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  1. There's a siege event in vanilla CK3 that allows you to take slaves from a province, increasing the development of one of your provinces. This basically models the "free labor" you're describing. Carnalitas models a more personal slave trade where you can take slaves as lovers, assign them as knights and councillors, etc. These are all forms of servitude that make a slave valuable in court.
  2. I'll just put a disclaimer on the mod page saying we aren't affiliated with them. I'm too tired to do this song and dance again.
  3. CK2's load order is based on Dependencies listed in the .mod files. All dependencies of a mod will be loaded before the mod itself. Alphabetical order of mod names.
  4. This is intended behavior. It's literally in the name of the scope: carn_sex_player is supposed to be the player character who is seeing the sex event appear. In my opinion, you should modify your code to work with Carnalitas's output scopes, rather than modifying Carnalitas functionality to kludge together code that rests on a faulty assumption. Check the last question in the FAQ. Also make sure that Carnalitas is actually in your mod playlist when you launch the game.
  5. UPDATE: The mod submitter (Xiao Wu) has contacted me and we have resolved the situation amicably. Their misunderstanding has been cleared up and mod is no longer available on Steam Workshop.
  6. It is the license that is clearly linked on the mod page and also included when you download the mod.
  7. Everything you need can be found here: https://ck3.paradoxwikis.com/Modding
  8. Important Notice Carnalitas is being stolen and reposted on the Steam Workshop here. None of the Carnalitas contributors were informed. This is a single unaffiliated person acting on their own initiative. Our work is stolen without credit. Although Carnalitas is distributed under the GPL 3.0 license, this distribution is against the terms of that license because it does not give credit to the original authors of the work. It also breaks the terms of the GPL 3.0 license because it is distributed under the Steam Workshop license, when GPL 3.0 only extends the righ
  9. The characters are already animated in events, and adding new animations is possible. The issue is that no experienced animators have contributed sex animations.
  10. This may be because you're using another mod that adds other sounds and loading it after Tentacled Dreams. This will cause the game to not load Tentacled Dreams's sounds because of the ass backwards way that CK2 sounds work.
  11. This is a really interesting mod which I find reminiscent of my own Tentacled Dreams for CK2. Props for putting in so much hard work! Is it possible to add a game rule to turn off the hyperpregnancy portraits? I feel like trying out the mod and reading the worldbuilding but I find the hyperpregnancy portraits offputting. I'm sure you would get a wider audience and more recognition for your amazing mod if the hyperpregnancy content was optional.
  12. The genes for big tits or big dicks can be carried by either gender, but you'll only see them manifest in the appropriate gender. Eggplant + melons does not necessarily guarantee an eggplant (unless the mother is also a futa with an enormous dick).
  13. I'll put it on the to-do list. I'm not sure how this is happening, and I am unable to reproduce this because I still see the old launcher. In any case, make sure you followed the install instructions correctly and placed the "Carnalitas" folder and "Carnalitas.mod" file in your mod directory. If this problem continues you may have to ask Paradox tech support instead. Celebrate Crimes only allows you to take same-sex consorts, not same-sex spouses.
  14. No, this is explained in "Upcoming Features" Check the last question in the FAQ, and make sure your file structure is correct (your "mod" folder should contain a folder called "Carnalitas" and "Carnalitas.mod"). If you've done all of these things, sorry, I can't think of anything else that might help. Unfortunately this is pretty difficult and we have no plans to maintain compatibility with other GUI mods. Maybe when Paradox fixes their terrible, inflexible GUI modding system. The Carnalitas Framework has no control over the specific events that you
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