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  1. well, whenever my PC does the heat emergency shutoff, the FSB is the hottest component. still i don't get why this only occurs within ship and not on the missions. i don't have screen tearing - i got a stable 60fps (as is the max of my screen) during missions and once i enter the ship, it sometimes starts stuttering and the card heats up. are there ways of manually deactivating effects of the renderer for this game in some game ini?
  2. my experience has shown that using vsync on a game that runs smoothly (casually even raising to 4 digits of fps) causes it to drop far below 60fps. vsync only makes it so that only full images are being sent to the screen, so there's no tearing - this is only useful if the game is struggling to reach the desired FPS. a fps limiter on the other hand just reduces load on the graphics card. idk why, but since i updated my graphics drivers, the Riva tuner refuses to work and i can no longer apply a FPS limiter of 60 fps. so first the game runs smooth and great. then when finishing the first mission, the fps go up, until my hardware heats up and the fps stutter. i had to shut down the game again. i'm on an AMD fx8350 (8 cores @4GHz), 16GB DDR3 RAM and a MSI RX570 oc with 8GB VRAM. just in case that info helps ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ the problems don't occur within the mission - only on board of the ship
  3. the aroused is constantly rising. like if i reset it to zero, it will raise to 100 within a minute or two even if wearing nonsexual clothes. same for all followers. but nearly all non-party NPCs seem to be immune to arousal changes even if a female char would perform a striptease dance directly infront of them. then again, without warning NPCs start humping eachother - i mean i had everything setup to represent arousal by SOS and they were 100% limp, then suddenly initiated orgies.
  4. there's a dead link in the mod description: Devious Devices - Captured Dreams Shop (CD) just wanted you to know, so you can remove or correct it. you may delete this post as you see fit. thanks for the great mod.
  5. thanks, but i'll use the 4k instead now. it has the exact same error. and even pasting the folder into the install folder doesnt solve it at all. i unpacked the installer, unpacked the COMMON_MALES and pasted it and when i run the installer in MO2, it goes al lthe way through and stil lcomplains about the folder not being there. i even tried copying the COMMON_MALES in after starting the installer and it still fucks up. it's time to upload a patched version of the files. so where do i have to put those files manually?
  6. The FOMOD installer of the CBBE 2k is corrupted. it says it is missing the folder "COMMON_MALES" and also after installation, some faces appear pink (missing texture). maybe reuploading it will solve it. i'm now trying my luck with the 4k version.
  7. the wet dream of being raped by my familiar caused the whole tavern to run up into my rented room and fight it, until the scene was over and the familiar vanished.
  8. when using the CBBE SMP install, which body am i supposed to use inside bodyslide for outfits and which for the body? i can only find one that even has SMP in its name ("CBBE Max Realclone SMP conversion"), but when i use it, i don't have vagina collision at all and sometimes when items are dropped (soulgem plugs), they just appear inside the ground and fall through it. i just want this to work and i'm too far into the game to dump it all and go replacing everything by its (U)UNP twin.
  9. i can't remember where i got the file from. anyway it doesn't provide non-devious ebonite equipment. maybe that wasn't part of DD when this mod was made. can someone create an updated version of this for the latest DD?
  10. is there a way of having it as replacers for the vanilla model?
  11. can you add a seperate option for being spanked by followers? at each and every door, my followers spank the player. having seperate sliders for probability for different groups would be awesome. like guards, merchants, beggars etc.
  12. that's most likely "sexist guards". it creates a lot of those lines. it were better if they were sound instead of text.
  13. " Erection Detection: floppiness changes when erection events are detected. For example, when a Sexlab scene starts, all involved actors will usually receive an erection event. When the scene ends, the actors receive an 'un-erection' event. Arousal Based: the floppiness changes along with the actor's arousal level (from the Sexlab Aroused Redux mod). This is still in an experimental phase. Currently there are only 5 states; more states (with subtler differences) will be added later. " can you add a combined version of these two? i haven't found a way to have the schlongs erection state changing based on arousal, fully erect during SL scenes and full floppy when not aroused.
  14. where do afflicted have their texture anyway? do they use the standard malebody textures? because they dont seem to. they don't just have that applied, or they would have atleast human sos texture applied to it, but its like there's the foot texture on their dick or something. all other races work for me though.
