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  1. List of mods can work... Mods are eventually abandoned - because very few modders share their assets and it's not an open format like what you can find in Beth's games. Then they are broken by Funcom's updates (Sexiles comes to mind). But having an up to date list is manageable. Servers, however.... They open/close/go dormant on a daily basis. Some have existed for a long time (Chains, Oasis of pleasure, Hunter's Gaze...). And the frontier between RP (with ERP flavor) and pure ERP servers is hard to find.
  2. Some of the mods you are listing (Litman for instance) aren't maintained anymore, or the links are going nowhere (the last two ones) Also you may want to add this one : Slavermod https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1386982683&searchtext=slavermod Good luck in maintaining a list, it's probably the 13th labour of Hercules
  3. Loved your potion skin mod, I like when walking into shops that sell magic items they really add to the atmosphere.


    Any mods that can make trips to magical items shops just seem a little bit more like a visit to Diagon Alley is a great mod... tyty!

  4. I cant manage to "install" it into my skyrim and i dont understand what im doing wrong it just doesnt show up


    1. jeppemolin


      like a video or somthin would be helpful i have no idea what im doin att this point


  5. Aleanne

    Riddle of steel

    If you like Howard and Lovecraft, you may want to take a spin at Clark Aston Smith stuff. http://www.telerama.fr/livre/trois-raisons-de-(re)lire...-le-fantasyste-clark-ashton-smith,n5429521.php I suggest reading Zothique at the light of a black candle, but that's just me Nice screenshots btw, the girl is lovely.
  6. You might like this one from the same author : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1379500321
  7. Yes they do conflict. It's possible to make them play nice with each other. What I did was (on the old leg pack, for example): - Rename Leg_Pack_GD.upk to Leg_Pack_G1.upk - Rename Leg_Pack_Assets.upk to Leg_Pack_Asset1.upk Do not change the length of the filenames - Edit Leg_Pack_G1.upk in an hex editor, replace all instances of Leg_Pack_GD with Leg_Pack_G1, all instances of Leg_Pack_Assets with Leg_Pack_Asset1 - Edit XComContent.ini, in the ArchetypeName column, replace all Leg_Pack_GD with Leg_Pack_G1
  8. Need to stop feasting on these ADVENT burgers
  9. Works for WOTC just fine. No idea about vanilla, but I'm skeptical.
  10. Here : https://www.loverslab.com/topic/57070-lewd-mods-and-xcom-2/?page=63&tab=comments#comment-2199709
  11. The Commander is going to be very happy Thank you Wrex.
  12. That's an unexpected surprise, thank you !
  13. This could help maybe ? https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/8229/?
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