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Monsto Brukes

Clothing Converter Lattice Library (Share your Clothing Converter lattices)

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Clothing Converter Lattice Library

Have you used the Clothing Body Style Converter?
It is a tool to convert outfits between body types. Read the linked thread to learn about it and how it works. (Yes, it is a cool as it sounds!)


Clothing Body Style Converter -- Info in the Official thread :: Download the Latest version .85.a



If you have used it
Then I thought it'd be a decent idea to gather together and share lattices.

  • Make a post with a brief description of the source body and the target body.
  • Screenshots of an example outfit before and after would help.
  • Attach your lattice(s) to the post.
  • Even if your target is a bodyslide original, you might attach your bodyslide as well.

I'll track the thread and keep a catalog in this post.

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Thanks for making this. I've added links from the Clothing Converter main post.

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Well it's only a topic to share  some Lattices for Skyrim , not Oblivion or Fallout too ?

Sorry if i wrote in a wrong section but i came here just by following a link from the Gerra6's topics page.




PS ; ... and by the way the latest version is not the 085a  ...

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This is a lattice of a very slim CBBE-Slim to Demonica body shape, both are the 0 weighted nif's But using a fairly complex armour, (the Terra armours, viridinium set) it gives good results, this is using the following parameters for the lattice:


Vertex Targets: 3

Search Distance: 10

Vertex Normal Search Weight: 0


Two Step Lattice: Enabled

UV Search: Disabled


The question is how do I now get the armour into an esp, since I guess I'm now going to have to reverse engineer one. Doubtless I will work that out in time.


I used RC 85a  as a base and loaded that into the RC 89i upgrade release for the latest scripts, choosing not to overwrite the scripts, etc. 




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This...I can't believe I didn't find this until a couple of days ago. It works damn near flawlessly for CBBE-based bodies; I only had to move a few vertices for two bodies. The most amazing part, is that it handles "extreme" meshes, such as coldsteel's BBW Body, without any hassle.


So far, I've only used this for the body meshes, so that I could chuck them into Bodyslide. Currently preparing a large slider pack, so that when I have fixed the vanilla outfits, I won't have to re-do the whole "conform to sliders" business. for every new slider I find.


Here are the lattices I've generated so far. They used the program's default settings when making them, just so y'know.


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i am still trying to get good outputs.

when/if i get good results, i'll share my lattices:


T3M_to_CUTE (Fallout) -> maybe i have to do that in two steps T3M_to_Alice + Alice_to_CUTE




i hoped to find more lattices here...

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The only good one I've made so far that worked well was from UNPB TBBP to UNP HDT-PE, but that's probably because of how similar they are. :lol:

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A shame we don't have more. I'm looking to convert HGEC(E-LL) to (U)UNP or CBBE, but I'm not really sure how to use the upper body and lowerbody mesh together, nor what settings would be ideal.


Any lattices and/or tips would be great. :D


In the meantime my friend is trying it out by hand.


(The armor we're working on the the Cute Leather Dress *harness* from oblivion. The author doesn't want anyone to upload conversions, so we aren't just asking someone to convert it - instead trying to do it ourselves.)

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What a necro!


Oh well here is a necro challenge for you!


Try converting calyps unp assasin armor to cbbe with HDT and see how that goes:-)

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Calyps Razor Assassin Armor the black skin tight under layer is a texture placed over the UNP body if you changes it texture path to textures\actors\character\female\femalebody_1.dds it will revert back to being the female UNP body. Now you can convert it make sure to have only skin on when doing it as CBBE and UNP have different UV maps. After conversion change the texture for the body back to the black skintights. If you are going to change out the body in the armor after conversion with a CBBE body you will not be able to use the black skin tight textures as it's made for the UNP body and will probably have those nasty marks you get will using CBBE textures with UNP.

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To convert a skyrim body to a oblivion body there are a few things you will have to do first before you can try to do it. First you have to run the HGEC body nifs through Gerra6's pose converter to convert the pose from obilivions T pose to the skyrim pose if you don't do this it'll convert wrong. Next you must find a skyrim body that is close to the HGEC body you plan on using. If you don't do this when you try to convert the skyrim body to the oblivion body you will get flat boobs flat smashes butt for the skyrim body. You also can only use the skin option as the 2 bodies have different UV maps. 


A better way is to try my tutorial on how to port oblivion armors to skyrim using outfit studio.



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I wasn't talking about the razor armor but the other armor they made it was red and black and the gloves were screwed up bad. Every conversion I found of it doesn't work right for the arms or is not really cbbe but some 7b shit and other problems.

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The problem isn't with the clothing converter the problem is with the gloves/gauntlets not having any hands in the nifs that is why gloves\gauntlets turn out funky during conversion. I use to see that problem with converting oblivion gloves\gauntlets and after the conversion the fingers would be warped snaggle toothed fingers bent and pointing in weird directions.


But after pasting in hands and then running them through the converter they came out looking good if the gloves/gauntlets go past the hand seam you will also have to paste a body into the nif as well or there will be warpage where the hands stop at.


Usually what I do is convert the outfit/armor and then go into game and see if the gloves/gauntlets clip if they do then I will do them if they do not then I don't even bother converting them.


Easiest way to add hand and body to a nif is to use outfit studio to add them to the nif and then after conversion delete them back out either with using outfit studio or nifskope.

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I hope I'm right in guessing that this isn't a purely Skyrim bodies thread, otherwise I'd be super embarrassed. 

So, these are some lattices I've made due to the lack of support from Room207's BodyBuilder Body for TES IV: Oblivion.

As you can guess from the file names the source body was the default Robert V5 Muscular body. I've made lattices for different parts-just in case there are some armors that are separated into y'know, different parts of armor. 


For a test run, I decided to use AlienSlof's Dark Assassin Armor, which is in turn a male conversion of Hentai's Dark Sisterhood armor. 

And here's what it looks like converted: 





I'm not sure if me using a beast race does it any justice, but it worked~ 






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