  15. i had all those 3 for LE, but they miss bodyslide compatibility.
  16. i'm missing a texture that is SOS compatible for the afflicted. there are some that look ok, but their schlong doesnt have correct textures, so i think they're missing the schlong textures.
  17. according to the nexus post, there was even one for HDT. the nexus files are hidden and someone commented they're on LL, but i can't find them.
  18. i installed and have no physics stuff at all. so i downlaoded latest version and it has this: "Select this option if your system is set to European. European version SMP xml files use comas (ex: 1,0) instead of decimals. Using decimals in a European setup would give xml errors thus SMP will not work in-game." so it is OS GER/EU, Steam English (there's no US/UK option), game english (again, no US/UK option) what do i have to chose to get the version that will run properly? and btw. in Mod Organizer, your installer still says "1.0.0" although i downloaded the latest version today. i hope that's only the MO not being able to read out anything from the metafile
  19. many lore sources mention contacts of those races with the dwemer and some even mention the direct conflict with them. in one they described the dwemer gifting a battle automaton to another race and the enemies of the dwemer couldn't find out why or how the dwemer always knew their next step, but the automaton was merely a big battlemech with a dwemer inside who telepatically forwarded the enemy's battleplans to his fellow dwemer. so they did know of the other races, they did have not only contact, but also trade&commerce and war with them. dwemer did not solely live underground and they had territorial conflicts with their neighbours, especially those that envied them for their rich underground resources and their tech. maybe preventing an automaton from wandering off too far was also to prevent it to get into the hands of the enemy, which would've used any chance to study their tech and try to use it against them.
  20. in some cases those animal-on-animal animations are loaded when an animal is supposed to have sex with player or NPC. how can this be avoided?
  21. thinking about the sphere automatons that drop out of a tube system for distribution in the dwemer cities, maybe there's a central part built within those cities that acts as the RC center and if they move too far from it, they are shut down to prevent them from wandering off. maybe they implemented that to prevent them from fulfilling deadly security measures onto harmless innocents outside of their homes. just like you don't want your lawnmower-robot to wander off and go berserk in your neighbours flower garden.
  22. is there a way to change how arousal grows? from all i know, arousal should be lowest after orgasm/being satisfied and grow slowly just by itself and strongly if watching nudity or sexual acts. that's the exact opposite of what happens with this mod. currently, after having had sex with my followers who were just too aroused and just went after me, they are at 100 arousal and will do so again, once the 120 seconds cooldown is over. and that in a loop. in reality, they'd be satisfied and slowly start getting aroused again by watching my ass wiggle infront of them while traveling. for example, if every character would gain 1 arousal each minute without seeing anything sexual or nudity, they'd reach 60 by the hour and might want to have sex. by 1,5h, they'd be at 90 arousal and be really desperate and might even do stupid/illegal things to fuck (rape). if my char runs around buttnaked in their LOS all the time, they might add 3 each minute and lose the fight against their urges after 30 minutes. with the default timescale of 30, those 30 minutes are (damn, i'm bad at maths) 900 skyrimminutes = 15 skyrimhours... well, better make it 5 without , 10 with seeing nudity and 15 with seeing sexual acts. i hope you understand what i mean and thanks again for the great mod.
  23. You gave me great links and they usually help. I especially asked for someone to directly have a look into my system. "can someone invite me to the discord and guide me through fixing my install?" I found that help elsewhere. i gave them teamviewer access and they helped me arrange some things and now (as far as i tested) it works. Thanks for taking your time reading and trying to help me. I hope you had a great Christmas time and can go into the new year healthy.
  24. i'm pretty sure i just ruined it by installing something with animations that doesn't work with the body/skeleton i use or i have something in the wrong loadorder or mods overwriting eachother in the wrong order. i'm nearly absolutely sure, that if someone with more experience in modding skyrim would look through my vortex, they'd find the problem right away. it's not that the game doesn't launch - it kept crashing when certain mods launched their events. animal sex anims and SLUTS had a 100% chance of crashing the game. the latest addition to the game was SLUTS, but even after removing it from the game, it didn't solve it.
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