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  1. I started thinking about this tool the other day. I haven't been back here in years, but it always bothered me that I never finished my conversion tools. if *and this is a big if* I can muster the inspiration, I'm going to try and start working on this beast again.
  2. View File Pose Converter Beta 0.73 This is the big update I've been promising. Pose Converter is a suite of Blender tools designed to simplify and automate many animation related tasks. The latest update simplifies and streamlines the process of converting animations from one game or armature to another. At things currently stand, if you can port an animation and its armature into Blender, you can port it to any other armature with a vaguely similar structure. Features: 1. Automated compensation for differences in bone bind orientation: This radically simplifies the process of porting animations from one armature to another. 1.a. Automatically convert animations between different creature types, or between creatures and humans. 1.b. Automatically convert animations between different games...if you can import it into Blender, you can convert it. 2. 1-Click button to freely convert Skyrim, Fallout, and Oblivion meshes between Skyrim, Fallout, and Oblivion bind positions 3. Automatic BB generation has been improved. The X, Y, and Z orientation are no longer relative to the bind position of the bones. This means that it is much easier to get consistent results from the settings. 4. Modify the magnitude of any movement, rotation, or scale animations, by bone and frame. 5. Set bone priorities to all bones in an animation 6. Automatically add B4 (BBB) Breast animation to Skyrim, Fallout, and Oblivion Animations 7. Automatically add B4 (BB) Buttock animation to Skyrim and Oblivion Animations 8. Automatically add B4 (BBB) style motion to any bone on any armature 9. Rotate Oblivion animations (movement and/or direction) - Fixes the 90 degree import bug and simplifies the creation of left, right, forwards, backwards animation groups. 10. Automatically update Anim text keys for Oblivion animations 11. Automatically add facial expressions to Oblivion animations 12. Automatically repair breast scaling distortion when using Growlf's controllable skeleton. 12.a. Improved repair of breast scaling distortion. Requires Lovers Animation Workshop Skeleton Mark II Using the Tool Converting Animations between Armatures (ie, from Oblivion to Fallout, from an NPC to a creature, etc) Adding Bouncing Breasts, Buttocks, or any other bone As you can see, the number of control settings for modifying BB Butts animations and BB Breasts animations has grown to absurd levels. But it does a damn fine job if you tweak the settings a bit. Explanation of Options Recommended tweaks: To generate a L/R swinging motion, set the Z frequency multiplier to double that of the X. In order to generate L/R symmetrical animations, the Left Y amplitude generally needs to be set to the negative of the value of the R Y amplitude. Using the Copy Animations tool I'm in the process of writing instructions now, so please feel free to post any questions, feedback, suggestions, etc. Submitter gerra6 Submitted 02/08/2013 Category Misc
  3. Why not just use From and To selections that include an upper body, lower body, feet, and hands? They don't need to be part of the same nif. Just select multiple nifs in both the From and To selection screens. Hard to say. I'd probably need to see the nifs to know what's going on.
  4. Well, it might be possible to fix it in Nifskope. No idea if Nifskope will be able to load and process it or not with that particular error. Yep. I need to do some work to improve the pose conversions for wrist and ankle seams in Pose Converter.
  5. There are two versions, the scripts only version and the portable version. In the scripts only version (requires a functional python 3.x and pyffi install), look for convert_pose.py In the portable version (stand-alone and self-contained), look for Convert Pose.bat
  6. The window should be re-sizeable. Drag the corners of the window to make it bigger. I'll add scrollbars in a future update.
  7. Probably not. That basically means that the mesh is crashing Pyffi. Since my framework relies on Pyffi to parse the nif file, there's not much it can do if Pyffi can't even deal with it. Note: you shouldn't need to worry about screen capturing the errors. They should show up in the log file in the save folder.
  8. I've added you to the dev test thread for the next version of Seam Mender. Please test the 0.91.a dev version and see if the problem continues to occur. Thanks.
  9. Nah. Nothing so fancy as that. Basically it just gives a bunch of options to generate a motion and then adds the appropriate keyframes. If I ever revisit it, I'll add an automated option that determines the movement automatically.
  10. Those are options for Oblivion, Fallout, or Skyrim armatures to add BB motion to the bewbs and de buttz.
  11. It looks like the kgtools package is missing some resource files. Here they are. That should restore some of the pose converter functionality. scripts.7z
  12. Honestly, that's just vastly more frames with keyframes than I anticipated when I designed the tool. I *think* there's an option to simply have the tool import all of the frames rather than to select them individually. If so, then enabling that option should cause the tool to not list the frames, which is causing the problem you are seeing here.
  13. Well, I keep *intending* to help over at the niftools project. But instead I always end up getting distracted by my stand-alone tools.
  14. Yikes. OK, extract bone_util.py from the attached zip and overwrite the one in the .blender/scripts/kg/ folder That should fix the crash bug. Now, that won't do anything about the horrible fingers and some of the bones. That's a limitation of Pose converter. Basically, Pose Converter compares the orientation of the bones and then uses that to change the animation to convert it from one skeleton to another. This works extremely well for some bones and extremely poorly for others. Fingers are probably the worst. bone_util.7z
  15. Ah, now I get it. Sorry about that. OK, Pose Converter is *weird*. Like, really weird. Basically, I was looking for a way to handle animation files given Niftools crankiness when asked to import animations into scenes with multiple armatures. It's very experimental, very crotchety, and prone to fits of anger. I really need to rebuild it more or less from scratch one of these days. Anyways, in order to do anything, Pose Converter needs one of two things as a starting point. Either it needs an animation currently loaded in the scene (armature with keyframes), or it needs to have previously saved an animation file in it's own funny little format. (It can't load kf etc. files directly) The specific options that you get will vary depending on the detected armature type, from a set of fairly generic options for an unknown armature type, to ones that contain custom capabilities that might be available for Skyrim, Fallout, or Oblivion armatures. Feel free to post the .blend file that you are working with. I might be able to figure out why things aren't working.
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