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[Outdated] Lovers with PK

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NOTE: This plugin is now outdated. The latest version which includes many improvements both to animations and to meshes (as well as many script fixes by WappyOne) can be found here: http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/354-lapf/







Lovers with PK 1.4

This is the base mod for all Lovers plugins, they will not work without it.



The latest version is rev96v2 and it is highly recommended that you update to it.

Lovers creatures 2.0 will require it.








Translated by: Ashal

Updated by: Gregathit and WappyOne

Requires: OBSE v0020, Lovers Resource Pack



Rev 91 is also kept here but is considered to be obsolete now and only kept for archive purposes.


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  • 3 months later...

Updated to Rev90


Machine Translated Change log:



· "H will automatically be changed in the middle position" and if you were to enable the

If you change your position at the moment to move key operations to finish motion

"Test finish out the vagina" Fixed bug that was not successful

- "Spectators" completely reworked the handling of

player is involved in H occurs only spectators

Spectators were treated as a companion of the player

Number of sightseeing was limited within the maximum allowed number of possible

H Post, was dissolved at the same time all at once

is now occurring in the non-participating spectators in the players involved

Players will be treated as a companion is no longer spectators

But many spectators will be no limit (subject to sight but one pair H)

Added production comes closer to the spectators gradually with age

H Post, will be dissolved at the timing of their pieces

· LoversModule_OBSEv0020 system was integrated into the main body content

If using later OBSEv0020 If you are running Oblivion, it automatically

"NPC compensation gap between the H coordinates were frequently in" and "silence Chinupo attached" is made

(OBSEv0019b is maintained for backward compatibility to work well in the environment)

· LoversNoGreeting system was integrated into the main body content

H immediately after the player (both are broken the moment) to "Hi!" "Hello." And such

Are no longer talking to the other

Individual · Lovers former MOD system integrated in the body if it is accidentally activated

Now displays a warning

· "Lovers Creatures Animation Project" (RussianEdition) mounted in

"XmeRotate180 (180 degree Z rotated the attack)" function taken into

· Lovers with PK.esp the "Description" to include the version required OBSE


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Guest Donkey

Actually it doesn't. You can still use the LoversIdleAnimsPriority from the animation project. And only update lovers with pk.esp and esm from rev 90.


LoversIdleAnimsPriority from rev 90 is actually the same as rev 89. No changes to any script vital for animations part. The only problem would start when they finally start converting it to playiddle instead of pickiddle.

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What about xme.rotate support in .esp? "Creature Animation Project" has old .esp with it(89 one?), so if you apply it, you will lose the updates from 90?


I can try rotating those cursed armor dog anims, so we will not need to patch the .esp anymore.

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Guest Donkey

read ashal text.


· \"Lovers Creatures Animation Project\" (RussianEdition) mounted in

\"XmeRotate180 (180 degree Z rotated the attack)\" function taken into

· Lovers with PK.esp the \"Description\" to include the version required OBSE


This has now been integrated just like rev 89.  :P


rev 90 is now the same as rev 89 just there are more bug fixes, script enhancements. Plus the new Russian addition added to it.

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Guest Donkey

Small update for rev 91



Persistent non-actors (so-called enemy Zakopane) for actors and Respawn

\"Lovers Set information display system and the individual voice (contact)\" If you are using

\"The number of times during the recording and settings will be initialized Resapwn\" an announcement that

Now appear

Setting bystander AI packages E \"TES4 CS Help\" was changed to the settings that are recommended in

(Set Location \"Any Object\" from the \"Near Reference\" to change)

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I'm sorry, but I can't download LoversWithPKRev90.zip. I tried on two differents machines, two differents OS and two differents browsers (ie and firefox). The download stops at ~ 43.5 Kb. Is there a problem with the file ?


Edit : downloaded the resource pack and lovers creatures just fine.

Edit #2 : can't download loversMB2, either.

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Lovers with PK 1.4 Rev 90


This is the base mod for all Lovers plugins' date=' they will not work without it.


Translated by: Ashal

Requires: OBSE v0019+, Lovers Resource Pack


hello i have this installed but the game keep on crashing to desktop i was wondering do i need to install rev 89 then install rev 90 and overwrite any files that conflicts or do i just need resources package and rev 90 please advice.


Kind regards

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  • 2 weeks later...

Alright so I installed the base package and then installed BBB compatible addons to the other esp files. For some reason I can't start sex with anyone, keeps telling me something about wrong position. Are you not able to do anything as a girl character? Or did I maybe install something incorrectly? Keeping the mod off until I can figure it out...

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Please take the time to read the above faq link and it will help......really I got started literally with just guessing and A LOT of trial and error. The above faq will get you up and playing (not to mention enjoying) the whole lovers pk experience pretty damn quick. There is a learning curve but get the basics down via the faq and proper installation/load order and then ask questions if you get stuck. If you ask specific questions people will jump to help you out. If you just make vague comments of can't make it work then..............

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Is there any way to install obse manually, i mean like just put files here and there without actually activating the file?

It's just I'm using mac and got the oblivion cider like a pirate vers for mac, i can use most of mods by putting them manually in right path but things like obse or obmm that supposed to be exe files are such a pain... also things like boot camp to use windows in mac also wont work... in short version i glitched it by accident :P

I do got pc but i won't even try to install oblivion there or it might explode, it's almost as old as me lol :P


or is there any other animated mods that do not require obse?


In any case thanks

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You can just overwrite everything - I did. However, BEFORE doing so I made a backup of my entire oblivion folder.


I do this periodically as I add/remove mods so I don't end up having to reinstall the 300+ mods I have built in - That would take,like......FOREVER!!!!!


Once you have backed up you oblivion folder - do a clean save (uncheck your xlovers esp's/esm's and run the game - then save and exit. Then install rev91 and recheck in OBMM all your other xlovers mods and Bang!! Your good to go!

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