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  1. Fast food employees. They treat you like shit, they demand $15 an hour, they spit, jizz, and shit on your food. Fuck up your orders. Take forever. Put everything together very sloppy. Yet cry THEY are the victims. Bitch! You don't deserve a mother fucking penny till you do your job right! 😎 Sadly to say that fact would result in Cancel Culture coming right for you like a freight train. Feelings > Facts has become the norm thanks to Millennials and their 'culture'. 🤮
  2. A Panam ass a day helps keep the doctor away.
  3. The site runs buttery smooth for once. Hope it lasts.
  4. So what scenes are not available right now that are in the options menu to toggle?
  5. They lied about a Creation Kit for TW3. Don't get hyped. ------------------------- This game is going to need a No Man's Sky recovery times a million to truly recover from such a disaster its been and still is of a game.
  6. They have a patreon so no its not out of his own pockets. Also its been the norm for a few years now for the site to tank like this. Once in a while it works normal but the slowdowns are too common. Hardly anyone online too.
  7. Been slow for 1-2 years now only getting worse. Tired of 2-5 minute loading to access anything on here. Thankfully there are more adult sites to go to today. But not everything is available on them.
  8. Not getting that just dial up speed loading. This site has gotten worse over the year.
  9. If we could create dupe NPCs and replace their models we could have endless joytoy possibilities via model swaps. But doubtful such a thing could happen.
  10. Hoping for model swaps with the 4 joytoys in the game. Like in TW3 so we can bang more wahmen. Especially those who wanted Judy for example till they got cock blocked by CDPR's lazy romance design of only 1 per gender/orientation gimmick. Someone replace the chick joytoy with the THICC black women! 😍
  11. Butt are spazzing out and deforming. Also make sure to edit the file folks otherwise you'll end up with tribal sagging tits. Unless that's your thing.
  12. Going to try the new version the last one you posted male butts still deformed, breasts were torpedoes, and female butts look to start deforming. Around the tail bone? area.
  13. Reddit post showing all the lies and cut content is baffling.
  14. A mod where we can bang anyone would be great. The animations are there. The nudity is there. We just need a script that has a hotkey assigned and depending on the actors involved which animations can play. That way we can finally have more sex options. The default are a fucking joke they bragged about mocap animations and all the options we would have and that depending on character body, genitals, and voice would determine who we could bang. Basically was all lies. We got nothing, its Mass Effect 1/Dragon Age 2/The Witcher 2 lackluster options here! One gay, one lesbian, one bi woman, one st
  15. Did Noir add condoms for their penises yet? I remember they didn't have a mesh working for it only WW penises could use condoms visually.
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