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Becci Chapter 3: No way out?



On the next morning, Becci wanted to tell Mora what happened last evening.

But unfortunately, she did not know were Mora lived.

So she walked around town to find her.

She saw a woman she knew from the pub. So, she asked her about Mora.

The woman knew her and told Becci where to find Mora.



Her home was the trailer in front of which Becci had met Joseph.


Luckily, she was at home.


Hello Becci. Oh, you look terrible. Come inside.”

Thanks Mora...”

Come sit down. Oh, my... What did he do to you?”



First, he wanted me to sit down on him. That was ok, but he didn't want to use a condom. So, I felt very uncomfortable.

But then, he forced me to lay down to the ground with my hips pressed to the couch. Then he fucked me very hard.”



Then he ejaculated right into my face. It felt like being raped. My uterus is still hurting.”

Oh, Becci, I am so sorry...”



I shouldn't have gone...”

But then maybe we both would have gotten hurt.”


Becci needed a moment to recover her composure.


But I am not hear to cry shit on you...

I need to talk to Joseph. Do you know where he lives?”



Yes, there is a plateau in the hills. There lives the “high society” of Strangerville. In this case meaning there live the gangsters...”



Just go up there, they will recognize that you don't belong to them and send you to Joseph.”


So Becci went up there.

In front of one of the noble houses a sinister looking man approached her.




You must be Becci.”

And who are you?”

That's not of your business. I suppose you want to talk to Joseph? He is waiting inside.”



Yeah, and why should I follow a complete stranger into his house?”

Because I say so. You will go inside the house on your own feet or draped over my shoulders. Your choice.”


So Becci went inside...


Ah, Becci, I heard you want to talk with me? Please, have a seat.”



So, what do you want?”

You... awaited me?”

Nothing happens in my town without my knowledge. So, what's up, my time for you is limited...”

Ok, I want you to give me another job. This field of activity I am in currently is the wrong one for me.”

So you think you can just ask me to give you another job?”

I can acquire new customers for you or be your drug runner...”



And you don't think I already have people I trust for this jobs?”

Maybe you want to extend your business...”

Enough of this. To be absolutely clear, there's only one job you have any value to me. And you already have this job.”



Then I need to quit.”

Quit? Who do you think you are? I gave you a home, something to eat and even the drugs you desired. You are in my debt, you cannot simply quit after a view days.”

Then how much do I owe you?”

It's not that simple. As long as you are in my town, you belong to me. Proof your worth and you will get your own money and more freedom. Try to run away and we will find you. That's it.

And now go back home. I understood that yesterday you had a hard time, so I forgive you this time. Today I will be not sending someone to you. Use the day to recover. And one last hint: You don't necessarily need to do anything you are asked for. Some of them actually want my girls to fight back a little bit. The only thing I expect of you is to satisfy my costumers and friends. How you manage this is up to you. Now leave.”


On her way down, Becci thought about her situation.

Try to run away and we will find you...

That's exactly what my next step is.

But I can trust nobody in this town, I need to do it alone. And I need a very good plan...


As Joseph said he won't send a new customer this day, Becci decided to talk with Mora again.

They went to the pub and had some drinks (Mora payed this time).



So, how did it go with Joseph?”

You told him what happened and that I will visit him, haven't you?”

Yeah. Joseph has his hard sites, but he really cares for us. When you get to know him better, you'll agree with me.”

Let's go to this table over there, I don't want the others to listen.”




Joseph forces us into prostitution. Do you think that's right?”

When you learn how to handle the guys, you'll see that this job is not so bad. And Joseph will give you privileges if you do a good job.”

Fuck Joseph and his privileges.”

Becci, you should not talk like that...”

What if? Will you tell him?”

No, I just want to help you, that's why I informed Joseph.”

I think you are wrong about Joseph. All he cares for is his business. We are trash for him.”

No, that's not true. Please, give him time to show you his true side.

I think he did already. I need to think and have some rest, see you Mora.”


With that words, Becci left the pub.


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