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  1. GAYA TITANIA GEI TITANIA - GAYA's Human/Mortal Version MAIN ARMOR/OUTFIT (Original Story) Gaya TITANIA Gei is the immortal Queen of all seven worlds and first person ever born/created by/from the entity called LIFE. She is searching the worlds for her love/King, who was lost when the worlds were born/created. God promised her that HE will arrive from the 8th world so they can finally be united and specially for the worlds because they need HIM as he is the true KING but there is no 8th World as there are o
  2. Yeah, Thanks. Just got back home on Sunday. It was a long trip but a fun one though.
  3. ORIGIN: (Finally its time for My Main Character - THE LIFE KING: ZASELIM) - Everything about Him is pure FICTION mixed with real elements and doesn't exist in reality. I pose no disrespect or ill will towards any religion, Myth or Culture and If someone feels that I'm doing it then I apologize in advance as it is not my intent as I mentioned above that its pure fiction mixed with a bit of reality of our world. Thanks . When there was nothing but Almighty GOD, no Space, No Air, No UNIVERSE. Just The GOD and NOTHINGNESS. The GOD made a plan to create, so The GOD created
  4. THE ORACLE OF LIFE ORIGINS INTRODUCTION Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Earth(7th Sky/Plane - Milky way Galaxy) Past (about 13 years ago): Present: PROLOGUE: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  5. I was still writing it and i also had the full rendered scene, the chained angel to post as well. But i got the news of a death of a family member and i had to come here at my uncle's house. I am still here and may be i will come late at night. Acfually my whole fiction is not that short/simple and most of it explained in the life king and gaya's blog entry. Moirah's story is short though, because she was hiding most of her life and only appeard in Zaselim's timeline for 2 to 3 years then she disappeared again. Her actual story starts with Xal and ends with the L
  6. Even though I don't do requests, but when ever I'll find a requested character interesting enough to do render/s then I will post them in this blog. Sapherea - The Sorceress - Moonblaze ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Introduction: Requested by: Deso561PL Reference provided by Deso: ----------------------------
  7. Thanks. Yeah the darker blue eye tone or as i call it the glow-less blue eyes add more to the facial expression, as her Immortal self has blue glowing eyes, because the glow hides the actual iris' textures. The GOW image, this version of Gaya is with the alpha textures or the first ones which later i improved on by changing/adding skin shaders to make it more CGI/Realistic from 3d/plastic looking textures. The new ones are totally new/different textures with new shaders to match her skin/looks with her twin daughters (Naphele & Themis).
  8. NAPHELE & THEMIS Z. SKYRIM VERSIONS INTRODUCTION / ORIGIN RENDERS ----------------- Feeling Sexy ----------------- 29th March, 2020. -------------------------------------- Naphele - Sexy Battle Poses -------------------------------------- 8th April, 2020 ----------------------------------------------------------- Naphele & Themis with Zesiro - In the Oasis ----------------------------------------------------------- Naphele and Themis are on the 6th
  9. first and foremost, how the character looks. a reference image would do which will cover all the features like hair, eye color etc. And then yes height as well and then about the character's origin/back story. powers/skills etc. And like i said, I'll will only make the ones i will find interesting enough or unique ones, since i can't full fill every request. It'll be too much to handle lol.
  10. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ CHARACTERS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  11. you can give me the reference photos and info about the character, i can't make any promises but I'll see what i can do. I love making characters but managing too many characters is too much as my system is not that strong and it takes 10+(13+ with proper scene like Saph's first render in the cave) hours for one render. You or anyone can post their character's reference images and details/info in this thread and then I'll see what i can do when ever i get the time for it. It also depends on the character, if its interesting and different (not generic) like Deso's Saph then soo
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