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    Interests ? Is that meam "prefered" games , they are : Morrowind , Baldur's gate 2 , the "old" Fallout" 2 , Oblivion ( but only for Modding) , newer Winter night ... and Chess ( but only with a real "human" partner. )

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  1. Greetings ... maybe here ... Take care of you ( Soyez prudent , sortez couvert ... c'est plus d'actualité que jamais ... ;°) ) CTAddPose SPB 03.7z
  2. Greetings. By the way , just because i'm looking for some meshes ( but from mods " free to use" ) i already have on this old computer , i found one Chakaru11 's version of the Witcher 3 ... it's not the one from Skyrim but something close . there are two files done for this one , the second is " Witcher Dresses BBB RHH-46510-1-0.7z " ... Here the old 's Nexus adress ( december 2015 ... that's probably the last time i went on the Web ... just for a short moment ) . http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/46510/? If needed i can send you the files by PM ... as i said , i've created a new account " on that site over there " thwo days ago , and i don't want any problem ... so soon . ;°) Thats why i will not post the files directly here , on this section . Cheers. PS : the actual valid adress : the mod is still there . https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/46510/
  3. Greetings. Hi Feejeena , glad to see you still are here after all these years . It's a long time a didn't anything , and yes i can't recognize some works done with Blender ( 2-49b but version portable ) and most of all i have not idea how i was able to realise that ( most for Skyrim but also some convertion from Skyrim to Oblivion ) . And seriously : are you still really thing " you are too stupid to use Blender " ( i only known the version 2.49b ... and i'm too lazy to learn the last one ... ) ... ;°) ... i cannot believe that . So , i 've just created a new account ( Loukiana2020 ) at Nexus , just because i cannot access my old Email adress ( Yahoo ) because i was out of the Web for a too long time ... ( sorry for my English , but i i didn't wrote anything in English since a long time ... maybe five or six years ? Well i just created my new Nexus 's account to get these " Witcher Outfit's " and i 'll try to convert them ( or only the one asked by AmariSniper ) . I need a few days , firstly because i need to réinstall Oblivion on this old computer ( still the same since 2010 ... but enought for Oblivion or Skyrim ( just Skyrim, i don't have the LE or SE edition ) . It's not a promise but i 'll try to do this . There is a " little problem" : about the permissions ! I have no idea on how to get these permissions from CDProject and i don't want to be banned a few days after i 've created my new Nexus account . I suppose everyone can understand this fact , isn'it ? Cheers and take care of you . PS : @ AmariSniper : for wich Oblivion Body ? The last i used was the one from Gooboo ( based on Skyrim UNPK body ) but i suppose you use another one ? Just one thing : i will not convert for a lowerbody based on Coronera Skeleton , because the feet are not " standard " , so choose one with a "standard lowerlody " and Feet . And if you desrire a special bouncing effect , just ask , that's something easy to to after the convertion with Blender ( 2-49 b) or simply with Gerra's Converting Tools .
  4. Hi there. J'ai une nette préférence pour la première ( Cornelia of course ) , vas t'en savoir " pourquoi" ?!? ... ;°) Cheers.
  5. The MILFGuts lady in screenshots 12-19 reminds me of Cornelia (same hairstyle). I guess it was intentional... Thanks for the dedication. Hi there. Salut "Quiet The Tail " . ...Cornelia " uhmmm ... , not exactly , i already used the hair a long time ago on another machine . I UpGraded DukeCity ( not finish this " UpGrade" ) and the " blonde" you see there is a SDF ... ( not " Sans Domicile Fixe " but " Sans Difficultés Financières" ... that's not " exactly the same thing ... isn"t it ...?... :°) She's a "Rat's Hunter ( Hunteress , ) in this area ! But yes , i choose of this Hair model was intentionnal ... especellialy for your " Cornelia" . As a side not ' ve posted an answer at " The Other Site Other There " ... there is a PS there, i'm not able to Upload my pictures there ( about the " Cavern" , so i 'll put them here in a Post Scriptum , in a few minutes ... check this post . NB : is there something wrong with Cornelia now ... she ran away ? ... ;°) PS : so my "cave's variants ... i removed ther all what cause a drop of FPS ... changed some lights and removed the " misc" . most of thèses pictures are related to a third version ... of the original cave , this one is bigger , about 50 % . Nothing " Sexy " there , not yest , except , maybe " la biche " .... ;°) ... mais là ce serait vraiment pour les " malades" ! PPS : it's just the mod called " Silent Stones Camp " ... a little bit reworked ( i made two other variants ). If you intend to test it , don't forget to endorse the author of this mod , please ... this one was released in 2007 ... so a long time before " Skyrim" !
  6. Greetings. Just some screenshots with the HappySparkles MilfGUTS body VS ... GBEC and HGEC original & M... made especially for QuiteTheTail, i put them here because i was'nt able to find the MIlfGUTS Topic here at LL , i think thre is not such a topic here in fact. Cheers.
  7. Greetings. @ QuiteTheTail : Oh, finally i changed my mind ... no need more big "booty" i think the last HappySparkles's MilfGUTS Body is enough ... i took some pictures in game this timen not only from NifSkope , i think it a kind of lowerbody you're able to appreciate . Cheers. PS: screenshots made with the " TBSK " texture ( Normal Map ), but with another FootFemale.DDS , this one is already a " hairy" version i found today , but i have others ... there is also a "hairy mesh ( with alpha channel ) already there.... PPS : Colourwheel's sexy "outfits" ... here . (It's just a part of her Regal Uniform i converted a few days ago for another body, but it matchs this one too )
  8. Hi there. Once again thank you for your fast reply , Myuhinny. Yes, i know "Outfit Studio" is a " tool " made for Skyrim only . That's not the problem, i just wanted to say each time i take a look ( 99%) at sometihng done only with this " tool " , NisKope is not abler to load it correctly. It's not really better with Blender : there is usually too much things to repair first before working on a mesh created by " outfit studio" in Blender.... ask Kendo2 what he think about " outfit Studio" ... :°) I got +/- 150 errors reported and most of the time , NifSkope stops there. So, once again it's why i asked to you if you are able to see things correctly ( with NifSkope ) after you used Outfit Studio ". So , i stop here until i try to use Outfit's Studio by myself to see what's going " wrong " with it . I think it's just a " tool " made for personnal changes and uses, not for creating something done to be exported and reworked with a real 3D tool. Cheers.
  9. Hi there. Thank you for your fast reply , Myuhinny. To make things clear, i never used outfit studio ( and probably will never use it ) , but that's just because when i try to take a look at something done with this " tool " i'm just not able to see ... anything i can use or repair ... most of the time. So usually, if i know it's something done with "Outfit studio " , i past my way . That's why i asked to you if you are still able to open your model and see it correctly with NifSkope after to made your changes with Outfit Studio. Actually, i do nothing for Skyrim , i think i didn't run Skyrim last year ... or i don't remember. But i started to convert a model ported to Skyrim for Oblivion ... not finish this work because i'm on anther computer and the other machine i " out of order/service actually ). I needed to check Gerra6's post to be able to finish ( +/-) this one ... the meshes look correct now, but i think i didn't have the right texture ( it was for a request , not something i wanted ....) . So as i don't have Skyrim on this machine, i don't want to work with something done for or from Skyrim actually. You didn't answer : do you use NifSkope 2 now , It was improved especially for Fallout4 as i read but i don't have this game. Maybe my son , but i don't think so. I'll come back tomorrow , it's already too late for this night , i need to wake-up early next morning. Cheers.
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