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  1. I just followed this guide to convert an oldrim follower mod to SE and something to keep in mind here is no matter what you see in nifskope after optimizing the oldrim facegen file with nifoptimizer, that facegen mesh will work normally in game. Keep the facetint texture generated by the CK but override the facegen mesh with the one you optimized with nifoptimizer. Tried it with Bsa archives and it was fine there too.
  2. There is but the whole thing is complicated from what I can remember. I think all you have to do is set it to either make the player a slave of some vampire guy or call the maria training quests so the player ends up in one of the two training locations and then gets to choose sold as whore or sold as slave or set free as a whore to one of the local inns kind of like how maria quick start works.
  3. So what happens between this mod now and maria eden LE mod? Last time I tried doing the ME SS outcome the game dropped my character at whiterun stables stuck in that chained up auction pose and then CTD that was years ago.
  4. Oh shit... Ok uh so the way you designate a follower to be your owner after simple slavery option can that be done through some saucy dialogue with the follower earlier on? Like how maria eden handled potential pimp recruitment but with some moar saucy dialogue details. So the greeting in that picture up there a few posts up would have dialogue tied in to that initial recruitment talk and maybe for housecarls they could talk about taking everything you owned and yadda yadda.
  5. I just found your stuff here like WTF it just came out of nowhere wow. I'm looking through various SE mods on nexus and stumbled upon the vigilant SE mod seems like moar dark souls stuff then I found this stuff. Maybe you could get with that nexus modder for vigilant SE? I haven't gotten into vigilant SE yet but once I see places I could drop your armor mods into as replacers for myself I'm gonna do that.
  6. Just in case you are wondering there is no really good and immersive player slavery mod yet. Maria eden mod was approaching this sort of thing but ran into many problems over the last few years and then the author stopped work on it for LE and transferred over to SE. What we really have is just a few things for player slavery in skyrim, there is sanguines debauchery which is something I still don't know what it really is and then we have slaverun reloaded which starts out as player slavery but ends up being a pit fighter ring construction game. For some reason we have naked slave racer mods that force the player to run naked across the game world too. We don't really have a super immersive player slavery and npc slavery mod. I really wish I could make it myself but I don't have the time or the info or the experience to build it. The only mod that can even hold a candle to on older oblivion mod called player slave encounters is maria eden and that is only because the author says they were inspired by that old oblivion mod in the first place. It seems around here most people are not actually interested in making a player slavery mod and also there are many technical limitations in the game which make it hard to do as well. Time will tell about how good maria eden mod for SE turns out but until then we just have to wait and see. I keep going back to oblivion and PSE but there is no in depth story there just the same cycle of slave trader destinations. I want to play skyrim SE I really do but so much changing is going on even now and I think actorevents mod still doesn't work? There were a few other mods that don't work in SE which big mods from LE require to work too. I wanted to have skyrim LE installed for degeneracy only and skyrim SE installed for normie crap only but if all the degenerate stuff just up and moves to SE then I'm done with normie skyrim I guess. I have some great ideas for player slavery in skyrim if anyone is interested I can pm or post the ides maybe someone can use them around here.
  7. Press F to play golf simulator gif hahahahahhahahahahaha!!!!!! Someone even made a vid of it so funny.
  8. Hey uh... can we get some pics of the nasty bits going on in this SE version posted in this thread? for science of course.
  9. Finally the toilet paper is starting to come back. Half the usual stock is now showing up daily in my nearby store since lockdowns are being lifted and people are going back to work. Somehow people going back to work and... going at work instead of home seems to take stress off the consumer tp market. Now that there is actually "some" toilet paper available I have to remember to buy it more often than I normally did from now on so I don't get caught short again later on. I'm sure this stupid lockdown crap will happen again since this is still an election year and this whole virus thing is shaping up to look like one big political weapon.
  10. I would really like to know how to clear the restrictions on the dialogue in this mod for gender in relation to whoring dialogue options. When playing as a female char and talking to a male npc about whoring there is the option to suk the npc dick but there is no option for this when talking to a female npc? This game has some crazy mods for it one of which is sexlab which has support for strapons I even have an altered strapon mod that makes it look like a magic glowy dick for females so it doesn't make sense to restrict the dialogue this way. If some female npc wants to whip one out from under her crappy skyrim clothes and shove it down my char throat then so what it won't bother me at all. How do I fix this?
