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Free Love 3.2 (29 February 2020)

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Free Love

Version 3.2 - 29 February 2020

by Cheri


Free Love is a quality-of-life improvement mod for your sexy Crusader Kings 2 experience.


  • Never get Stressed from having too many lovers.
  • Never have troubled pregnancies or sexually transmitted diseases.
  • No stigma for unmarried pregnancy or pregnancy out of wedlock (but bastard children will still need to be legitimized).
  • No stigma for homosexuality, adultery, or incestuous affairs (although your siblings will still be weirded out if you seduce them).
  • Bisexual seduction - the ability to seduce characters of any sex if they're attracted to you, regardless of whether your character's Homosexual or not.
  • Options to use birth control, receive a fertility blessing, or get a guilt-free divinely-ordained abortion.
  • Bonus: Rewrites all vanilla seduction events to support futanari characters.



  • Crusader Kings 2 version 3.3+
  • Way of Life DLC



  • Compatible with anything that doesn't affect love and seduction.
  • Works with the following mods:
  • Note that this mod overwrites the following files:
    • events/birth_events.txt
    • events/HFP_pregnancy_events.txt
    • events/wol_lovers_events.txt
    • events/wol_seduction_events.txt
  • Most of the time this won't cause problems, but if another mod drastically alters the vanilla seduction mechanics, you may have to merge the conflicts by hand.



  • Use 7zip to extract the archive into My Documents/Paradox Interactive/Crusader Kings II/mod/


If you come across any bugs or issues, please report them in the forum thread.

What's New in Version 3.2 (29 February 2020)


Version 3.2 - 29 February 2020

  • Children no longer get access to the decisions.
  • Fixed the Luxuria Fantasia breeder event not appearing.



Version 3.1 - 16 February 2020

  • Incapable characters no longer get access to the decisions.
  • Added a scandal-free version of Luxuria Fantasia's Society of Seduction Seduce decision.


Version 3.0 - 1 January 2020

  • Mod is now called "Cheri - Free Love" in the launcher, for consistency with my other mods.


Version 2.1 (2) - 10 December 2019

  • Added a bisexual seduction decision for players - i.e. the ability to seduce same-sex homosexual characters even if your character isn't homosexual, and opposite-sex non-homosexual characters even if your character is homosexual. Note that you will still need to have the Seduction focus.
  • Hotfixed a scope change.


Version 2.0 - 10 November 2019


Version 1.0.2 - 26 July 2019


Version 1.0.1 - 23 July 2019

  • Fixed a localization error. Damn Swedes and their ANSI text formatting.


Version 1.0 - 23 July 2019

  • Initial release



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