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  1. Thanks! Yeah, I try my best with the exaggerated emotions of Sims 4. 🙂
  2. The next morning my thoughts were clearer. I decided to call my mom after breakfast and ask her to stop sending me money. Afterwards I wanted to think about where to get money from in future. I could still have afforded the next rent, but then my financial reserves would have been exhausted. For breakfast I had some oatmeal. Then I sit down to call my mom. “Hey mom, how are you?” “Hi honey. It's a wonderful, warm and sunny morning. It seems like Winter finally is over. Dad just left for work. He has an important meeting with some investors this morning.” “Yeah, mom, I need to talk about something with you.” “What's up, honey?” “Listen, I thought about something. You know why I left, right?” “Yes, you had your disputes with dad about his company.” “Right... So... hmpf, I am very thankful for the money you send me, but I cannot take it any longer.” “What? Why, honey, what's wrong?” “I know where this money comes from and I can no longer reconcile this with my conscience.” “But, honey, what will you do? Were will you get money from?” “Don't know yet, I'll figure something out.” “But...” “Please mom... please try to understand my position. I don't want this money anymore. I have to start earning my own money anyway sooner or later. Now it's sooner, I can manage this.” “Ok, honey, but please call me if you need any help. I don't want you to get any troubles.” “Sure, thanks for understanding, mom. Have a nice day, call you soon again. Bye.” “Bye, honey.” Whew, that went better than expected. Ok, let's see now what job offers are out there. So, I went upstairs again to my PC and searched the web. Hm, many office jobs. I don't want to sit in an office the whole day... Uh, what's that... “You have long, beautiful hair and want to make some money with it? Join our photo shooting for shampoo and women body care products.” No, I don't think so. Uh, look there, cute, little cats... What's that banner? AdultWorld.com... Should I click on it? I am so excited... Hm, it seems this has a live chat option. Ok, now I am curious, Create Channel, click... Some moments later... Wow, this guys are giving me money for just seeing me sitting here in underwear. Are they crazy? Ok, I am hungry, bye, guys... That was an interesting experience. How much money would I make showing them something? No, I don't think that's my way, but I'll keep this in mind... Ok, I need some fresh air. Just a little business, then I'll go outside to have lunch. On my way outside I met... Martha! She was just taking the garbage out. “Oh, hi Sandra, what's up?” “Hi Martha. I am on my way down to this little food stands to have lunch. Wanna join?” “Oh, unfortunately, we had lunch already. But I'll go to this Karaoke club nearby this evening. Carra has work to do until late evening, so I leave her alone and will make me a nice evening. Wanna come?” “Sure!” “Ok, I'll pick you up then.” “Perfect, see you.” I cannot believe it, an evening alone with Martha! Does she just want to know a neighbor better or has she also other thoughts? What should I wear? What's up between Carra and her? A Karaoke club... Should I sing something? “Hello, what can I do for you? We just received a delivery of fresh Sushi.” “Oh, hi...” If she wouldn't have said anything, I would have bumped into her shop. “Can I have some Ramen, please?” “Sure.” Some moments later... “Enjoy!” “Thanks.” Mmmhmm, tasty... I should forget about tonight for a moment and think about work again. I used to love painting, but I don't think that there will be much interest in paintings of a nobody... Maybe there are some galleries or museums out there that need a hand. Maybe I can show them some of my paintings later and catch their interest... After finishing this tasty Ramen, a woman got my attention. She just finished to set up a tiny stage nearby and began to start playing guitar. Hm, could that be something for me? I like singing, but cannot play an instrument. Maybe I should practice some singing back home on my Karaoke machine. That'll also help me tonight maybe... Since she played quite well, I gave her some bucks. Back home... It's getting late. Time to prepare for tonight. To be continued in next chapter.
