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Warning! Adults only! All others will find Warts in bad places, and you will go Blind!




Sex animation Only for Sims 3 Kinky World


Animations only for Oniki's Kinky World Mod


I am very New to sims animations, I am sure these are not very good, i am trying to improve, as i go, I thought these were maybe worth uploading.




Drop them in you "Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Mods" folder.


1. start up the Game and load any saved game.
2. Open the Kinky World Settings Menu to add new Animations, should be under the global woohoo Menu
3. Type "KW_Galgat_animations" and click ok.


Or you could from the desk top highlight KW_Galgat_animations, right click it, and copy on the desk top, then go back to the game, and use ctrl +"V" key to past it in.


any way that will let Kinky World know there there, and it can use them. If you don't do that they will never show.




Get rid of the old files, and install the new ones, they will have everything that the old had, and extra, and you might have problems if you tried to keep the old, and the new active.


Ashal of course.


Maryjane >> Wore them selves out helping my dumb arse, I really do thank them


loafkowalski >> for his sucky post, that got me to thinking, maybe i could do a few of these. http://www.loverslab.com/topic/71805-man-it-sucks-not-having-anyone-releasing-new-ts3-animations/


TheMaster >> for his wonderful tutorial, it was a really, really big help


Kinky World:




Lady666 Animations:


Amra72 Animations:


Mike24 Animations


The Master's Sex Animations for Animated Woohoo and Kinky World

What's New in Version 1.06


  • 1.06
  • I added I think 1 threesome, and 3 pair animations. I may try to clean them up a little latter, but they do work, and I also tried to stage a few of them together
  • Still not getting the sound like I want, I don't fully understand it. so a lot of guess work there.
  • 1.05
  • Added 2 threesomes, and one two people, also fixed a few things in the .xml. still learning about the .xml stuff, lots of things I don't know can be done there.
  • 1.04
  • Just fixes to .XML file, they are needed, My mistake I did not understand the code that well for threesomes, Maryjane helped me to correct it.
  • 1.03
  • Added my first threesome, I was so happy it actually worked, I went in game, and got raped, and it popped up so I know it worked. I was not sure if I understood the .XML stuff for a threesome, but I guess I did it right.
  • 1.02
  • Added one more simple animation GG_RoughButt.
  • Nothing major, just wanted to share it, it is a simple one

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