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  1. I removed old drivers with the link, then installed the latest. No change. I never even changed mods or settings from my 750Ti experience, which was smooth (just sometimes VRAM problems since it was 2GB). So the only thing changed since I put in my new GPU is I removed all drivers and did a fresh driver install.
  2. Nope its still dipping, especially in settlements now. How the HELL is the 1660 6GB worse than the 750Ti 2GB?!
  3. Couldn't test much, game CTD'd with SKSE error appearing. error p:000005934 or something.
  4. So I used a 750Ti 2GB for years, had a 1060 6GB but it crapped out on me in less than 2 years, EVGA wouldn't help. So I bought a 1660 6GB. Yet once I started playing Skyrim I noticed MASS lag. Which was weird. It ran fine on my 750Ti. Yet with no changes to graphics or ENB. I can't get it to run smoother. You would think running this game would be better with a newer, more powerful card. But no. I tried removing mods that added followers first, thinking they were eating up my GPU. But then I noticed no changes in game. Except outside. Interiors however are lagging like a MOFO. I just removed ELFX and am testing out the game to see if that fixes it. Yet why would THAT be the problem? Better GPU shouldn't equal shittier gameplay. Do I need to readjust ENB settings? Do I need to just live without one? Cause going back to Skyrim without an ENB is......well.... ENB: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/83091 GPU: EVGA GTX 1660 6GB CPU: i5-4460 3.2GHz Quad-Core RAM: 16GB DDR3 1600MHz OS: Windows 10 64-bit HDD: 1TB 72000RPM WD Blue
  5. Lets hope the game updates don't keep breaking all the mods and kill the modding scene, a la Fallout 4. Also can't wait for all the custom maps, I'm sick of the lack of variety in game.
  6. I just want them tools already. Get some custom maps, body mods, overhaul textures, and a basic sex mod working. I'll gladly take a Animated Prostitution over text based junk.
  7. So what should I do? Is this a mod problem or settings problem?
  8. But when they reach the time limit, they just stop. They do not use Climax animations ever. They just keep switching to random positions throughout the entire process.
  9. No matter the version I use, the mod doesn't work fully for roughly a year or so. I thought it would eventually get fixed, reported it before. Still nothing. But NPC Sims having sex will never use Climax stage. They will just do random animations once the build up reaches Climax so like Vag Stage 4 then when it comes to Vag Stage 5 Climax it will just select a random animation. Even with NPC Control enabled Sims refuse to use Climax. Its always grayed out.
  10. Only household Sims can use climax. The NPC Sims never can. NPC Control won't let me nor will they progress to it naturally.
  11. Every version since last year has never allowed NPC sex to use Climax stage. Not even in control setting can I select it or the cum options. They're both grayed out. They work only with Household Sims having sex together or with other Sims. So only if a playable Sim is in sex will Climax be usable.
  12. How to fix camera being wacked out and unable to move around? How to fix loading screens occurring when player has sex?
  13. I want people to interact and get it on in AAF but Random Shenanigans is broken. You have to reset the mod every fucking time an encounter finishes otherwise nothing else can happen and the quest marker is stuck on the spot it took place at. Every. Single. Fucking. Time. I just want an easier way for the world to bone.
  14. Every time I do the do it hits a lengthy loading screen, even though we're right there. The camera then breaks and doesn't let me see what's going on. As the mod seems to want to always cuck the camera by moving away from it so you cannot see anything only hear.
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