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About This File

This is a small mod that adds several marriage doctrines to the game:

Polygamy Doctrines:

- Expanded Polygamy (10 spouses)

- Advanced Polygamy (25 spouses)

- Superior Polygamy (50 spouses)

- Infinite Polygamy (replaces old Polygamic Harem, 100 spouses)


Consort & Concubine Doctrines:

- Small Harem (1 spouse, 10 consorts)

- Medium Harem (1 spouse, 25 consorts)

- Large Harem (1 spouse, 50 consorts)

- Infinite Harem (replaces old Infinite Harem, toned down to 100 consorts + 1 spouse)


Combined Doctrines:

- Polygamic Harem (4 spouses + 4 consorts)

- Managed Medium Harem (5 spouses + 25 consorts)

- Managed Large Harem (10 spouses + 50 consorts)

- Hetaerocracy (25 spouses + 100 consorts)





This mod should be compatible to everything if the game treats the files the way I think it does.

If not, it will be incompatible to other mods that modify "doctrine_marriage_type". In this case you can manually merge the files with a text editor like Notepad++.


I've temporarily removed the GUI modification, since it wasn't playing nice with several other mods.


Known issues:

If you have more than 4 Spouses or Consorts, the UI doesn't display them properly. You can use "Better Character UI" from the Steam Workshop to display them.


Future plans:

I plan to add a decision to let your harem comfort you to reduce stress based on the number of people you have. I need to figure out how to add custom decisions first though. Once that happens, I'm planning to add variation events similar to the things that can happen when you have a feast or go hunting.

Afterwards I'd like to add events that deal with inter-harem relationships. Having so many spouses or concubines/consorts around you ought to be interesting... ;)

What's New in Version 0.3


Added several new doctrines with smaller harem sizes by popular request.

Added a new line of doctrines that supports spouses and concubines.

Removed the UI mod as it caused issues with Carnalitas. I have to make a compatibility patch for this.

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