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File Name: GGNaughtyTrading


File Submitter: galgat


File Submitted: 02 Feb 2015


File Category: Misc Sex


Requires: FallOutNV, SexoutNG, SexOutCommonResources, The Mod Configuration Menu, Female Player


Mod Name: GG_Naughty_Trading
Author: Galgat
Version: 1.06


Requirements: FallOutNV, SexoutNG, SexOutCommonResources, The Mod Configuration Menu (Newest Versions) Female Player
And what ever they need to function Properly


Installation: just drop the GGNaughtyTrading.ESP in your FONV Data folder or use Fomm, Go to MCM Menu, and turn it on, the (DLC Safe Option), is off to have wilderness event, and On to turn them Off.


You will know when one of the Wilderness events happen, I just hope they work Okay for you.


NOTE::If Playing a DLC be sure to turn On the "DLC Safe" Option this stops the wilderness events, and they could mess you up in a DLC.


Updating: I think should be okay to just let the new over write the old, but sense there is not quest yet, I would suggest, you wipe the old, make a new save with out NaughtyTrader installed, and then re install the new version.


NEW IN 1.04: This very Beta, and is Just for Proof of Concept.


I have added my following routines from Oblivion, took some tweaking in places, and they do not work quite as well, but they do okay, I am still working with them, but here is the beginnings of what I hope to make a much larger Quest in this one, not much right now, but a sample of something I am planing.


To start it talk to anyone, don't enter any of the casino's until you talk to someone, the Greeting will jump past the forced greet from the casino floor manager, and it will crash, just talk to someone first before entering any casino's to start the quest. Map markers should get you going after that, and the greeting will never pop up again, so casino's are safe after that.


NOTE ONE: This one very important you probably have your attack Key set to the left mouse button. I disable attack while you are a slave, after all slave's can not attack anyone, they are submissive toy's.


Now that said, you will not be able to click on topics on your screen with the attack button, but just move your Mouse over the Topic Text, and hit the enter key, unless you have some really strange Keyboard set up this will still activate the topic choices, and will also be the way you will have to select things in the MCM menu. This is only when you are Enslaved. once you are free all control's are returned to you.


If your using a hand held Controller, I am not sure if enter will still work, I don't use one, so that could be a problem, I just do not know.


At least this is what works for me, I think it will work for everyone, I am still new to FONV so it may be that some people set there control's up in ways I don't know about.


NOTE TWO: the follow routines work pretty well right now outside, Inside try to stay close to your master (with out a dependable UPDATE3D to many moveto's can cause the invisible PC If moveto sets you to close to a wall, a sex act or cell change will normally fix this), I have left you some left, and right control, and you may when not directly pulled by the leash still move back, and forth. If you get stuck do not worry to much if your character is running, you will very shorty be moved next to your Owner.


NOTE THREE: The Collar constantly fights to keep you in control, when first placed on you, your character will fight, and try to run away but you will lose the battle, and the Collar will take control.
Also at times when the collar realizes you are to far from your Owner, and teleports you to them. There is a break in the Synaptic signaling from the Collar to your Brain, again you may try to escape, but the Collar will soon gain control again, you can not escape you are a slave.


If you feel you are to far behind your Owner you may tap the always run key, and catch up, once you catch up it will normally set you back to walking. However distance is the corrector on this so sometimes you may be able to run if you don't get to far from your Owner, but it will reset.


NOTE FOUR: almost forgot this I figure you would sort this one out anyway, but sometimes you master will stop, and you may wonder what is going on. He may have stopped just short of an invisible marker. You may have to wander around just a bit for the distance check to get right, and then you Owner's Dialogue should fire.


THAT ABOUT COVERS IT: I am still tweaking, and porting some of My tweaks from Oblivion to improve it, but I think this little testing Quest is solid enough for some of you to try. If causes to much trouble, just delete it, call me ugly name's, and use the old version, or get so mad you just don't even want to look at anything I do ever again. It's okay I do it to sometimes. Just please remember it's free, and if your system Explodes I take no blame for that.


