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Sexout Rapist Continued

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I have received permission from srayesmanll to update and continue his work on the classic plugin Sexout Rapist.


It's a simple, direct mod for being a menace to the people of the Mojave. No combat rape as yet, just direct assault and blitz (sneak) rape.


I am clueless as to what I'm doing at the moment, I'm gonna start by just updating the sex calls to the current standard, as this mod as it currently stands hasn't been updated since three years ago yesterday ;)


Current upload is just srayesmanll's last version. It currently works, though position selections may be off due to recent position selection changes. Below is the original description.


SexoutRapist is as the name states - a mod that allows the PC to be a rapist. The PC can initiate the standard Oral/Vaginal (Female victim, of course)/Anal. If the PC has followers, then 3-way/Gandbang/Rape Orgy/Coercion become available.
Required Mods:
Sexout (v2.5.68 or later)
SCR (v1.04 REQUIRES SexoutCommonResources20121012.1 or later. I repeat, REQUIRES SexoutCommonResources20121012.1 or later)
Tryout (only due to the fact that the meshes for the strap on used here are located in Tryout)
Console Info/Errors directly related to sexoutRapist are always marked with the preface of soRapist.
Also, with the latest version of SCR (REQUIRED), the debug setting for soRapist is 13.


Gangbang/Rape Orgy

Gangbang allows all followers to rape a single selected target, one at a time. Creature followers will go last. Rape Orgy allows followers to rape nearby NPCs. PC still rapes the targeted victim, the followers will rape randomly targeted nearby NPCs. The rapes are simultaneous. If running any type of population increase or area opening mods, you may see a small performance hit. With the new changes, RO has no escape chance, and the run away after rape does not happen.




The rapist is able to take anything from the rape victim. Inventory is automatically opened after the last rape of the victim.



Enthrallment and Coercion - Updated

Coercion: The PC can coerce a previously raped follower into raping another. Currently this is basically a yes/no. The follower can refuse (unless Enthralled) with no repercussions. To coerce the follower, the PC initiates a normal dialog with the follower, although sometimes with certain NPCs (Sunny, and possibly Cass), the PC will need to do it through SmallerTalk. The dialog begins with "I have a present for you." If the coercion is successful, then the next time the PC initiates rape (blitz or dialog), an option about "giving you to a friend..." will appear as a rape option. Creature will have a coercion option as well.


Enthrallment: Once the PC rapes a follower, the Enthrallment Quest begins. The PC must then rape a follower (not required to be the same follower that initiated the quest) following the guidelines of the Quest (FM/O/V/A + 3 coerced rapes). Once the Quest is complete, the PC gets the "Rape Master" perk. Currently the Perk just increases the PCs EN by 1. Also once the quest is complete, followers can becomes enthralled. The % chance to Enthrall a follower is based upon the number of times the follower has been raped/coerced to rape. Enthralled for the follower basically means that they can no longer refuse coercion attempts, they will not attempt escape to avoid rape, PC does not get a Karma hit from raping them, and hell, they may even thank you for raping them :).


Enthrallment is not limited to followers. Non-follower NPCs can become enthralled as well. Enthrallment is simpler with NPCs. No set amount, no quest. Each time the NPC is raped, there is a chance of enthrallment based upon the number of times raped. The effects of non-follower NPC Enthrallment is the same as the follower. There may also be some NPCs that are automatically enthralled on the first rape. The reason may become clearer later :P. Raping NPCs can have the opposite effect as well. It's possible that an NPC will become a hater rather than Enthralled. Currently, nothing special happens with the Haters, but that will change :dodgy:



Crime and Punishment

Rape is initiated using the 'b' key. Rape can happen 2 ways:
1) Blitz rape - this occurs if the player is sneaking and is undetected by the intended victim. This displays the same (well, similar - text has changed) options for rape as before. With this mode, there is no chance of escape.
2) Dialog - this occurs if the user is detected by the victim when sneaking, or by not sneaking at all. A dialog is initiated (text determined by sex of player and victim). The same options appear as in Blitz, with the addition of forced masturbation.
Chance of escape is calculated based on several factors. The base is 90% chance of escape. Each of the following reduce that chance:
a) player CH - 10% for each point above 5.
B) weapon drawn - 20%
c) female victim and player has ladykiller/cherchezlefemme - 20%
d) male victim and player has blackwidow/confirmedbachelor - 20%
e) player level X 2%
f) # of followers X 10%
g) If victim is enthralled, no escape can occur...


If the victim escapes, they will run away from player based on a set distance. Once reached, the victim should return to their original package. The victim will run away AFTER the rape as well.


