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  1. The thing wouldn't appear in disk management or anywhere. What finally worked (after a few beers) was to quickly mash F2 and go into BIOS after rebooting my PC. There it was finally detected and I could finally go to disk management.
  2. So i just bought a Crucial MX500 1TB SSD and after hooking it up and starting my PC I cannot see the 2nd SSD. My first is there and all but not the 2nd. I tried changing the PSU plugs around and moving the SATA plug to different ports (I got 6) in my ASROCK Z97 Anniversary but nothing works still. I'm about to just chuck my PC out the window and be done with tech. This was a waste of $100. I tried going to the stupid disk manager and all but nothing works nor appears. These are the SATA cables I bought too.
  3. Microsoft is going to go ape shit on this mod. Same with all the PC media sites like Polygon and CNN claiming we must protect the children. While its great its coming it won't last long till it has to go deep into the dark web to hide from lawyers and leftists.
  4. So is there a mod that just lets you replace any model in game with whatevers in the files so we can just manually replace joytoys without having to downloading different mods and replacing them with someone else? LIke just swap on the fly like the outfit changes and car color swapping? That would make thing easier. Honestly.
  5. Femboy sex dolls need to be more common.
  6. Hey guys update, forgot to check on this. Its still there but I'm fine with it. Got used to it.
  7. So when they give us these tools we can make models/skins/animations? So a sex mod will be possible?
  8. it hurts when eating on that spot. stings like a mofo with hot sauce. can't eat buffalo wings.
  9. More grind and less mad air cowgirl animations. Not everyone has the lower body strength of Chyna nor do all like the idea of women flying off their laps like its motorcross or something.
  10. Johnny Depp is a prime example as to why we need men's right groups, shelters, and #MGTOW more than ever.
  11. The best part of feminism today, is they're eating their own. Now its all about trans vs women and anyone who doesn't conform is a bigot. They went from attacking men to now trans and their fellow feminists. 😄
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