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  1. If you have no modding experience, you can always look at the CK3 wiki. You can also reverse-engineer other mods to see how they have accomplished certain things.
  2. No, Carnalitas doesn't touch culture at all. It sounds like a problem with a mod other than Carnalitas or with your CK3 install.
  3. I'm not 100% on how DWR and LF interact right now, but try setting it to use LF traits and see what happens.
  4. Why don't you try it and find out? Last time I tested Christianity Mod, it was compatible with Tentacled Dreams. I haven't updated Tentacled Dreams for a while though.
  5. Yes. That is exactly what the tooltip tells you. The syntax looks like this: carn_had_sex_with_effect = { CHARACTER_1 = $ACTOR$ CHARACTER_2 = $TARGET$ C1_PREGNANCY_CHANCE = pregnancy_chance C2_PREGNANCY_CHANCE = { value = pregnancy_chance multiply = 1.25 } STRESS_EFFECTS = yes DRAMA = yes } If I remember correctly, the slashes in the .mod file need to be backslashes ( "/" not "\" ). See if that fixes the problem.
  6. There's a soft cap to the number of children one character can have, yes. This is a CK3 engine limit. I have plans to fix all of these things, but those plans depend on features in future CK3 releases. If you know a 3D modeler interested in providing art assets for this mod, let me know.
  7. Birth control is not perfect. Check the last point of the FAQ and see if it applies to you. Have you looked at the installation instructions on the mod page? I'll believe it when I see it.
  8. Turn on whatever your kinks are and disregard the rest.
  9. Earthly Desires isn't a Carnalitas submod, but a Carnalitas clone that mostly just duplicates the same features. Running them together is mostly an exercise in futility unless you really, really like the Earthly Desires events. Use the on_pregnancy_mother on_action. See game/common/child_birth_on_actions.txt for an example of how to call events from it. cc_prostitution_events.txt is not part of Carnalitas.
  10. Thanks for the comments, everyone. I'll definitely be keeping some of these things in mind. It might be difficult to add some of the anti-aging features since there are no invisible traits in CK3, and many of these functions are hardcoded only to work with traits. But it seems like Paradox is making overtures to modders and has plans to implement the ability to hide traits in the near future, so I'll keep an eye out. This is a buggy interaction between Daughters of Lust and Mange2020's body mod. I'll try to fix it soon but for now you can disable the body mod as
  11. Yeah I'm not debugging that. Try a game with only the bare minimum number of mods enabled and see if the problem still happens. This is definitely a bug. I'll look into it.
  12. When something is in brackets like this or part of a code structure, it should not be translated, because the code is in English only.
  13. Carnalitas does not support German localization at this time. Someone offered to do German translation for us but they vanished and haven't updated their translation in a long time. If you know somebody who can help, let us know.
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