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  1. _SpaceHamster_

    Post your sex screenshots pt. 2

    I get what you're saying, but... why do you have to bring this up? He just said it's private work and you're here trying to stir up an argument that would probably cause 2 pages of useless discussion that doesn't belong in this thread. Keep this to yourself or make a seperate thread.
  2. _SpaceHamster_

    Post your sex screenshots pt. 2

    What komotor said. Don't expect all of the mods used in screenshots to be publicly available.
  3. _SpaceHamster_

    Post your sex screenshots pt. 2

    After seeing this idle, I had to join the bandwagon
  4. Has there been any word yet about potential bodyslide for the petsuit? Right now, it severely clips inside my chars thighs and I'm slowly starting to crave a bodyslide for it.
  5. Haven't seen too many things yet, so here's a little preview of something I might work on. And ye, I agree on having animators adding the MovingDick tag in case it uses this. I for sure have done this already with this.
  6. Running the latest version, I'm still having the issue were all rules are removed after waking up from sleep. I've read that MrEsturk figured this out and an edit in the source code fixed the issue. How can I do this myself?
  7. I enjoyed every part of the Chloe quest, and am glad to hear you're working on more and longer content
  8. Try equipping it again but manipulate the locks when asked. Unequip it while running and stuff and it should fix it (for me it works).
  9. On my end, the genitalia can only be deformed by rotating. Yours looks like it can be scaled as well. Am I missing something?
  10. This looks REALLY good. If done properly, it completely eliminates any clipping that would happen. Hell, if you have plans on doing horse cocks, and released, I would love to try and make a new animation using it. EDIT: just noticed you already added horse cocks. I'll try and find some free time and start fiddling around with it.
  11. _SpaceHamster_

    Devious Lore 1.03

    Simple mod and I really enjoy it. Always fun to spice up gameplay by being bound randomly. Any planned updates?
  12. I'm not sure about a console command, but I see in the script source code the number is literally there, so if you can compile it, it should work.
  13. Is there a way to completely disable the automatic lockpicking of the collar? I just freed myself while wearing an elbowbinder The settings in the MCM "Dominant Follower" section won't help. I made everything 0, yet I still manage to free myself. EDIT: At this point I'm not sure if this is intended. Maybe it has to do with me using MrEsturk's XDFF follower mod? Does this happen with anyone else?
  14. Bug report My XDFF dom swaps out some restraints from time to time, but the name of them don't show in the top left message Also, my character automatically tries to unlock her strict slave collar. Is there are reason why it's done automatically?
  15. _SpaceHamster_

    Devious Devices Framework Development/Beta

    I want to suggest a change / rework of the DD hider system. I don't know how difficult this would be, but I'd love to see a way to make DD hider options change depending on what armor you wear. Lets say you have a corset and a chastity belt. Wearing a dress would hide these, and DD hider works like it should in this situation. However, if I would wear a bra armor thing that uses bodyslot 32, the corset and chastity belt would hide, which is kinda weird. Suggestion: I'd say to rework the MCM so the game detects what items you are wearing. These items can show up in the MCM. You click one of the items, and you can go to another page with said item selected and tick all slots you want to hide or not. Another way to approach this is maybe add keywords for all bodyslots (30-61), and name them something like, zad_hideSlot31? You can apply these keywords to all armors. If you have an item thats just a bra, but it uses bodyslot 31, I would make it so it hides slot 46 and 56, the Chastity Belt and Bra. Again, no clue how feasible this is or how much of a mess 30 extra keywords will give.