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About This File

Cheri LooksMenu Overlays

Version 1.0

by Cheri


This mod contains 9 LooksMenu body overlays for the sexually adventurous Survivor.


  • Lactating Breasts
  • Tramp Stamp 1
  • Tramp Stamp 1 Glow
  • Tramp Stamp 2
  • Tramp Stamp 2 Glow
  • Tramp Stamp 3
  • Tramp Stamp 3 Glow
  • Womb Tattoo 1
  • Womb Tattoo 1 Glow


Requires CBBE and LooksMenu.


I am not the artist, I just converted these for LooksMenu. All credit goes to the original creators of the textures who can be found here:



Mods used in screenshots:


Edited by Cheri Song

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