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  1. Just for being sure, they needs to become adult settlers for a safer update? Or with them being childs (and not babies anymore) will be enough?
  2. What about pregnant characters? At the moment I have many pregnant NPCs including some companions and myself, can I update to the new version now or I should wait that everyone givbes birth and then the babies to grow up?
  3. To install mods, you have to copy the entire folder to the PPLSS/www/mods folder But where did you found them? I haven't found any
  4. Yeah, that's what I was afraid of. But who knows, maybe a Jedi might be interested into doing them? 😂
  5. They're soo awesome!! And thi might be the wrong post to ask, and I'm afraid to already know the answer but I'll ask it anyway: Might be available, someday, an actual sex-mod? Like the ones for Fallout, TES etcetera?
  6. Sure, that was just a question. As Krazyone stated there are still some creatures with little or no animation, but apparently he too forgot about the Radstags 😂
  7. Apparently I'm the only one with these issues, but I have installed all the requirements. Any idea of what I should do to fix it?
  8. Now I get it XD also becouse with Zaz Particles I get AAF stuck at 30%. Anyway no, no pregnancy and no cuminflation (and I've setted it at the maximum). I tried with human male, human female, Dogmeat and super mutants but still nothing. And by AAF logs, I get the issue 086 morphset ID "SCready" not found (it's repeated a lot of time) and the last one is 004, plugin not installed. But I've installed all the requirements?
  9. I tried it again, but either the cumflation is barely visible (which I doubt as I've setted it at the maximum) or I'm still missing something. On the main page it's listed Zaz.particles, which I had to remove as it was with Indarello's patch and it's incompatible with StaticPhobia's patches. So, where should I get the Zaz.particles.esp?
  10. And I should enable StaticPhobia's Final Farewell after it, right? The Script Tweaks and Funky Fysics too or only the SSG files?
  11. I always love your jobs. And I'm sure I'll love this one too, but I'm still confused right now. I've installed it, placed it right below the previous FPE version and apparently there are more than 300 files with no conflicts. So now I don't know if I should remove the FPE 2.6 or not.
  12. Is it possible to add a "limit" for the enemies to join during Violate? I have enabled the "allow hostile factions" and it works quite too much. I use WotC which adds lots of enemies all around who fights each other, and when I get defeated and surrender to one enemy, then also the other ones joins in. Even if they are really far from my position. Yesterday I got defeated near Finch Farm, and few seconds later the enemies I saw while walking there from the Slog appeared to join in. They all were fighting by themselves on the way for Listening Post Bravo, none of them saw me or my com
  13. Yeah I've noticed many missing pieces on the Wiki, which is also why I decided to help with it a little bit. I'd like to complete all the missing things (at least for FO4) but there are LOT of things. Right now I'm working on Jade's quests. If you want, you can help too by editing the pages with the bugs you find.
  14. I'm awaiting them too, as much as a "surrender mod" like "AAF Violate" for Fallout 4 which will lead to some fun (for the zombies at least)
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