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  1. Darkening Demise

    Post your sex screenshots pt. 2

    ENB: Antique Dragon Aela Repacer: My own Location: Pelagia Farm
  2. Wow I didn't read anything about rape culture and patriarchy. Or how being a fucking white male makes me the root of all evil like.....well I'm not sure if I can say his name but you should know him if you seen any left wing nutjob videos/twitter posts/articles. This is definitely a foreign (Non American) article. Too bad you can't get a US journalist to be like this.
  3. Darkening Demise

    All-in-One HDT Animated Pussy

    Is there a skin texture for the female SOS to work with this mod?
  4. Darkening Demise


    Sal you willing to make anything for zoo lovers?
  5. Darkening Demise

    Basemental Drugs v2.0.3.79 (Updated January 10 2019)

    Does getting Sims drunk give you a better chance of scoring in Wicked Whims?
  6. Darkening Demise

    List of WW animations

    Who's doing bestiality animations?
  7. Darkening Demise

    WickedWhims - 13 January 2019

    Actually condoms are visible, but only with Wicked Whim penis.
  8. Darkening Demise

    WickedWhims - 13 January 2019

    Would be great if you made condom boxes for all colors and a variety pack so we don't have to buy individual ones and then drag each and every one to our inventory.
  9. Darkening Demise

    The AAA Game Market Crash of 2019

    A crash is too good of a thing to actually occur. But then again sometimes reality does believe in miracles. But maybe such a sexy thing is unlikely.
  10. Darkening Demise

    Everything Interracial™

    I'll post it here too since its interracial. Wife Gets Knocked Up By Black Bull
  11. Darkening Demise

    The Sims 4-Post Your Adult Goodies (Screens, vids, etc.)

    I think I'll do this for now on with the speech bubbles and try to focus on stories instead of generic pictures. Title: Wife Gets Knocked Up By Black Bull Genre: Cuckold, Humiliation, Interracial
  12. Darkening Demise

    The Sims 4-Post Your Adult Goodies (Screens, vids, etc.)

    The Chris Brown Position I believe its called. Getting drunk in the hot tub led to some very.....intriguing experiences.
  13. Darkening Demise

    The Sims 4-Post Your Adult Goodies (Screens, vids, etc.)

    Made it myself. Just get a image with a transparent background and put it onto the clothing texture you exported from Sims 4 Studio and then import the texture to Sims 4 Studio and see what it looks like. Very easy to make CC.
  14. Tumblr cracking down on non fat hairy fugly feminist titties dude. I suggest pixiv as many animators post there with all sorts of stuff.
  15. Hey lifeline curious if you will finish this animation for the massage table in the future.