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  1. 有限な

    img 17.4.11

    No. Never heard of it. This is just my body.
  2. 有限な

    img 17.4.11

    IMG GIF Please do not ask me what body I use. I use a custom CBBE variant.
  3. 有限な


    hi. clipping because of high motion.
  4. 有限な


    leftovers. next batch will be significantly different.
  5. 有限な


    ss dump. i'm using different maps now, so the next batch will look significantly different. also for those wondering, im using my own personal, custom variant of the HDT body.
  6. 有限な


    cbbe custom preset.
  7. 有限な


    haha nah, i have yet to adjust them. these are just some old clips i had lying around from before.
  8. 有限な


    old clips i had. cant be bothered to convert them to gifs, so here they are as webm links.
  9. 有限な


    some are old, some are new also still experimenting with this preset. expect more dumps.
  10. Rounder face, makes her look younger, more female. Body still is very muscular. In a matter of speaking, that is a new approach for you (I believe). Was that your design, to change your image? Hope this doesn't sound too harsh. Haha. Little bit. I thought a lot of my characters had the same generic face. I actually decided to mess around with the sculptor for this one.
  11. Screenshots Let me know what you think.
  12. 有限な

    GIF 6/4/16

    Nah you're right. I just noticed it too. Some animations that I added to SL and some that come with SL don't have any bbp or HDT support. It's odd.