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  1. I'm making some stuff on my own, and I have to see what I have to do in my modelling program to make the plugs move nicely with the body, so don't have time now. I can try and find some time tomorrow.
  2. Sweet, didn't even think about mod resources! I've used the red apple model from the resource pack, is way better quality. Enjoy AppleGag.zip
  3. Since I'm learning to make my own custom models, mostly gags, I gave it a go using Skyrim's default apple model. This is what it looks like Some notes As they are gags, they require Devious Devices and it's requirements to make sure the mouth is open when gagged. Also, the apple is using DD's locking mechanism, but I didn't make any custom messages, so the message boxes don't make much sense As I said, it uses Skyrim's apple model, which is pretty low-poly. I'm sure it can be a reason to NOT use it, as it's pretty botched in my opinion. I tried to go for the look in the image you gave, so that the apple protrudes out the mouth, but it just didn't work out with the model I had. The item is called "Apple (gag)" and u have to use the console to get it. AppleGag.zip
  4. _SpaceHamster_

    Post your sex screenshots pt. 2

    No bartender? Where did he-
  5. _SpaceHamster_

    How can I delete it?

    This happens to me when I keep my crosshair on something when a sex scene is about to start. I just look in the air or somewhere where there are no activators and let the scene proceed, so that should fix it
  6. _SpaceHamster_

    BakaFactory's SLAL Animation

    YIKES, I just noticed I'm still running XMPSE 3.90, which is nearly 2 years old But even though my skeleton is super outdated, it shouldn't be the problem, since everything else in the game, from SLAL packs to HDT and everything else related to skeletons, works perfectly fine with no issue. I disabled the mod the moment I saw the fps problems, so maybe it was a one time issue? I'll restart my pc when I'm done for the day and see if that'll do something.
  7. _SpaceHamster_

    BakaFactory's SLAL Animation

    I have XPMSE. I have around 12 SLAL packs I think? It's just a little strange that it only happens with this pack I'll disable some packs and only use this one and see if somewhat gets fixed for some reason.
  8. _SpaceHamster_

    BakaFactory's SLAL Animation

    I was about to say ^^ No point in letting us download a text file with the download link if u can literally upload it here. Animations work fine, but for some reason when I select a new animation, the game lags insanely (5-10 fps) for a few seconds and goes back to normal. Does anyone else have this issue?
  9. _SpaceHamster_

    Deviously Enslaved Continued [2018-7-22]

    For some reason, it just started happening, whenever I am gagged and my follower found an item, the found item dialogue doesn't appear. Instead, it's still the same dialogue options when you are, well, gagged. "MMmmmm ~<3" and "mmmmm (struggle)" I'm sure that it always prioritized the found item dialogue, and now it suddenly doesn't anymore. Any ideas why this would happen?
  10. _SpaceHamster_

    When did you discover Loverslab?

    5 Years ago. Apparently my first post was about complaining that a mod only gave dogs dicks, but not other animals. Huh
  11. And I thought my install was huge
  12. _SpaceHamster_

    SH's bound animations SLAL pack

    The animations contain all the correct tags (horse animation has tag "horse") So if have sexual animation with horse, it shows up. But not in your case apparently. All I can think of is u should go in the SLAL settings and reload and reapply .json settings.
  13. I made some slight edits and it should be a little better. But I tried it in my game, and I can also so some parts that aren't completely transparent. I assume this is just how the game renders transparent items, so I don't really know how to fix that Cuffs.rar
  14. This should work. No meshes edited, just the textures and texture paths. Textures are included with the right path, filenames are changed so maybe that other items that use the same texture will stay the same. I did keep the brownish things the rings are attached on though, did you want those gone as well? cuffs.rar
  15. Since the rings are obvious metal textures, what I like to do is make the textures of the rings transparent. So the rings are still there, but are invisible. The bad things is, that with these cuffs, these textures are shared with the metal parts on the band as well, so they will be gone too. If you don't mind this, I'm working on this and should be done in like, what, 30 minutes? EDIT: Wait, textures of metal parts on bands aren't gone, im stupid.