video was blocked? :classic_laugh:

No this is the stream.

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Fallrim: Fallout comes to Skyrim! The way Fallout was meant to be played: in Skyrim!


- new and improved settlement building: they're all pre-built to save you the bother!

- we got rid of guns - guns are bad, m'kay - and introduced curved swords. Curved. Swords. (!!)

- we added something or other about dragons, dragons being way cooler than deathclaws, right? Right?

- wastelands are dreary places, so we have a map with plenty of lush vegetation instead of forgotten teddy bears and eerie abandoned playgrounds. Saving you a small fortune in anti-depression meds - just looking out for you and your world view! (And making sure you have the dough for Fallrim VRSwitchGameBoyInSpace that we'll sick on you at an undisclosed moment in the near future, complete with the ability to buy mods that aren't really mods at all, which gives us the incentive to make modding these games ever more difficult! We know which way our bread is buttered, we have entire teams to figure that out.)

- radiation and FEV are no longer used as the explanation for everything: we replaced it with *magic* instead, which is much more understandable than trying to remember how and from where FEV got released and what its effects are. We know it's impossible to keep that straight, we never managed ourselves!

- we powered down all armor, so there's no longer any need for fusion cores and you can traipse along the lush wastes of Fallrim in armor all day long

- settlements no longer need your help: we got a bit of lip about that so decided to axe the need for you to criss-cross the map to single-handedly keep everybody afloat. Just do as you're told when you're told, like killing -random threat- in -random location- or bringing -random number- of -random item- to -random quest giver-. There's limitless content for you, and that's not even mentioning the awesome main quest that you can finish in every single way we pre-determined for you. Forget about water chips, gecks and creepy institutes: join a thieves guild that doesn't steal anything, or be the deciding factor in a civil war that never ends!

- Did we mention awesome main quest? Yes indeedy do. Who cares about the main quests in Fallout: they all leave you feeling like no particular route is perfect, everything is grey, no faction deserves your support... How about saving the world from an ancient threat that's going to devour all living things? Be a non-reluctant hero for a change! Save the day and get the girl! Which girl? Any girl. One's as good as another. Give her some cheap trinket and she'll marry you on the spot, because skyrim women have no standards! You can raise kids with her too (but not make any ofc, that'd kill our ESRB rating, don't be a perv, we know what you're up to over there).

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Are people watching this?


When it came up a couple hours ago, the announcement where I saw it said it was most likely just a teaser for an E3 announcement.   which is not till June 10.     I can see them saying that this is what it is, something like they never expected people to be watching it, if twitch says anything to them.

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