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  1. You are supposed to move the animations manually using the builtin sexlab functions to move the animation against a nearby wall. Some animations that use items like chairs, tables, and dildos will include the objects, but the "wall" animations do not include a wall. At least Anub's don't. You might want to check this out as well... Furniture Sax Framework.
  2. You need the Inappropriate Unlock for the Patreon version.
  3. "giraffe" - what, you have something against the tall?
  4. Simple. Fix the warnings. ">>Warning: Custom skeleton found. Select SKELETON patch.<< " - check the skeleton patch. ">>Warning: \character\behaviors\FNIS_Defeat_Behavior.hkx not Skyrim compatible<<" - make sure you downloaded the correct version of Defeat. I assume that since you are posting this in the LE forum that you are using the LE version, not SE. So you probably have the SE version of defeat. Of course, if you are using the SE version of Skyrim, then make you you download the SE version of mods.
  5. If I remember correctly, the mod replaces the sibyl with an adult version. So it sounds like you have a mod that is overwriting the changes to the sibyl. Try moving the mod lower in your load order. If using MO2 for your mods, make sure that the dibella mod is lower in the left pane as well.
  6. Then join the Patreon for WW. Otherwise, quit whining and just wait patiently like the rest of us.
  7. For #1, make sure you turn off the automatic free cam in Sexlab and use it manually (the numpad 3 key by default, but can be remapped). Make sure to turn off the free cam before the end of the animation.
  8. AAF - Advanced Animation Framework is the main framework (sex and nonsex.m, and it is not FNIS-like at all). There are many sex-related mods that use AAF. Look here for a nice setup guide and mod/animation list...
  9. I know, right? Usually takes 2 weeks before someone becomes jaded enough to demand new stuff...
  10. Well, get off your ass and learn to mod yourself. That way you get exactly what you want in a mod rather than what other people feel like making. Or maybe make some specific suggestions in the request thread instead of some generic entitled demand.
  11. I've said this numerous times in the past: Idiocracy is turning more into a documentary each year.
  12. He is merging both pets and kinky whims into devious desires mod. Eventually kinky will be discarded. Currently you need both if you use the 'pets' part of dd. If you only use kinky whims, then stick with that alone until all of kw is merged into dd.
  13. If you are using Mod Organizer, just double-click the mod (left pane) and then click the ini tab (2nd one). Then click the ini in the list on the left (should be the only one). The ini text will be displayed in the main pane. If you've manually installed the mod, the file should be in the data\SKSE\Plugins folder. I don't use vortex so not sure if it has the ini editor built in like MO.
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