  3. It's time to introduce my "me-sim" and some of his adventures.
  4. Why did this asshole kicked me out the bus? Where am I? Never been here before. Red sand everywhere, some tiny houses, and a burning heat. Speaking of heat, my head feels like it'll explode any moment and my whole body is shaking. I need a shot, that'll make me feel better. Need to find the local dealer. There must be one... Becci is experienced enough to know what to look for if she wants to find the local drug scene. So, even in her bad condition it was easy to find the dealer near an old, crashed airplane. “I need a shot, please give me something, only a small line, that's all I need.” “Yeah, and who are you?” “Only a small line, please, I need it.” “I don't know what you are talking about. Shove off.” “Common, we both know, what you are doing out here. So, please...” “How much money do you have?” “I... I don't have money with me. I can pay later, I promise.” “Yeah, do I look like a fool?” “Please, I need it.” “Yeah, and I need you to get your ass back where it came from. Shove off!” “You... you can have me if you give me something.” “Crazy bitch, I am married. Now shove off or I will get really mad. And you don't want to see me really mad.” Becci had no other choice then leaving the dealer alone. It's so hot in this red sand hell. I need to find a cool place. Maybe I will feel better after a nap. On her way back to the village, a man stood in front of her as if he were waiting for her. “Hey, you there. You tried buying drugs from James.” No question, he knows. That fucking idiot has told someone to come after me. But why? Better say nothing. “Look, there is no reason for you to deny. I have an offer for you.” “My name is Joseph Turner, I am a local business man and I want you to work for me.” “Why should someone offer work to a stranger he just met? What's the catch?” “Look, I heard you asked for drugs without being able to afford them. You must be in trouble and I want to help. Take it or leave.” Ah, fuck, he has a point there. “Ok, what's your offer?” “I will give you a home and everything you need including the drugs you want so bad. In exchange you will welcome some of my clients and be kind to them.” “You are asking me to be your whore!” Do I have another choice? I need that drugs so badly. “Call it what you like. The most important part is that I said you will have everything you need if you would work for me.” “Fuck, ok. What exactly I am supposed to do with your “clients”?” “Everything they ask for, that's the deal. But be assured, they'll not damage my property.” I did not say “yes” finally, but I am already his “property”... “Ok, show me that room you have for me.” “It's not exactly a room, it's a house. Small, old and fucked-up, but still livable. By the way, what's your name?” “Becci” “Becci...” “Becci Evans” “Nice to meet you, Becci Evans. Let's go.” They way to the house was short. James offered Becci a cigarette and as she said “yes”, he gave her the whole pack and a lighter. “Here we are, that's your new home.” “What... about the... drugs?” “I heard you ask for cocaine. That's hard stuff, be patient. I don't want the police to find a girl with an overdose in this house. Here you have a pack. But, seriously, take only one little dose at once.” “Thanks. Is that all?” “I have some loyal clients, who are always burning for new ware. I will send one over in a couple of hours. Be ready for him, get a shower and do not take too much of the stuff.” With that words, he left, not waiting for an answer. “No” seemed not to be an option for him. Ok, first have a look inside and then take one line. Lovely place, but at least a place for me to stay for some days. But not for longer. After I made my first money, I will return to the city and try my luck there again. So, now, get prepared for this “client”. And there he is. I hope his wishes are not too crazy... “Hi Becci, Joseph sent me over. Let's go inside.” “Ok, what do you like?” “First, I would like to taste some Becci. And then let's see what comes to our minds.” “Ok, let's go to this couch here.” “No, I want you to lie down on this desk. Help me getting rid of this TV.” Ha, a freak, who saw this coming... Some moments later... “What about my money?” “Money? Haha, didn't Joseph tell you? You belong to him now, that means, your money also belongs to him. Haha, she thought, she will get some money here, hahahaha.” He left after that words, still laughing. I was really naive thinking I will get some profit out of this, wasn't I? Fuck, I should have known better... I need a shower now. I need to find a way out of this... I could run away... But I still don't know were I am... I think, for the moment it's better to stay and learn more about this place. Then I can plan for returning to the city. Joseph does not seem to be a man that does simply let you go. I think if I can't offer anything in return, he won't accept me leaving his “services”. So, what would that be...
  5. “Ok, Becci, please be so kind and introduce yourself.” “No, I don't want this bullshit.” Rushes out of the studio “Becci, wait... fuck... … … Ok, ahm... This is the introduction of Becci Evans. Becci is 20 years old, but still has a very childish attitude.” Looks to the door she rushed out. “Life hasn't been good with her so far. In school, she had the wrong friends. She came in contact with Cannabis first, and soon also with other drugs. She was often stoned and her parents were not able to help her out of it. On the contrary, they threw her out of her home house when she was 16. She lived on the street most of the time, stealing everything she needed, also made pick pocketing to be able to buy drugs. Sometimes, she lived with some of her false friends. As she was 19, she managed to get a place in a flat-sharing community of students. Live got better and she tried to get off the drugs. But lately, she again was stoned very often, so her flatmates decided to throw her out. With a starting delirium after a line of cocaine, she entered a random bus and slept until the driver throw her out on the end of the line. This is where her story starts.”