This little quest as it is sort of a test is repeatable, I may stop that as I advance the quest, but for now it is repeatable just talk to the Slaver again


Conflict's: any mod that modifies 188 Trading post has the potential to cover up the little trap door I placed under the bridge, this could be a problem for the Quest, as It would block My slaver from entering, and leaving.
I made this because I truly love all the mods that many others have made, but they don't always allow you to get frisky early in the game, and for easy checking that everything sexout is working like you want, and I hated waiting so long, or traveling so far just to start my prostitution habit.




I made this because I truly love all the mods that many others have made, but they don't always allow you to get frisky early in the game, and for easy checking that everything sexout is working like you want, and I hated waiting so long, or traveling so far just to start my prostitution habit.


This is a pretty simple Mod I made for my self, it allows me to Trade sex to almost any NPC that I am able to talk to for cap's. I have been pretty generous with the Cap's payed for services, I do not see this as a problem, as I figure everyone here knows how to edit there Cap's anyway. Not totally over board with the cap's but good pay for your services, however there is a random to this so sometimes the pay can be very low also.


Right now no one will ever turn you down, they will always trade cap's for sex. This may be modified in the future, but for now it is always going to allow some sort of action to happen


I have quite a bit of varying dialogue, so it is not quite so repetitive, and Have allowed female client's with varying taste's ( will be adding to this hopefully), also some text pop ups in the Pipboy corner from time to time.


I have used it in HonestHeart's and it worked there just fine, the dialog is not lore friendly there, but to make it so It would or could have lore friendly Dialogue I would have to make HonestHearts DLC a dependancy, and I would rather not do that, or I could check for it being loaded, but I did not want to get that deep in it at this time, and dependancy would actually be better. Any way it did work in HH, so I have no reason to believe it will not work in any other DLC where you have male, and female characters that you can talk to, but I only tested it in HH.


I have been running it for some time, with no problems. It may have bug's I have not found, but I feel it is pretty solid for what it does.


MCM: Right now has two options, Off or On, one turns the mod on, and the other when Off allows the possibility of a wilderness event happening, this second one should be On if you are playing one of the Official DLC, and not in the Default New Vegas Game Area. Both Are Off by Default when first loaded. to use mod, must enter MCM, and turn on trading, and to use the possible wilderness event, you must have "DLC Safe" Off.


I used an MCM script from another mod I am tinkering with, and pruned it down to get the two option's I needed at this time.


For some reason The MCM is very slow or labor bound, I may look into this latter, but it works okay, Just takes awhile to make the single Option visible, and when you click to turn it on, just do that once, and wait, I have seen it take up to 25 sec to swap from Off to ON, but once it register's On, the mod is active, and ready to use. This is fixed now


If for some reason it conflicts with another Mod go to the MCM and turn Off the "Naughty Trading", or just disable the mod in your mod load order. ( I see no real reason why the Trading would conflict, but if playing a DLC, or get tired of being Pillaged in the wilderness be sure to turn On the "DLC Safe" Option)


Point Of Interest: To keep it from conflicting with other mod's I have not used any getfirstREf, GetNextRef loop's as I am sure I would conflict with many SexOutNG Mod's if I did this to make NPC come to you, and ask for sex. So you have to Talk to NPC to do your Naughty Trading.


Also if you don't see the Strap on, when you should It may be your NPC female clothing is set to always strip, this can cause the Strap on to not be seen, set on the NPC, not the player, the female dressing to "Use undress list".


POSSIBLE FUTURE: If I Have time, I may add some Quest's to It over time, as in special trick's, serve as a party favor, unique trading situations, what ever, but My time is really limited a lot of late, so any additions would be over time.




