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I decided to confront Jason the next day.

So, Martha and I went to his apartment.



Who's there?”

It's Sandra.”

Oh, come in.”



You didn't mention that you got backing.”

Yeah, nice to see you too, Jason.”

What do you two want?”

We need to talk about yesterday.”

Yesterday? Sorry, you need to be more precise.”

You are kidding, right? I talk about you trying to rape me!”



Uh, what!?”

Don't tell me you don't remember, you asshole.”



Uh, fuck. I... I drank a little bit too much yesterday, still dizzy...”

Go fuck yourself, Jason. If you ever again try to touch my girlfriend, I'll kick your balls to hell.”



Yeah, you better stay away from us from now on.”

Wait, did she just say, I'm her girlfriend?


Who do you think you two are? You come in here like a riot squad with your baseless accusations. As I recall we had a little argument, but nothing too serious. You are crazy if you think I was going to do this.”



You grabbed me by my throat and choked me!”



Yeah, whatever, that's not how I remember it.”


You f... asshole, listen closely now.

If you ever get near me again, I'll first give you a load of my new OC spray then cut your balls and feed you with them!”



Let's go, Martha.”


Some moments later...




Wow, you really nailed him, that was awesome.”

This idiot chased me into this. His reaction made me so angry.”

You were great. Do you really have an OC spray?”

No, we need to go shopping...”


After that day, Jason kept his distance from me.

A few weeks later I was finally rid of this problem.




Officer, what is going on here?”

It's detective, and that's not of your concern, ma'am.”

Sorry detective, but I know him. Are you arresting him?”

Yes, obviously.”

What has he done?”

I can't tell you, but the evidence we have is very strong, so don't expect to see him around again any time soon. Excuse me now, I need to talk with my prisoner.”



It felt great to know Jason wouldn't have another chance to get near me.

My summer started great and I had a lot of fun with Martha.




We often enjoyed singing Karaoke together.

And we discovered that beautiful rooftop bar with a pool.





We went to almost every club around city these days.



Also the sex was good.














But as the appeal of the new became weaker, I began missing something.

At first I thought it was because of bad moods, but as this feeling did not go away, I started to realize that I was missing a strong man on my side.


Martha's behavior also changed over the time. I realized that she always drank very much as we were clubbing. Don't get me wrong, I also drank some drinks, but I alsway knew my limits. She, on the contrary, knew no limits.

Also she took “beans” from time to time and also offered them to me every time. I refused.


As my relationship with Martha seemed to lead nowhere, I concentrated more on my career.

I practiced a lot at home trying to find my art style.





Some of my paintings were exhibited and/or sold by the gallery.

So, I found a small group of fans enjoying my work.

The gallery even gave me a possibility drawing there.



I also still made some extra money on this live cam platform and with my flower arrangements.





Then came the night that changed everything.

Martha wanted to try out this new club that opened in San Mayshuno recently.

First we had fun dancing together.





But then, she offered me one of her “beans” once again.


What a cool club, isn't it?”

Yeah, it is. Having a great time tonight.”



Yeah, let's make it even better together. Here, take this.”

Martha, I told you that this is not my style, I must refuse.”

Oh, c'mon, why are you always so prude?”

Martha, it's a difference to be prude or straight-lined. That's just not my style.”

Fine, whatever, I want to have some fun now.”


With these words she left sitting me there and went to another area of the club.


C'mon, boys, let's have some fun!”





I knew that she just wanted to make me jealous with her actions and that she would never sleep with one of these guys.

Even thought it hurt a lot seeing here arm in arm with that guy.





I left the club and we broke up the next day, fortunately without drama.

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