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  1. Darkening Demise

    BETTER BODY - May 13 Feet update

    This version of BB doesn't work with newest WW folks. Your bodies will be using Turbo's low quality versions instead until BB gets updated. Then in game select it in the body selector.
  2. Darkening Demise

    The Sims 4-Post Your Adult Goodies (Screens, vids, etc.)

    My daughter decided she wanted to become a star. When moving in the girl from the trailers lives across the street. We met up again after the welcome wagon came to my house. There we got to know each other a bit better. Maybe just friends experimenting or maybe friends with benefits or a blossoming relationship in there. For now though we had public sex while everyone was distracted by other famous people. Also the first person view is flawed but fun with Wicked Whims not all animations are great though avoid anything that has the head moving around. We need a smoothness control for the FP mode so badly otherwise. Too shaky like ARMA series of games. At least no crazy motion blur. Right click to select things behind walls/doors. Scroll for FOV.
  3. Darkening Demise


    Another year older another year closer to death. The only way I would celebrate such a despicable day is for another such as family. I'll tell them happy birthday and be there for them but that's it. Ain't singing ain't buying them anything as materialism is what kills anything meaningful like Christmas used to be beloved now its all about buying the latest Iphone or 4K otherwise your wife leaves you for a 'better provider'.
  4. Darkening Demise

    Mods not working after the patch update

    Turns out even with Get Famous installed Sims still age. DO NOT ENTER CREATE A SIM! https://twitter.com/luthsthings/status/1063110684957966336
  5. Darkening Demise

    November Update

    So apparently a lot of users are reporting problems involving hair, beards, and eyebrows not being able to change the color. Maxis changed things up and are looking into it after being reported by S4S devs. A supposed fix can be found here: http://sims4studio.com/thread/15291/sims-latest-patch-broken-swatches?page=3
  6. Any plans for more vehicle fun? Since Amra package is dated can't access his ones but need some for Makeout Point.
  7. Darkening Demise


    Hope cowgirl tiding gets love soon.
  8. Darkening Demise

    Smaller Censor For WW?

    Any smaller censor bars (more smart ones that censor the goods and not the whole body) that works with Wicked Whims? When you need to 'hide' things or when you stream stuff or make youtube videos it would come in handy.
  9. Darkening Demise

    Stan Lee has died

    Legends never die.
  10. Will that only work with that one sink?
  11. You thinking of more lesbian? Also any plans on some handjobs with a handjob climax? Nisa's mod has prostitutes give handjobs but the climaxes always involve oral, vaginal, anal, and sometimes footjob but never handjob climax animations available. Most of the time handjob animations lead to a blowjob stage.
  12. Darkening Demise

    Headphones For $30 or less?

    Need a recommendation for headphones for gaming. It needs to be comfy (over ear muffs) and have controls on its wire. Not need for a mic. Must be $30 or less. Needs to be good at muffling out noise. Must be sold on Amazon. Preferably connects through the mic port of a PC but 2.0/3.0 USB is doable too.
  13. Darkening Demise

    WickedWhims - 18 November 2018

    Remember Tuesday all script mods break due to Python upgrade. If this new broken WW on Patreon is coming with it (otherwise you won't get to use WW till its released) then expect a ugly mess. Sims 4 is going to be unplayable for a while.
  14. Darkening Demise

    All-in-One HDT Animated Pussy

    I made a mistake I did not want moles on all female bodies. How can I fix this without having to reinstall the entire mod remembering every little choice I made last time?
  15. Darkening Demise

    The Sims 4-Post Your Adult Goodies (Screens, vids, etc.)

    That poor child will be scarred for life after seeing that.