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    Gaming mostly. If it's open world and many choices can be made, I'll probably love it. Boobs is also an interest, I'm a boobs person. Still love a good booty doe. You can message me and we can have a conversation, yayyyy! Not that anyone does...
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    Um....There isn't much to say about me. I play a variety of games and tend to mod most if possible. Like I have so many mods in my Fallout: New Vegas game, I'm still finding things I've never seen before to this day. I tend to keep my LoversLab life and my Steam/Skype/everything else life separate, but that doesn't mean I'm not accepting friends. Yea that's all I can think of for now, we can always talk via the message system here on LL.

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  1. ★ Farmer's Dreams

    A long shot buuut....Does anyone have a full save of this or saves of the good points?
  2. Sex Screenshots - Post your ingame adventures here!

    I love your character, I demand more please!
  3. [SUNSAKUKA] Friday Entry No. #5

    I love the beach bikinis.
  4. [SUNSAKUKA] Friday Entry No. #2

    :O I LOVE HER! The tattoos, her blue hair, she's so beautiful will she be released as a follower or preset?
  5. [SUNSAKUKA] Friday Entry No. #1

    First post on the new site yay! Let's celebrate with more boobs :D
  6. Sexlab Deadly Drain

  7. Don't judge me for that...

    Girls and animals, I love it! Hidielle has become a professional at taking animals haha.
  8. Nimiel & Vanya.

    No more magazine? Hm ok, what about back to random screens? Don't worry about making the titles I think "random screens" was perfectly fine.
  9. SUNSAKUKA MAGAZINE !! #13 The pale girl

    Now they look squished like someone pushed from the front But the blue one really good. I know I'm really picky. I like the one before though for Hidielle where it looks low between this new one and that low one, it definitely looks real with the gravity feel.
  10. SUNSAKUKA MAGAZINE !! #13 The pale girl

    I think it's pretty good, maybe just make it a little not-so-low? They definitely look more real but they look like someone put pressure at the top. Yes punishment! Everyone gets one!
  11. SUNSAKUKA MAGAZINE !! #13 The pale girl

    Hidielle's boobs seem a bit lower haha. Great first outfit, the white lingerie thing? Also she is overdue a "punishment" .
  12. SUNSAKUKA MAGAZINE !! #12 "New character" WIP

    Pretty! Has she been "broken" in yet?
  13. Life Update (and a poll) #1

    Thank you. It is just dealing with everything now which is a lot but I don't have any other choice. Did you vote in the poll?
  14. Life Update (and a poll) #1

    I kept putting this off because I said to myself I would instead make random screens #2 or at least add images to this. A few days ago I decided I would rather post what's happened in my life to interrupt my images rather than keep quiet. Keep in mind as you read this, none of us like dad because he's become such an aggressive, uncaring, selfish piece of shit who thinks the world revolves around him and he still is that way. To begin, it is late March, dad is taken to hospital by ambulance we called early morning when I was on a 1 week summer break from college, it's like there's classes, a quick break, then classes again after. We later learn it was a stroke. Two weeks or so later he is taken out and put into some rehabilitation center because insurance said "lol times up go somewhere that's cheaper for us" and skip to the mothers day weekend where we have to bring him home because he was kicked out of there for "not meeting the skills" by head doctor dipshit. Motherfucker YOU are supposed to give him the skills to walk and talk again. The therapists at hospital were very lazy and of the 10ish times they were supposed to come, only once did I hear they came. Skip to present day and he is the most annoying, childish, bipolar person you could meet. Aimlessly comes and goes on his wheelchair with a mind given up on recovery and only making more work for us. So now with college back up and thanks to him I didn't pass one class before so I'm retaking it now, he's not as much a cunt as before but still the constant coming and going is getting annoying, whether I'm doing homework or playing games. So I turn here because I have kind of forgotten the storyline I had with polls. What do you want to see, if anything? I DO plan on doing something and I am totally fine doing both, posts would probably be twice a week if both. If one option then probably once or twice a week. If you want to suggest a game to see put up alongside Skyrim, select that in poll and list it below. We'll see how we go from there. Note I forgot to add: Poll will end Friday 10/6 at noon PST. You can still vote after that, I just won't take note and count it. Based on current votes I'm already thinking of things to upload and when. I expect it to go up Saturday, roughly 24 hours after. Maybe even same day but it'll go public at 8am Saturday if so. Poll has ended with the results of: 6 for storyline 2 for images with no relation to a storyline 6 for both 0 for all others Looks like both it is then.
  15. SUNSAKUKA MAGAZINE !! #11 Nola Stonewulf

    Her boobs look so good in that armor :wub: