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    Gaming mostly. If it's open world and many choices can be made, I'll probably love it. Boobs is also an interest, I'm a boobs person. Still love a good booty doe. You can message me and we can have a conversation, yayyyy! Not that anyone does...
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    Um....There isn't much to say about me. I play a variety of games and tend to mod most if possible. Like I have so many mods in my Fallout: New Vegas game, I'm still finding things I've never seen before to this day. I tend to keep my LoversLab life and my Steam/Skype/everything else life separate, but that doesn't mean I'm not accepting friends. Yea that's all I can think of for now, we can always talk via the message system here on LL.

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  1. Creature Framework says that it cant do startup initialization, either JContainers or something else is not installed (they are). Is this the issue that some have and some don't with no valid fix?
  2. Yea I did, by default it still enables message replies. Much nicer now seeing his messages minimized and my notifications not clogged by some manchild who wants to force his opinion on us and then claim we are irrelevant, when the opinion was directed in a thread not even related to it lmao. Anywho, haven't had a chance to check my game beyond the initial working but will update you as I test my saves and do the ingame MCM install and registering stuff.
  3. We don't care, k thanks bye Mr "rare poster" at nearly 11k posts.
  4. Yea that experimental thing. Ah gotcha, so I just don't need it. It actually is in readme, but I originally skipped it because I was like "pffft the mods gone, so should be the references." I did some tweaking though with ESSE and by removing the scripts and instances for stuff like nude creatures, the save I wanted to use worked but my followers all disappeared and refused to return, and all mods installed as if they were new LOL. I did manage to get lucky though and the save worked as before my edits, so I re-saved it and will deal with it today or tomorrow. Yea no, 4K tomatoes is
  5. Original thread had nothing to do with you either, MMG was helping me on issues 🤷‍♂️
  6. I'm not even sure what the experimental tool does, I understood it as being able to convert stuff to the new updates and making it easy but I guess not...? Well it works on new save so I suspect CF has issues with carrying over the update into the old save, I might've done something wrong or missed that save reference bit in readme. I'm also very low on animations, FNIS says about 5300 first like, 2250 second line, but I only really use <300, Sexlab anim list in MCM shows like 250 at most total but this is mid update stuff. Should I entirely disable the HighRes packs
  7. Ok I guess I misunderstood what the optional one does, that's a bit easier then. I use MO2 for mods and it seems I was able to skip steps 1-5, as it does its virtual install thing and "remove mod" removes that mod entirely with the meshes and esp, and then for #6 I deleted two .nif files it found that were MNC_animal name.nif. Right now I am trying to get my game to work with updated CF so I can save and continue the other steps but I'm getting infinite load screen, I'll probably figure this out in a few days. Here's load order so far, I turn the two walking dead files off and on whenever
  8. Aw why doesn't your follower also get one? Sharing is caring!
  9. Oh Christ I never saw this mod so I'm updating all my old stuff like MNC, creature framework and hentai creatures to the ones in here. I feel like I've reached a point where my mods conflict each other for the animal meshes but I'm not sure. Can drop my pluginlist from mod organizer upon request. I'm on MNC 9.3, CF 1.1.0-pre2, HC 1.04. Skyrim LE aka oldrim by the way. Though, can I do it as install "experimental sexlab creatures SLAL conversion", do the converting, uninstall old MNC, HC, install new ones? Or do I have to uninstall old, install new, then convert? Bit lost to this type of u
  10. Any way to restrict the spawning gender or is that from the main walking dead only? Also would love to see the race come up in Schlongs of Skyrim to have the NPCs more fine tuned with spawning varieties.
  11. Thanks for posting about this game. I checked it out and it's really cool. I always hoped there would be some kind of Papers Please adult variant and this is pretty cool especially with a freeplay mode.
  12. What a lucky troll. What I'd do to be in his place 😉
  13. A great blog post without sex, very nice! For English adjustment, it's all very well translated only "Get some rest and tomorrow you will introduce you to our fellows." should this not be "Get some rest and tomorrow we will introduce you to our fellows. (or fellow friends?)" Hopefully soon I can bring life to some characters as well once I reset my PC with the new parts and fix Skyrim - again!
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