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Synopsis: after going through an almost humiliating breakup, Mirta decides to have something temporary with the first man she meets along the way; thus involving Gabriel, a kind and sweet veteran cleaning employee who will be involved in the youthful whims of a hot girl.

Entries in this blog

housekeeping: Table for three [part 1]

During the afternoon, Mirta goes to Gabriel's house with the firm purpose of spending a hot day with him. What was not among her plans was to meet Amy. A mature woman with a lot of experience. And while everything happens, the fantasy will take over each one of them. Will this be the start of a game of three?     ____________________ ♥ ♥ ♥ __________________

Housekeeping: A Wet Party

During the party at the bar, Mirta will see her ex again, which will cause her to have a drinking outburst. By coincidences in life, Gabriel will arrive at the right time to do the necessary "cleaning". ------// ♥ ♥ ♥ //----- Author's Notes: I think this is the longest chapter I've done so far. It was fun playing this game.  

Housekeeping: Cleaning Room Shenanigans

It's the weekend in Britechester and Gabriel's work will be interrupted by the mischief and insurrections of a sweet and hot Mirta who is carried away by her desires. Meanwhile, a piece of advice from Pedro (Gabriel's best friend) will serve as a warning and, incidentally, will put his feet on the ground. -----------♥ ♥ ♥ -----------
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