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  1. ya its a skeleton issue & and i had it with NPC only all other creature is fine also my game work great my load order is fine .. that issue happen when i replace original skeleton with the other one that necessary for lover mods to work ... its not a problem if u play after complete the game quests, but if u start a new game with this issue its very annoying . AS u suggested I'll try Realistic Ragdolls nexusmods link and I hope it work but i see the meshes is for creatures with I have no problem with .
  2. hello there when i kill npc i want it drop dead in its place like when u kill ogre or mentor lord ... just drop dead in its location ( NO animation or other action ) not fly to ceiling or to end of the room or that other stuff so if anyone know which files i need to rename and replace to do that OR if any mod can do that .... THX
  3. Ya i have some issue like that with some Slaves .. when i try train some of them with dogs ( rena dog shop + collar ) they become very hostile and attack me and don't stop even u yield or surrender and if i use chameleon and hidden they go out and start attack guards & other NPC .... try slave ( Adanrel ) wood elf stay in ( Methredhel's house in IC waterF ) This slave most time attack u when train with dogs !! AND i have other slave ( Viera Lerus ) bravil head guards i have it during a bravil under ground mod after i give here to here new owner khajjit in skomma den later in other quest ( stolen money quest ) when this khajjit attack me his slave attack him and kill him and when i check here i found she is remove from slave sold book and return to my property also this slave attack any other creature or bandit if i take it with me but i think because she is a guard & other stuff like this with some other slaves in my game
  4. I hope they do but oblivion in old game great but old ... slave trade is great mod & have a lot possibilities ... but its not easy and take huge time to update or make mod based on it like bravil underground which also i hope they make second story part of it ... all this need time & very expert coder i don't think they will do that
  5. As usual from U ... very good point also 2 more thing i remember need timing .. before close chorrol oblivion gate u need to get Hatreds Soul mace + Hatreds Soul bow + Hatreds Soul arrow ... the bow & mace is very power an unique weapon u can only get there or by ~ command .... check youtube to see the pass to get them .. second before enter Cheydinhal oblivion gate take the quest ( The Wayward Knight ) and make sure (Farwill survives) its a little tricky to do that u can also check youtube to see this quest steps but u get also one of two unique weapon ( Thornblade sword or Staff of Indarys ) i prefer the sword ..
  6. I play this game many times over the last 3 years & i every time i play it I release there was more effective and easy ways do things .... my advice to u forget the main quest oblivion crisis don't do it first game become boring when all oblivion gates closed and u miss very good stuff ... if u gonna play normal game without use console commands to get items or mod lvl and power then this is my recommended step 1- make a custom race with main skills that easy to be lvl up ... may favor main skill blade - armor - acrobatic - sneak - security - illusion ... my favor born pass the thief 2- start with mage guild quest so u can access to arcane university and able to use enchant and spell making alter ..... then make a enchanted robe or any kind of armor + any kind of jewelry ( 1 amulet + 2 rings ) with ( chameleon ) 5 parts will give u 100% chameleon that will make every part of the game later very easy & allow u to play at maximum difficulty ... and also my flavor magic way is ( illusion ) very good spells .... with this pass u can take any enemy easy and u need only any dagger just sneak with chameleon and hit target with dagger and u get 6x damage and dagger or sword hit didn't make around enemies feel u while bow make u expose . 3- if u gonna play with slave trade + bravil underground mods u need to focue a little in them after u make your enchant stuff to get there spells pack slave spell + reminate spell etc ... because there will be a lot of npc and dead people u kill during game quests and u don't miss there bodies they can be slaved or reminate and slaved ( for example during fighter guild quest u will kill about 25 npc with names they can be slaved and sold and so on ) 4- do some side quests second that give u some good weapon like ( The Killing Field give u Chillrend ) + ( The Siren's Deception give u Witsplinter ) 5- lvl up a little and do some Daedric quest third that give u very power staff and with chameleon 100% will be very easy to get it 6- start arena quest until u become champion 7- start Dark brotherhood quests until u get speaker rank 8- complete mage guild quests then start thief guild quests until complete 9- start fighter guild quests until complete 10- during previs quests u lvl up and with lvl up u can update your spells and do master training quests 11- do town and side quests 12 - start main quest oblivion crisis and its up to u to finish it or not .. if u finish it no more oblivion gates to raid u can find all game quests here https://elderscrolls.fandom.com/wiki/Quests_(Oblivion) https://elderscrolls.fandom.com/wiki/Quests_(Shivering_Isles) 13- there is about 4 quests need timing ( origin of gray prince before arena quest ) + ( Newheim's Flagon in the same time with Den of Thieves ) + ( Darkness Eternal before The Purification ) + ( Namira Daedric Quests - at lvl 5 - when your Personality attribute less than 20 or u will find yourself need to use ~ command ) i recommended to use this mod https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/4065 so u can carry or loot stuff without weight penalty also this mod https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/26389 so u can put note in map whats in this place its up to u to decide what good weapon & enchant u need remember to make chameleon enchant stuff 100% to use in very hard places its very handy ... have a nice game ... cheers
  7. I'm sorry I wasn't mean this dialog ... I only check the dialog when u sell slave ... anyway don't bother yourself change it Ya that what i do i always use 2 commands as a teleportation player.moveto ( location id ) & prid ( npc id )+ moveto player .... much faster for me since i can remember many IDS . Anyway the glitches sometime happen to me its not a mod error ... SO nothing wrong in mod or your work .... Thx
  8. i use this second esp but the flower dialogues didn't change ... also since u talented mod stuff can i suggest some modification 1- can u add in order menu -- i will train u -- sex ( pc dominate ) & sex ( pc pleasing slave ) --- a continues training option for ( u decide position ) .. so we don't need every time target a slave scroll down and make a lot of click for a single action ... something like the option in trainer creature in bravil underground ( continues training ) 2- can u replace the package ( follow me ) in slave order menu with the package from this ( follow me) mod in nexusmods https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/14787 .... because the follow me in slave order menu sometime glitch when u use console command prid (slave id ) -- moveto player then u use slave order follow me happen to me 2 times in Rena's dog shop ... then u can say bye bye to follow me order for all slaves ... but his follow me mod in nexusmods work better will all slaves regardless there location or action they do 3- put ( i will train u ) in Lovers Slave Trade Extensions menu . and if u decide do make those modification or other things u see its better -- Its better to be in a new topic Also one little thing i manage to slave ( umbra ) in game .. but its a strange npc slave pack spell not work with here, can't be sell as a slave & can't make other slave or trainer training here ... Only dog collar & Player can training here !!!!
  9. Ya u was absolutely right, your fixed esp work like a charm .... finally this training make sense & simple now ( more training = raise in rank ) .... thank U
  10. OK after this long talk & discussion ... I hope u upload the mod ini .
  11. again this load order u post not work anymore chick the latest posts in ( https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/9969?tab=posts&BH=2 ) i think this is becouse new operating systems win 10 or 8.1 alot of people have issue knights.esp & it's patch must get after DLCbattlehorncastle.esp & it's patch in the first after esms or game crash
  12. ABOUT the DLC i know about it but if i move ( Unofficial Oblivion Patch ) esp 3 files ( oblivion citadel door fix + uop vampire aging + Unofficial Oblivion ) to first after esms my game crash after a while and windows 10 or window 8.1 force the game to close .. we have a lot of talk about that in nexusmods this is the only load order of DLC that work with me in win 10 .... and lover hooker i will fix it i didn't use before ...
  13. OK i will check this SlaveTrade Extentions.esp when i remove it what happen with counts ... and i will use your new esp mod ... tomorrow i will post the results .... & THANK U ...
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