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  1. can this topic be pinned to the first page of threads? that'd be a real improvement for everyone who tries to get an overview of what to download.
  2. i usually don't use followers at all, but from what i observed when placing some SxB enablers around an Apex town, it gets quite freaky soon. is it possible to adjust how fast the hornyness raises?
  3. "Lust of the Stars" server requires cross verification with other services like twitter, reddit, youtube(google), which i won't use. is there any way of getting hands on the modpack from the spacecats server? i really liked it.
  4. i don't know of any way to work around such an anti-cheat system that is made to see if the player's files are identical to the original files.
  5. i always read the OP and almost always, read the first page of replies and sometimes the last page of replies to see if there are FAQs that have been answered there already and haven't been adopted into the OP.
  6. i totally agree with those repeated questions and a complete guide is always going to be long and i have a high respect for those people who invest their time and energy and write those guides. i just mean a complete install instruction for a single mod with correct install and loadorder for this specific mod's position within any larger install. reading a mod's description before installing is an absolute essential step, so i always do that. But many mod authors even begin their description text with a 10-20 lines long wall of text about something noone will want to know if they first of all want to see what that mod will do and if it will be compatible with the users already installed mods to decide IF they want that mod. then, install instructions often lead to pages of presumed dependencies that were abandoned years ago or sometimes miss listing (some) required dependencies. or they miss explaining that they will only work if another LL mod is configured in a specific way. what i meant about "needing to know enough to start creating their own mods" was all that stuff about loadorder, ini-tweaking, "dirty edits", how ESM/ESP work, how animation->skeleton->model works ... and once you know that, you can open TESEdit or the niftools and photoshop and start creating your own mods.
  7. the main problem about that is that there is no way for someone who doesn't make mods themselves to know why it doesn't work. they basically have to learn how all that stuff works up to a degree where they could start creating their own mods, to understand why their mod setup doesnt work. i do understand that it is annoying to answer the same questions again and again, but then again how should one find that question answered before if it is well hidden somewhere within a wall of text. things that would help: - an example loadorder with explanations of which mods are excluding eachother due to incompatibility - same as above, but with which mods should overwrite which other mod - modauthors actually explaining what their mods' (MCM) settings do - an updated mod index list
  8. sry for asking for help again... i just installed SLUTS and the game went into bonky random crashing mode. i uninstalled it again and it stayed in that crashy mode. can someone help me sort out what mods or their misplacement in the loadorder cause it? so far the crashes happen when entering new cells or when certain animations are starting (eg 3rd animation of a set etc.) btw: why is my papyruslog 184MB huge?! Loadorder Papyrus.0.log
  9. oh, yes, i copied the wrong ini then... my bad.
  10. having the same problem and now installing those fixes. thanks. how did you extract that loadorder list from vortex? ENBseries.ini contents from the latest Oldrim pack differ greatly from the ENBoost guide, some options absolutely missing. also the link in the guide was to an outdated version of ENB. is it safe/recommended to just add those in?
  11. well, actually it works just fine - i had a little understanding problem with how to actually activate it. the horsecock needs to be activated manually, but that's just a keypress.
  12. has anyone gotten this to work with AnimalSOS?
  13. same irritation here. deactivating the mod until someone verifies.
  14. maybe someone can remake it for CBBE as an Option for warpaint.
  15. i manually reinstalled jcontainers, which got rid of the errormessage, but my savegame still is stuck in infinite creature framework initialization. trying to start a new game instead. it worked with a new game. is there any way to reset and reinitialize all sexlab mods and keep my savegame? i'd need a step by step guide for that.
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