Rape duration will be a randomized based on the default duration set in Sexout MCM prefs. That will be modified by the rapist endurance. It will be a scale with the low end = EN X 10%. The upper end will be 150%. If you have an EN of 5, the range would be 50% - 150%. Any chems that modify EN affect the low end as well. Buffout has an additional effect in that it raised the upper end by 50%. So in the above example, a PC with Buffout would get a range of 80% - 200%. The formula applies to all rapists followers as well.


Only punishment currently enforced is a Karma hit for each rape. Still planning on adding the "mob" aspect.


Future: If enough people witnessing the rape turn against the Rapists, then a simple fade to black will occur, with the Rapists waking up some number of hours later damaged/crippled, basically beaten by the mob. In a more advanced version, I would like to have Bounty Hunters show up at a certain point to avenge a rape victim (however, that currently is beyond my capabilities).



MCM plans

None currently



The Lair

This will be a separate module. This will be an underground location where the Rapist can take the victim. Enslaving would be easiest to get them there, but I don't want to require a slave mod. What I'm thinking is that when the PC initiates a sneak rape, the PC will be given a new option to take the victim to the lair immediately (once the lair has been discovered). If they are using a slave mod, then the option is not given and the PC has to take the victim there normally. The lair will be a "normal" home, just with a playpen area. The Playpen will consist of a central large cell with up to 6 storage cells. The Playpen will have several ZAZ items and sextoys for use in the main area. The Lair will have a staff of 2 people - Bruce (really want him to have an Aussie accent if I can get him voiced) and Cassandra. Basically the PC will be able to relax in the Playpen watching Bruce and Cassandra handle the slaves, or the PC can participate in the fun. Since this is the player's private lair, no Punishment will occur (at least, not for the PC...) I'm thinking The Lair will be in or around Primm. Goodsprings is too busy with all of the other housing mods, plus I like the idea of The Lair being a place named Primm (Primm and Proper)



Known issues - Updated

Current upload is just srayesmanll's last version. It currently works, though position selections may be off due to recent position selection changes.


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    SexoutNG, Common Resources for some props, and anything else those two files require.


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Woohoo my favorite non-framework related mod gets continued! Thanks for getting permission and continuing it, it's always great when people continue to support and make mods for games even when the new ones are around the corner or the game itself is old. Will download and test it out this weekend for sure.

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Ah ok. Well I'll definitely be waiting haha!


I've been noticing something recently you might be able to help with. You know how the inventory is automatically opened after the rape scene right? Well, when it opens for me I get something called "Legacy: Sexout Actor Token", any idea what this is? Taking it seems to do nothing.

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Ah ok. Well I'll definitely be waiting haha!


I've been noticing something recently you might be able to help with. You know how the inventory is automatically opened after the rape scene right? Well, when it opens for me I get something called "Legacy: Sexout Actor Token", any idea what this is? Taking it seems to do nothing.


Just in general:  NEVER take the tokens.  Some of the tokens in the past could cause issues with sexout when taking them.  Just not a good idea.  Frankly I thought all of the token use was removed from SexoutNG but maybe not (although it is called "Legacy" so maybe kept for backwards compatibility), or it's from another sexout mod.  I don't remember adding any type of token use for Rapist.  Again though ... "Don't touch it...  It's EVIL!!!!"

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The sexout tokens used to be how you identified the animation number for bug checking. The number of tokens = animation number.


Knew they were for something useful, just couldn't remember what.  However, I think the main point may still apply - don't take the blue pill... uhmm, I mean... Don't take the tokens.



Although, would those have gone in the PC inventory, NPC inv, or both?  Just wondering, since K is seeing them in the NPCs inv.

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In sexout pre-93, tokens were used to make PickIdle select the right sexout animation, so taking them would mess things up. In '93 this switched to NX vars, then from '94 sexout switched to using PlayIdle to call animations directly.


Now, the tokens with 'legacy' in their name have no purpose to sexout, they are just given out to maintain backward compatability with any mods that still check for them.

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I can't code or script my way out of a wet paper bag, and I really didn't think this through when I took it on. After a few weeks pounding my head against a brick wall, I'm admitting defeat. If you're interested in helping/taking over, leave a comment or PM me.

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I realize this is a very old thread but I only recently bought NV and keep getting a CTD with this particular mod, which is in all honesty is the only reason I went through the 2 hour trouble of installing everything that this mod required. Any help would be appreciated.


Edit: Never mind, find the particular problem. Didn't have SexoutCommonResources.esm installed. Sorry for the bump.

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