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Carnalitas Dei

Cheri's Religion Mod for Carnalitas

Version 1.3


Carnalitas Dei is a lewd religion mod for Crusader Kings 3. The goal of this mod is to add sexy, interesting, and immersive religious options to your Crusader Kings 3 experience.


As implied by the name, Carnalitas is a requirement for this mod.


Want more flavor events? Check my other mod for all events and decisions that aren't explicitly tied to religion: Carnalitas Mundi.


Git Repository (Source Code and Latest Downloads)




Sexy Religion Update

  • New religions are cheaper to create and dead religions are cheaper to convert to, allowing you to get started right away on an interesting religion-based run.
  • The Carnal Exaltation tenet has been expanded into a full Sexuality doctrine, allowing you to choose whether sexuality is repressed, accepted, or exalted in your religion.

New Religions and Tenets

  • Added Madeleinism, a new lewd Christian faith.
  • Added Xuansu, a new lewd Taoist faith.
  • Added Lilithism, a new Abrahamic religion focused on worshipping Lilith as a sex goddess. Lilithism has two faiths: Red Rose and Ebon Rose.
  • Added five new tenets: Fertility Idols, Sacred Hermaphroditism, Sacred Prostitution, Tantric Sex, Youthful Rulership.

New Decisions and Events

  • Added unique decisions tied to the new religions and tenets, such as restoring Sodom and Gomorrah or becoming a Taoist immortal through sex.


Installation Instructions

  • Download the archive and extract it somewhere. You should see a folder named Cheri - Carnalitas Dei and a file named Cheri - Carnalitas Dei.mod.
  • Go to your mod folder. On Windows this is in C:\Users\\[your username]\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Crusader Kings III\mod\
  • Copy Cheri - Carnalitas Dei and Cheri - Carnalitas Dei.mod into your mod folder.
    • If you are updating the mod, delete the old version of the mod before copying.
  • In your CK3 launcher go to the Playsets tab. The game should detect a new mod.
    • If it doesn't, check that the mod is in the right folder and restart your launcher.
  • Click the green notification to add Carnalitas Dei to your current playset.


Load Order

  • all mods not related to Carnalitas
  • Carnalitas
  • Carnalitas Dei
  • Carnalitas Mundi
  • other mods that list Carnalitas as a prerequisite




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