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I saw no reason for a Screen Shot LOL


I made this for myself, but thought someone might need it. Use at your own risk. You will get 2 suits of armor, The "Virgin Girl again" armor will reset all your Sex Experience to Zero again when you wear it.



I have, and it may be only me had some of the sexout tokens to get stuck on my character, and make sex animations not happen because of this. So I made a script, and attached it to another set of armor called "Clear Sexout Tokens". wear it, and it should remove any sexout tokens that you have somehow gotten stuck on your character.


If it does not work right for you, just delete it, and forget about it, I just thought it might help some people.


The armors weigh nothing, and if you mess up, and sell them, they will be replaced. only wear them to reset your Virgin status, or to see if you have a Sexout token stuck on your Character. Then remove it, and forget about it until you maybe need it again.


Use FOMM to install


If you want to have your girl Virgin again just wear the "Virgin Girl again" armor.


The script on it runs on equip, so it only runs once, but every time it is equiped it will reset your character to Virgin. Then take it back off again, if you need to be virgin again just put it bak on, and then take it off.



Another thing that has happened to me a lot, and I am probably the cause is getting some Sexout token stuck on my character, and then no sex will happen, because every NPC thinks I am in a sex act.


just wear the "Clear Sexout Tokens" armor, and they should all be removed. then take it bak off.


Not doing anything with the NX variables yet, but if I have problems with them, i will make a suit for that too.


These weigh nothing, intentionally, and if you mess up, and sell them My tiny quest script will replace them.


If there is something else out there that does this, I did not find it. It may help some of you, and it may not.


AGAIN > It can be installed with FOMM, and un installed that way as well. Or you can just extract the 7z file, and place the Esp from the Data folder into your Fallout NV data Folder. Then to remove it just delete the ESP file.




1. "Virgin Girl again Armor" Wear it to Just reset Sex Experience to Zero

2. "Clear Sexout Tokens Armor" Wear it to Just remove all SexOut Sex tokens

3. Once you have used it, to do those 2 things, You could disable the mod, to keep your mod number down.

4. Enable it again if you need it.

5. No need for it to hang around all the time pestering you with its minor Script usage, or having extra stuff in your inventory that you do not need.

6. You can leave it active if you want, I do not see it causing any problems, should have a very small foot print

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