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  1. Maybe this but really just replace vanilla assaultron parts with some of the servitron parts and add assaultron deployable penis as a melee weapon complete with rape attack finishing moves. Has the assaultron skeleton been figured out yet? Last I read nobody had found that skeleton yet.
  2. So I did the captured princess start using LAL and I see the quest basically saying at some point something else will happen... so if I don't go find chloe will that something never happen?
  3. Every once in a while I open a chest somewhere and get a pop up message about shoving a gag in a bound girls mouth and have to click on it to make the pop up go away.
  4. Ironically oblivion works just fine no mods needed for ultrawide settings.
  5. Well I found this mod https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/90214?tab=description The racemenu file that comes with it works so far but I haven't tried any of the other files with it since I am still using old skyui 4.1 on LE and I can't remember if some mods for LE are screwed up by skyui 5 and also there was some garbage with skyui 5 involving creation club spam or nag screen can't recall what it was exactly. Would the skyui files included with this mod work with skyui 4.1?
  6. Changed my monitor and now I have to figure out how to get racemenu and skyui to work right as well as the whole dam game with ultrawide monitor 4k although I could play at 2k too. What is everyone else in here doing with ultrawide and skyrimLE?
  7. Nobody wants to dump moar money into a money pit so you can expect them to cut and run just as soon as they can. Even with a bailout from some eccentric investor or some screwy euro govt over there it would have to be really big to fill that hole now.
  8. The devs somehow lost the files for it that is why they can't include it:-(
  9. I was just about to say this, yeah no more pinnacle station. I can't get back into the series because I have looked at too much ME series porno and now I just expect to be able to go around screwing npcs while playing the game:-( MrBigJohnson is cranking out a bunch of detailed ME series porn for a while now specifically EDI porn. All we really need is a mod to fix the grainy crap textures, fix the really crappy models and textures during the talkytalk scenes and a really good overhaul of all the face customization options. I went back and tried ME1 with my old save game from many
  10. I thought that was just me having that problem with the dareboxes because I wasn't daring enough to open them when I found them.
  11. Would be interesting if this mod had a large group or faction of very dirty minded women doing all the stuff in this mod to a female character instead of just men. Magic sexlab dildos work just as well as male penises in this game. Really liking that humiliating paperwork pic on your mod page would be great if there was a lot of that stuff just so your char could enter a city or work as a whore or was considered property of one of those very dirty minded women etc.
  12. Was trying out the devious arachnaphobia mod and noticed that belted solo anim played because my char was wearing a cobweb harness. I thought it was the spider mod causing it, glad I just read this page to know it is something else.
  13. I thought this mod was supposed to hang the player upside down in a spider cave? I ran into a spider on the way to riften and all it did was the cocoon thing then butt rape my char then it just stood around for a while.
  14. No I don't have those mods installed. I noticed there are a lot of other arousal mods here do any of those mods work better than SLAredux?
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