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About This File

Ok so what is this? Simple its a small mod that adds a section during faith creation where you can decide who in your religion is naked and who not. 

There are four options:

-female nudity (all women are naked)

-male nudity (all men are naked)

-full nudity (everyone is naked)

-no nudity (no one is naked)


this mod will not work with any mod that modifies the should_be_naked_trigger trigger. 


But why did you create this its hardly a big mod or anything just a small modification?

Basically because I wanted to. Also I kind of wanted the title of first ck3 lewd mod not sure I was fast enough tough



I don't think I will expand this any further. It does what it says, tough if there are special wishes I might add them. I will also try to fix any bugs or issues if they occur. If you want to talk about the mod or need help with your own mod you can reach me on the House Irae discord.


So have fun with this.


What's New in Version 1.0.1


Fixed a problem with the .mod file should work now

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