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  1. I don't have these outfits in my folders, but I still have CTD as soon as I hit any gunner (mostly female ones). Until now I managed to proceed by letting my companions kill them, as it didn't crashed when it was them to kill the gunners. But now I can't play anymore, as I get CTD even if it's my companions who shoots at the gunners. Is there any way to solve it? I'm using Fusion Girl 1.75
  2. Then it would just be a matter of time I guess, I'd try it myself but I'm totally denied to create these kind of things.
  3. Any chance to also add behemoths, robots and the other creatures for the x-ray?
  4. I guess that you'll lose all your slaves and every other thing you have "used" from this mod. I think it would be faster using the console to skip that quest progress.
  5. Try reloading the game after she got her synth body. I had a similar issue, at first she didn't got recognized but after reloading everything worked perfectly. If it doesn't helps you out, then try to "replace" her with the console.
  6. Allright, got it. I thought it was a random choice lol.
  7. So it should ignore all the others? Becouse on one run it's always Curie, even if I offer sex to another NPC. It just joins Curie and the other. While in another run, it keeps choosing Harley Quinn (from her mod on Nexus) and just like Curie on the other save, if I try to offer another companion the NPC joins her and the other.
  8. I have many followers with me, mostly vanilla and few added by other mods. But when I want to whore out any of them, it's always the same one who gets chosen. Is there a way to modify that?
  9. Yeah, I'd loved to have this in game (and for some moments I've actually thought that there was).. So I decided to try to learn how to create animations, but I have totally no idea on how to begin and what I should have or use to do them.
  10. Well, that explains why I never saw them lol. I thought to be somehow blind 😂
  11. Since I wanted to ask you this later, after being sure about the Radstag animations... Did you knew about those? Any chance to add them to Violate?
  12. In the WIP page you also show a Radstag animation, but I tried to "launch" it but I failed. Neither AAF or SEU sees the Radstags as possibilities.
  13. I had no idea about that lol. I've never tried to activate the animations with them, but I guess I can begin Edit, I launched FO4 (Vadermania 1.1 installed and active) and tried with AAF menu, but the radstag was not selectable. How do I begin that animation? I tried also with SEU but still nothing.
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