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Author:: Galgat
Needs SKSE
Needs SkyUI 5.0+
Needs Sexlab
Needs Zaz animation pack
Needs Dragonborn DLC
Needs DawnGuard DLC
Goubo :: with out his scripting Help Most of this little thing would have never got done.


Will Make the Majority Of everything you Meet in Skyrim Like you, and some simple Prostitution >> Also on page 2 is now and Option to turn Off/On Random Dragons


I did this for a lot of personal usage reason's.


The option's in the MCM that are working are Page 1/ second Option, and Page two the prostitution option, click them till it the text box pops up and says Enabled " Might have to cycle through them one time to get them cleared, and right ". ( Important:: Need to repeat this if you reload, or restart the game, toggle through the disabled, enabled again stopping on enabled if you want to be friendly. )


Addition;; added and Option on page 2 to turn Off/On Random Dragons ( This should have no impact on Quest Dragons, only Random dragons, which I find to be a real aggravation much of the time )


pretty simple Friendly >>>Enabled you are Friendly with most everyone, and they like you, >>>disabled, some people really hate you.


Simple Prostitution >>>Enable the prostituion Page 2 of MCM, and you can have some very simple sell your body fun, Clicking on the animals that i have added will set up a Creature rape, from the Creatures that I have added, I have many morte to add, so all creatures are not functional


1. I have plans to expand this to a full prostitution mod, with hopefully quest's, maybe.


I guess it could be used as a resource, for disabling the mobs, but it need to be enabled before you enter a bandit camp. once they become aggressive the toggle will probably not help.


2. I needed a way to use JazPositioner in bandit area's with out having to kill them all. I used it to set up things in the game with zaira Maria, and this also kept me alive at times when the bandits AI went bonkers in maria.


I also wanted to be able to prostitute to the many different crime elements of skyrim.


3. It allowed me to enter, and test many Sexlab mods out on the bandits, and this gave me a lot larger Clientele, ( it gave me more Sex objects (NPC) to use, and was cheaper FPS wise than populated cities.) with out having to add a lot of More people or expansion Mods, just so a working girl could have a larger Clientele.


I actually have a lot of expansion mods, but still this gave me a lot more people to enter act with while running some of the Sexlab prostitution mod's that require a partner, or a paying customer.


3.1. This is also a major cheat, as it allows you to run around almost anywhere with out fear of being attacked. It is useful for me as a tool to also look around inside many area's, in the game, with out having to kill everything. or turn on, and off the AI in console.


4. I just wanted to do something in skyrim, and Gourbo was so helpful, I managed to do this. I thought maybe others might have a use for it, mainly just a little toggle that I thought some people might like.


5. Two ESP, one is Dragonborn DLC dependency Only (GGFriendlyWhore_DB.esp), I wanted some of the creatures from there to be friendly, and I really like that DLC more than the others.


The other has both Dragonborn DLC, and DawnGuard DLC dependency (GGFriendlyWhore_DB_DG.esp), I needed the dawnguard DLC to stop those darn vampire's thrall from attacking me all the time.


Only activate one of them, do not activate both you will have problems.


6. It needs SL and Zaz.


7. I is pretty basic right now the only option's working in the MCM are Page 1/ second Option, and page 2 Prostitution option, which turns on the prostitution dialogue, If you want the prostitution dialogue off, just Disable it in the MCM, right now it is just kind of a little extra, you might want some times.


bare with me, I hate Skyrim CK,>>> the separation of the Scripts from the ESP make it suck balls for me, I hate it<< ( Scriptwriters love it, but I do not, I like building large area's to explore, and huge amounts of dialogue, and the Properties assignments just get to be to much of burden for me ) that is why I do mostly only personal, My use only mods for skyrim.


If you restart, or reload your game you will need to toggle through disabled/ enabled again.


I know how to fix this, But right now it is such a WIP I really hate to add a bunch of things that might need changing every time I upgrade it a little.


8. This is a very simple thing, It does just two things right now, and I don't know if anyone would even want it, but I used it a lot for a lot of thing's, and found the non hostile NPC to be handy sometimes, and it is a pretty non bothersome mod to have, and I keep in most every profile now, so I thought maybe others might have a use for it. [ I mean if the MCM options are disabled, it is basically gone, and should effect nothing. ]


9. I don't think it will conflict with anyone Else's mod [ Heck if some how it did, then just disable it in the MCM, and all will be fine ]. So having it installed, and using it when you want, and turning it off from the MCM when you don't want it should not be a big thing. It does not cast a cloak, or do any constant spell casting, so I don't think you will ever notice it is even there, other than when you use it.


10. If you don't like it, or want it, I am sorry, just uninstall it, and move on.


11. Some of the Creatures that i have added don't always do right, as in the Troll's tend to maybe rape you one or two times, then the second or third time you click on them, the dialogue will not follow through, you can change cells, and come back, and they will work again.. I am looking at it.. It is a strange one.


I have to think about how I want to do the Horse's, as when you highlight them, you get option to steal, or ride, if you own it. So for now my simple dialogue will not work for them, I am looking at that too, and so Horse's are not at this time available in the prostitution dialogue.


12. There are surly Mob's or Evil things out there that I have missed in my Friendly Whore part of the mod, so you may still get attacked by some creatures.




I would use Mod organizer or NMM, so I could get rid of it if I did not want it.


But I suppose you could drop the data folder from zip folder GG_FW into you skyrim folder, let it write it self in, and check it active.


Clean your save with Save tool, or go to a clean save
Then Install is now Only One ESP, and it requires Dragonborn DLC & DawnGuard DLC, Only way i could turn off the aggressive stat of some creatures in those DLC.




Of course Ashal
Beth for giving us a chance to create our Own fantasy's
Goubo , he was such a help, just anything I asked, and he was just too good.
Veladarius Such a nice person, even with the many personal problems he has, he stays focused
Min Had some very helpful hint's, but most of the time he was way over my head..


Lots of others I will think of in time.

What's New in Version 1.04.2


  • UPDATE >> Just added and SSE version, did a quick port seems to function okay. Its 1.04 I just forgot to change the number.
  • 1.04.2
  • Made a problem put player in both Imperial, and storm cloak faction, was a mistake they both hate you. fixed in this version if have joined the strormcloaks the Imperials will not like you and vise versa. But that was best way to fix. for now.
  • 1.04.1
  • I messed up a minor thing, sorry, Re uploaded, for voice I missed adding.
  • .fuz file fix
  • 1.04 Changes
  • I realized I had buggered the MCM, and needed to fix it The changes were happening, but not registering right in the MCM. I believe I have this fixed now.
  • Also a few minor changes, and additions, and fixes in the dialogue
  • 1.03 Changes
  • 1Just added and Option on page 2 to turn Off/On Random Dragons
  • 0.02 Changes
  • 1. cleaned up the MCM a little, it is still very messy, as I learn
  • 2. added some prostitution for most playable NPC, and many of the creatures.
  • 3. Bare with me as I try to understand Yuck-O papyrus
  • 4. I will leave the simple disable NPC version up for little bit, for those that don't have any need for the simple prostitution i have added.

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