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  1. Femboy sex dolls need to be more common.
  2. Hey guys update, forgot to check on this. Its still there but I'm fine with it. Got used to it.
  3. So when they give us these tools we can make models/skins/animations? So a sex mod will be possible?
  4. it hurts when eating on that spot. stings like a mofo with hot sauce. can't eat buffalo wings.
  5. More grind and less mad air cowgirl animations. Not everyone has the lower body strength of Chyna nor do all like the idea of women flying off their laps like its motorcross or something.
  6. Johnny Depp is a prime example as to why we need men's right groups, shelters, and #MGTOW more than ever.
  7. The best part of feminism today, is they're eating their own. Now its all about trans vs women and anyone who doesn't conform is a bigot. They went from attacking men to now trans and their fellow feminists. 😄
  8. Yeah can't no insurance, no money, and covid restrictions. USA! USA! USA! #1 country because Tim Mcgraw said so yee haw! But in all seriousness I don't remember anything being burning hot. But I did sleep with my mouth open occasionally. Could that be a problem? I tend to wake up with drool on my pillow and a dry mouth.
  9. Like the left side is weird feeling, it hurts when pressure is put onto it. Eating is a pain. I can't taste anything on that side too. I tried looking in the mirror but nothing was visible to my bad eye sight. A couple days ago I couldn't taste anything until it was swallowed. Only the back of my tongue had taste. Then it stopped and only the left side is messing up now. Its been like this for 2-3 days. I try to be careful when brushing and am avoiding things like hot sauce. But still.....should I be worried?
  10. So is the hope to do what they did with MUGEN where they replace battle sprites with sex ones?
  11. Got it going to see if I need to update my GPU and play with some more graphical settings.
  12. I don't have a VGA cord? I use HDMI. So I need to get a new PSU?
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