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  1. I can understand somewhat slim girls but the thinner they get the less attractive they are to me. I find them as a turn off mainly because of the bones and the fact they look weak, sickly, fragile. Plus they lack any meat in the booty and breasts. I basically find any female attractive but if they're average/thicc then that's the sweet spot body wise. Race is anything but white outside of redheads. Namely because POC girls always treated me fairly growing up, while the white girls were the typical TV portrayal of white girls. Eyes I love them brown and green, especially green. Hair color I like everything even custom colors like purple and blue or even rainbow. I don't like untamed bushes, at least tame the forest ladies, I do it as a man so can you as a woman. You can keep the leg hair and pit hair but at least tame the spot I'll be going down on. When it comes to personality that's the biggest issue. The thinner chicks tend to be snobby, daddy's little Disney princess. They think they're all that and can't do nothing wrong that the world owes them everything for 'being hot'. That's why I look at the 'average' build and other girls because they tend to be less bitchy and more down to earth. I've met less thin girls that are down to earth than average/chubby girls. Also when it comes to personality I look for someone that loves animals, maybe wants children, has the instincts to raise a child, prefers staying at home watching movies and cuddling over going out and partying, prefers monogamy over swinging (which has become more popular over the years), enjoys games and cartoons/anime. Someone that enjoys the simpler things in life and doesn't expect me to give them a diamond necklace every week with lobster dinners and ferraris.
  2. Redheads The fair skin, red hair, and green eye combo. Oh lord in heaven please take me now. I just can't help but find these women so attractive. Especially because of how uncommon redheads are among society. Black Girls I like them thicc, I like them chunky. I like them big, I like them plumpy. Big booty dark skin babes are a heart stopper. Asians The exotic beauty of Asian women, the culture, and their langueges and accents. Oh lord are they beautiful. Even in their later years Asian women tend to look so young and beautiful compared to other races. Now if you throw in a chubby Asian girl you got a dream come true.
  3. So when are the tools coming? I'm out of the loop on this game's development.
  4. They lied all this time about 'going back to their roots' and 'being like Saints Row 2'. That also is a cause of the backlash on top of the hipsters pretending to be gangster.
  5. What do you get when you take a gender studies major graduate who works for Twitter and spends most of their time in a Starbucks ordering soy lattes and banning free thinkers while thinking they're gansta? You get Saints Row Reboot. WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?
  6. What is that skin detail? Its so detailed I love it.
  7. Was it this mod that adds the oral vampire thing? How to disable it. Don't want no more glowing oral sparkly vampire sex.
  8. Anyone know how to get third person view of the sex? Anyone know how to get genitals to appear in game? The sex scenes are between barbie dolls. Anyone know how to stop people from switching outfits during sex? I just want them naked the entire time but nope they're switching every fade and its off putting. I mean how can I bone Lizzy Wizzy if she's in such a tizzy about fashion during four play.
  9. So its just static poses? We're closer to animations?
  10. So...anyone get any other events outside of raping prisoners or being raped as a prisoner and the brothel? I'm not getting any other sexual stuff.
  11. A good quality nude mod is on nexus: https://www.nexusmods.com/mountandblade2bannerlord/mods/3061 We're getting closer and closer.
  12. Heh NexusSucks.jpeg nothing new. There's better places to go.
  13. Without the creator I don't trust them. No games work without their creator.
  14. Looking for some snakey girlz. Even if just the tail and top human part or full anthro.
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