  6. Here are some links for you: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/5845-sims-4-r-los-wickedwhims-animations-07102019/ Animation creator. Check out the links there. https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/3527-bondage-devices/ https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/4070-sims4-yrsa-bdsm-devices/ These links are mentioned directly on the Wicked Whims download page. Sometimes, some reading helps. 😉
  7. Babies are the most annoying beings in Sims 4. Toddlers at least care a little bit for themselves, especially when the have levelled up their skills a little bit. In my last families, I always instantly aged up babies.
  8. Thanks again for your feedback. I think I know what you mean with tenses usage/concordance. It's not always easy to decide what past tense to use. I hope my three stories offer some freshness. Sandra and Becci are both still very young and need to find their place in the world. So, I won't say they are strong at the moment. But hopefully my writing will let them become strong. 🙂 Bruce already had something to learn in his life. Now he is starting another period of his life that will hold new challanges for him and hopefully make him even stronger. My overall target is definitely to tell a meaningful story that also has some adult content. I don't want to show you some adult content that also has a little bit of background story.
  9. While I was working on my story, two non story relevant NPCs created their own story.
  10. It's Sunday and I finally arrived at my new house. What I have seen of Brindleton Bay so far tells me I could get homegrown here. I started my Sunday with a little run in the direct neighborhood. On my way back to my house I passed a park mostly made for dogs (there are a lot of dogs and cats around here). I normally concentrate on myself when I jog, but what I saw there standing outside the park immediately got my attention. That girl... How can someone be so attractive? Of course I did not stop to start a conversation... Later that day, after having a quick, cold shower, I went to Crabby's Pub, a small, lovely pub on the harbor. I was sitting there a couple of minutes, chatting with the locals, when she entered the pub. And not just that, she took the chair next to me! As I saw her so close for the first time, my stomach cramped and my throat got dry. It took all my courage to speak to her. After an akward introduction, she made it much easier for me by saying that she already have seen me around a couple of times as I helped building my house. That broke the ice. Her name is Christina Murdoch. She was raised here, then left to find her own way in San Mayshuno and recently came back to Brindleton Bay. She returned two months ago to take care of her parents. Her father broke his hip back then and her mother was overburdened with the situation (they also have two pets, one dog, one cat). So, she came back to help her mother. At least her father can walk again now, but she still is staying to help them for a while. Fortunately, she talked the most time, so I didn't have to tell my story. I wouldn't have been able to talk about my last months... After a wonderful afternoon at Grabby's, we went home. As she is living next to me, we had this walk together. A wonderful walk, my heart was jumping around in my chest. In front of my house, we said goodbye. My heart felt heavy at that moment. It seems that Cupid's Arrow hit the bull's-eye. Could she be able to let me forget my past years? Anyway, I had a weird, wicked dream about her this night.
  11. I am Bruce Baker. Two months ago, my life was perfect. I had a beautiful girlfriend and a good job in the IT branch. My girlfriend and I were engaged planning our marriage next year. Then my girlfriend decided that she likes a colleague more than me (told something about that he is her “soulmate”, bullshit). At least she told me before they got more “engaged”, I am some kind of thankful for that. But, my world and my heart broke on that day. She soon left our house and I was locking up myself and did not go out for a while. Of course, I also lost my job during this phase. Some weeks later, after I laid in bed the whole day playing video games, I recognized that this cannot be the end. I am 35, still young some would say, in good health (at least physically speaking at that certain point), wealthy (well, at least I could effort to not have a job for quite some time), and had a big house (unfortunately full of memories). My first decision was to go outside again, having a walk, chatting with someone again. My second decision was, that I cannot live in our old house anymore, too much, too hurting memory. After some searching, I found an undeveloped land in the small town of Brindleton Bay, bought it and had a house built to my own specifications. I drove to Brindleton Bay from time to time to help the builders creating my house. They have done a perfect job, and now my new house is finished and ready to move in. Room Tour (the basement still is a secret :-)): BruceRoomTour.mp4
  12. And some of the expension packs also add new regions with new gameplay mechanics. It depends on what you prefer. When I started to play Sims 4 I could not resist and bought everything. But wait for sales to buy the packs you like. There are often sales with -50%.
  13. Just found your story. Enjoyed part 13 and will read the other parts also the next days.
  14. Nice to hear. I am German speaking.
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