Of course Ashal, he has been a good friend, and helped me a lot.
Odessa Has really stepped in and been a very big help with the differences between OBSE, and NVSE and FONV scripting in general
Neutron_rus Helped, me, and is helping me with the Sexout 97 changes problems,,Much thanks :shy:
A.J. for helping me spot a problem in my MCM early on
Prideslayer for his very friendly SexOutNG, I am just and idiot when it comes to proper syntax
DoctaSax he has just always been good to answer my questions
RitualClarity really great moral support


ZAZ (Chriss) He's Wonderful bondage stuff is always fun to play with, I remember when he made his Horse ride you for Oblivion, trading scripts to make his special animation work better. His stuff is a blessing for all the rougher style of Adult modding.


Many others I will add as I remember, and some I am sure I have forgoten SoRrY


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What's New in Version 1.06


  • What's New in Version 1.06
  • Main thing is the mouse works during slavery Now.
  • I have changed a lot more of the dialogue from legacy scripting to The newer style.
  • Another random wasteland torture, that might happen while preforming prostitution.
  • Have not extended quest yet, I am still getting what I had done before sexout97 stable.
  • Before moving forward.
  • A Debug Option has been added to the MCM,
  • What's New in Version 1.05
  • Fixed bugs caused by Sexout stable release 97 I hope Thanks to a lot of help from Neutron_rus
  • Much of the scripting should be more streamlined now
  • Basically just got everything working like it did before
  • Sexout 97 was released.
  • Had to remove enslaved PC from Ghost mode, for some reason stable version 97 would not start if
  • player was in Ghost mode ( I was using it to protect the PC when enslaved, because in Ghost mode, most
  • Aggressive NPC will not attack the Ghost ) but 97 wrecked that Idea.
  • Anyway it is back I think functional, and I hope to expand on the quest over time.
  • What's New in Version 1.04 (See full changelog)
  • 0. Only run One, either GGNTNaughtyTrading.esp or the New GGNTNaughtyTradingSlavery.esp do not run both.
  • I recommend turning the old one off, and making a clean save. then install the new one. Also Do not test this on a save you want to keep or that is important, I am still very new to FONV, I think will be okay, but you never know. at the very least make a back up save with out this mod, that you can return to if something major happens.
  • 1.This is renamed, as I wish to leave the Prostitution only Mod up encase anyone does not wish a quest line, the quest line is just barely starting up here, this was just to test my slavery controls mainly, and as a proof of concept.
  • 2. added some more dialogue, and I think a few more sex event's or naughty trading dialogue's.
  • 3. some more random pipBoy text just for fun.
  • 4. many other little things you probably will not notice.
  • ****Changes:: for 1.03****
  • 1. added some wilderness event's using some of ZAZ stuff ( wanted to get as much of it in here as I could, I have known ZAZ a long time, and like all his stuff ), sometimes you may proposition a man, that decides, you need a lesson in humiliation. I hope does not happen to often, If becomes to bothersome I will look into slowing it's occurrence down, or you could turn On the "DLC Safe" Option to stop these Events from happening in the MCM.
  • 2. Added MCM option to turn off (Off for event's/On to stop them) the Wilderness event "DLC Safe", encase it causes to much trouble for you. Also it should be turned On if you Play a DLC with this mod Active.
  • In my testing it has functioned very well, but it may have different manner on different system's, speed, and graphics card's being so different. It is Off by default, as is the Trading, so turn Trading on in MCM to Begin Trading, or off if you need It off for some reason, turn "DLC Safe" Off to have wilderness events, On turns them Off.
  • ****Changes:: for 1.02****
  • 1. Added some more Pipboy text remark's at start, and end of some acts
  • 2. Added another abuse
  • 3. added a little more dialogue
  • 4. main thing is, thanks to A.J. for pointing out, I had my MCM quest ticked wrong. MCM should be responsive now
  • 5. Fixed some clothing undressing I did not want to happen in a couple of events
  • 6. I have started building cell's for Quest expansion Idea's if you stuble on to one, just ignore it nothing going on in them yet.
  • 7. I'll leave the old one up for a bit incase there is some prob I missed with this one.

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