  11. With all the bars and clubs and everything else closed there are no jobs for servers or dishwashers or bus tables or chefs and every other position that goes along with that. Just think of all the different things that cheap labor (illegals or mexicans whatever you call them) do also construction and fabrication and materials handling and and and... they do EVERYTHING at the bottom of everything. What happens when none of them can work? they leave and go somewhere else. I think this is really why the pres of USA and mexico are trying to seal the border right now, they don't want any of these people to leave the USA ever. I'm thinking that maybe tipping might go away after all this is over or decrease significantly since people will still be worried about money. I was reading some recent articles about how much food people eat at home vs how much they eat away from home like fast food and other places and it seems the split is about 50/50 so now with all this panic it has shifted to 25 or less away from home and mostly at home which doesn't help any form of supply chain for any stores. The only good thing to come out of this virus hysteria is the cartels ALL of them can't get their base chemicals from china and other places to make meth and other drugs they peddle around the world. They also can't get their hands on any counterfeit goods from china to peddle around the world either. I think they will go to work now smuggling all these illegals back into mexico and anywhere else they want to go. Somewhere in the world there is no or very little exposure to the virus so people will try to go there from USA. When a serious crisis hits I have always thought foreigners in general would just bug out after 30 days since they have a home country to go back to. I hate to say it kendo but you can complain about these guys all you want but if they bug out you will be doing all the work yourself soon enough. The average young american can't stop staring at their dam cell phone long enough to work a jeeeeb. Where I work we see these kids come through for orientation and then disappear after their first paycheck. Once they get their new tacky neon ugly shoes or that new same old eyephone they are gone gone gone. They always have that same look on their face... the oh shit I hate working look. Every news media outlet was saying at first this thing was only for a short time but then started talking up support for it to last longer and longer. You can't kill the patient to cure the disease it just doesn't work. In china they are only stopping people with symptoms from going to work such as fever or warm forehead or coughing sneezing etc. There is no society without work there is no life without work since we use money to meet our needs. Money is our unit of account it is our store of value it has to flow and it can only do that regularly from working. We can't wait around for superman to fix everything wrong we have to do things ourselves. I don't think any of this closing down is sustainable for longer that three weeks and once it is over there is no way in hell people would go back to it again if reinfections and new cases popped up later on. That national guard deployment to baltimore maryland is starting to look more and more ominous now. EDIT This thought just occurred to me, most or really ALL of the workers handling ALL the work on the many farms in america are from south of the border. Who is going to grow the food when they go home? That one fat bastard american farmer sitting on his giant gps driven overpriced mega tractor? hell no he will be on the local news crying about going out of business.
  12. Not just USA if you don't have money you are fucked everywhere because govts and banks are having worse money troubles than people are right now.
  13. Always remember that a govt will never let a good crisis go to waste. Things like this can be used to hide all kinds of govt incompetence and corruption easily.
  14. There should be a rule in all big box stores if you see some guys that look like gas station workers coming into the store MAKE THEM LEAVE!!!! I think most of the fleabay sellers are gas station owners and similar types from india and bangladesh and pakistan they love to pull shit like this anyway all the time. I'm sure they are not the only ones but still, keep them out of the stores it might help. Local gas station has lots of big box products blatantly on display only sold as individual items for huge markup for example typical box of junk food 12 items in the box they are sold as individual items for higher price than the whole box was sold at the big box store! This goes on every dam day there... Gas station still has four roll pack for $3.99 while big box store only hundreds of feet away has NONE in stock. With all the bullshit going on right now those fleabay sellers should be arrested they are only inspiring more of the same. I know I saw a report of a stolen truck full of tp this morning here it is! https://www.wect.com/2020/03/20/deputies-pull-over-stolen-trailer-full-toilet-paper-guildford-co/ People will not have confidence in the future soon enough if these idiots continue to close everything down and any gubermint checks mailed out will go immediately to the bills only so it won't stimulate a dam thing. Banks have no confidence in loaning anyone money and why should they? So they won't ever loan money to people that don't have money. Without confidence people will not buy non essential items and go back to supporting the retail industry and all the crappy hand bag companies etc. Confidence is key to everything if it can be controlled or manipulated we are all in trouble. I already had some kind of flu or bug whatever it started four days ago and ended already I'm doing just fine and have no problems breathing and no crazy symptoms like people in the media talk about. I think the only place in the world that is really going to suffer is europe specifically spain and italy. The worst of this is focused there and will be for some time.
  15. I forgot about the attractive wamen scam, yeah well these days they are easier to spot since there are not that many of them anymore.
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