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Bruce Chapter 5: The Bright



The following weeks were just perfect.

It was summer (my favorite time of the year), I had a beautiful, smart, funny girlfriend and found good friends in Marco and also Angela.


Here are some impressions of this wonderful summer.


This was a nice bowling evening together with Marco and Angela.



All four of us were lousy at it, but we had our fun.



A nice afternoon with Christina at a lovely coffee shop.



I love her so much. 



And I love feeling her lips on my dick.



And to be inside her.



And our free-for-children-moments.





And her kisses.



Yeah, we were at this point already.



Karaoke night. It was fun, but we were so bad... Never mind, we had our fun.



Marco and I had lot of fun too. Most times we played some games.





A wonderful afternoon at a local park.



Relaxing in the whirlpool.



Once we visited the outdoor pool in Windenburg.





And we found this lovely place. We had it all to ourselves.



I invited Marco, Angela and Christina to party at my place once.





And had a private party with Christina aferwards.







Did I mention that I love her?



After some weeks together with Christina, it was finally time to meet her parents Stefanie and Rupert.

It was a stormy and rainy day, so they invited me over to their place.

Christina awaited me in front of the house.





So, it's finally time to meet your parents.”

Yes, are you ready?”

Uff, as ready as possible.”

Haha, you are so cute when you are nervous.”

Thaaaaaat doesn't help.”

Did I say I'll help you?”

*Shocked look*

Haha, let's go inside.”


Mom, dad, may I introduce, this is Bruce.

Bruce, this are my parents Stefanie and Rupert.”

Nice to meet you Mrs. and Mr. Murdoch.”



Nice to meet you too, Bruce. Excuse me that I don't stand up, my hips are still healing.”

No offense, Mr. Murdoch, I absolutely understand.”



Please, take a seat.”




Nice to meet you... Sorry, what was your name again?”

Bruce, Mrs. Murdoch.”



Right, nice name. And such a handsome, young man. Christina made a good choice.”


Haha, mom, he is nervous enough even without your flattering him.”

Don't listen to her, you have no reason to be nervous. Besides that, if my Christina likes you, I have no reason to don't do so.”

*Still blushing* “Thank's for your warm words, Mrs. Murdoch. Ahm, you have a beautiful home.”

Thank you, Bruce. I built it with my own hands, of course that was a while ago, haha.”

I am so happy for Christina, that she finally found the right man for her.”

Mom, stop it!” Laughing

I am just saying, you made the right decision and I am proud of you.”

Ahhh, thank you, mommy!”

So, does anyone want some coffee?”


All agreed and she left to make coffee.




So, dad, have I told you that my Bruce here is working as a programmer?”

Oh, really, I try to keep up to date with the computer stuff, but it is getting harder and harder. Where do you work?”

The company is called “DA Networks”. They have expanded their field of business in recent years and now offering almost every service you need in the IT sector. I lead a small Team of programmers there and we are developing a goods management system for one of our customers.”

Ah, I have heard COBOL is a good programming language for that. Are you using it?”

Ahh, no, COBOL isn't state of the art anymore. We are using other languages that are offering more possibilities. But enough of my work, what did you do before you retired?”

I worked as a mechanical engineer. Most time of my life I worked on filling systems.”

Oh, that sounds interesting.”

Hopefully we are done with the difficult topics now and I at least can enjoy the evening a little bit with some harmless small talk...


And actually it was a nice evening without difficult topics from there on.

It was really nice meeting Stefanie and Rupert. They were so kind and friendly.

And I caught myself thinking that they would be the perfect parents-in-law...


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