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  1. I dunno if the author was trying for realism, but as someone who's tried to make homemade edibles IRL, that's actually pretty realistic. Complete with having no idea how your kitchen got so destroyed.
  2. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/75110 This mod has been abandoned by the author. Source code is available in downloads, and the author gives open permission to adopt the mod or make use of features. It's a make-your-own-guild mod that already has a slaver's guild as an available option. Might be a good resource for the cultists. In regard to the house hiding the shrine, any chance of a Hearthfires-type setup where it starts as a shack but as the cult grows you can improve it? Instead of purchasing the land from a Jarl, completing the vanilla Molag Bal quest unlock
  3. In regard to some suggestions and ideas I saw posted in the other thread, a thought. You aren't working in a vacuum and many modders here either freely share their source work or set their mods up as frameworks. SexLab Eager NPCs, for example, could make a good foundation for your relationship ideas and some suggestions from another user. It has a list of different options as far as making love, aggressive sex, who's on top, etc. that is controlled by your relationship level. So, for example, someone you've only just met will only offer the option to make love while a full-on lover would
  4. This mod has been blatantly stolen and posted on Nexus. They didn't even bother with new screenshots. https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/43283
  5. Just Business requires XDI, which is incompatible with several mods I use. This mod is simple, has few requirements that a lot of people use, and is single-purpose: Slaves. I like MCG but it has a lot of features I don't use. Yeah, I know they can be turned off in the MCM but it's still a bunch of extra files and scripts and other content in my game that I just don't use.
  6. I'm having a weird problem where, if I change a slave's appearance using this mod, their hair goes infinite like I'm having a problem with my installed body physics mod. But the hair I'm using isn't even physics enabled. Anyone else encounter this and know what might be causing it?
  7. Dunno if this will work or not, but you could try using Knockout Framework. Knock her out, place the calling card to advance the quest, then wake her up.
  8. Any chance of an FDI patch instead of XDI? XDI breaks mods that use workarounds for no player voice. It makes Fusion City Rising full-on crash, and breaks dialogue for Mary Jane Companion and the new mod The Machine and Her.
  9. I notice in the description that it says slaves can be sold to "certain merchants". Which merchants, and how is that controlled? If I were to make a slave market mod what would I do to the market manager to make him buy slaves? Would it be possible to add this to a settlement merchant stand in order to make a buildable slave merchant for settlements? I'm not asking you to do any of this, just how it could be done if someone wanted to do it themselves.
  10. Just out of curiosity, since several other mods also remove that keyword (Raider Children and Killable Children are the first two to come to mind) how hard would it be to switch from blacklisting child race to whitelisting only HumanAdult and GhoulAdult? And maybe supermutants since I know those animations exist and there are a few SM questgivers.
  11. I found the problem, and the good news is it isn't you or a base game bug. I will notify the mod author for the problem mod. For future reference, if anyone else encounters this problem the mod missing the ActorTypeChild keyword is Fusion City Rising.
  12. My crucified NPCs aren't taking damage. I have damage turned on, but when I check each crosses settings menu they're all doing 0 damage. What setting do I adjust to increase the amount of damage done per cycle?
  13. I've noticed with quest rewards that you can get the offer of post-quest sex even from child actors (in Vault 81 the little girl with the cat wanted to "reward" me for returning it). And when you have notifications on for when NPCs interact I keep seeing [x is having an affair with y] where x or y is a child. When I hunt them down to take out the pedo they're never actually doing anything beyond existing in the same room, but it's still concerning.
  14. For flirt v assault approaches, as well as pretty much any other approach, there are sliders in the MCM. As for dating, talk to your date using the MCG hotkey. There will be a new option with (date) at the end for date interactions. NPCs have one of three types: Friendly, Romantic, or Spicy. You can give unlimited gifts during a date, so get some rare books, fancy watches and precious gems and give your date one of each until she kisses you.The watch is friendly, the book is spicy, and the gem is romantic. I haven't figured out the achievement topics or end of date kisses yet.
  15. The texture issue is because Fusion Girl does not include raider (dirty) textures. You need to go into the filepath and either find a raider texture replacer that will work with Fusion Girl, or copy the regular textures over to the dirty texture path.
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