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  1. I´d love to see that, too! Please, let it happen! 😁
  2. Hey everybody! Is there still some kind of "collection", where we can find the latest working links and downloads? Or is the "Mod Index" from Xpyke dated back to 2019 still working? Or do we have to scroll back through this entire thread? Thanks
  3. Don´t want to hurt or haress anyone... just want to be a little sarcastic... So bois?!? You all promised me, this game is gonna kick skyrims ass in lewd modding! You all told me, this is the new messiah of sex mods! And you all told me, the modding tools here will change the game! So what? Any progress made, so far?
  4. First one? Nintendo Gameboy with Tetris. First "good" one?
  5. Hey everybody! I just bought FF15 steam edition. After I´ve checked quite everything on the steam workshop and on nexus, I´m a bit disappointed. No nudity??? no naughtyness??? Oh come on folksm you got to help me outa here! 😉 There must be some adult stuff, somewhere!?!? Many Thanks Duke
  6. ...so? I´m just curious; all you guys here promised me some "over-the-top" sex mods. How far is it done? I can´t find anything more adult then a nude mod from last year. Neither here, nor at Nexusmods.
  7. Looks all fine for me; what´s your browser? I´m on opera... Maybe there´s the flaw?
  8. Second thing it can´t do, is magically add billions of fans and millions of skilled modders.
  9. So? And how many explicit adult mods do have already?
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